Chicken Vegetable Barley Soup and Christmas Popcorn — 17 Comments

  1. Wooo Katie bar the door. That is a beautiful soup! Looks like Christmas soup to me, fabulous photo!
    Yellow snow from just one beer, I don’t think you’re counting well.

  2. That Christmas tree looks amazing, and the soup. Yum!
    I love your mother’s popcorn tradition.
    LOL the yellow snow 🙂

  3. lol
    Love to decorate with popcorn but find it much easier to thread if you let it go stale so leave for a day at least the softer stuff goes less crumbly… but maybe I will try just flinging it at the tree this year.
    Not exactly a confession but after making off with all the leftover cheese at last years Christmas party I am well known as a bit of a fregan full story

  4. What a lovely tradition… great story! Although the recent one with your friends looks funnier! Thank god didn’t go further with caganer!!!
    The soup looks comforting (I have to try to add some sweet corn to my soups too).

  5. Katie, love your stories! Isn’t it amazing all those clever ideas you can come up with while drinking beer? And your soup looks so yummy!

  6. Tanna, yeah, maybe that was 1 six-pack…. the memory, you know….
    Heidi, you’ve heard ‘Don’t eat the yellow snow’, right? The popcorn was very pretty – but, as you see, I know longer do that.
    Kalyn, I do too – so much better than noodles!
    Junctify, just remember to fling ‘artfully’ that’s the key…
    Thanks, Nuria, I don’t usually use sweet corn…but it was in the pantry and I rather liked it! The caganer would have completed it!
    Pam, and even more wonderful things when drinking wine! Amazing how clever we become!

  7. I have been meaning to try to make my own chicken stock. The soup does look really healthy and tasty. I don’t use barley nearly enough.

  8. That is the perfect comfort food — I love barley soup (mushroom barley is a staple in our house), and it’s good to be reminded of the nutritional benefits, too. Yum!

  9. Great entry! Thanks Katie, it looks wonderful! And thanks you for revealing these interesting particulars from your past, I always enjoy them!

  10. The barley soup looks fabulous. My father makes a mean beef-barley soup, and he always has is ready when we get to the States after our gruelling flight.
    Hope all is well! I’m quite behind on all things blog-related, but hope to catch up during the holidays!

  11. Kevin, chicken stock is so simple…I should do it lots more often. And barley is good…
    Lydia, mushroom barley, now that does sound good. Is the recipe posted…not to self: check Perfect Pantry…
    Ilva, you’re welcome…and thanks!
    Betty, I dearly love beef barley soup – and what a wonderful thing to go home to! Things do get kind of crazy this time of year.
    Christine, you have it all. Put the kettle on and good read a good book while it cooks!

  12. Great story! Two things I have never done – strung popcorn on a tree and make my own chicken stock. We were a tinsil (sp?) house, and I always just by the stock. I am going to have to make some. It is so much tastier!

  13. Chris, we did the little icicles but never tinsil… Stock is so easy…I kick myself for not making it every week, but then, cubes are pretty easy, too.

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