Cookies, Candy, and Loose Ends

I have come to the conclusion that there are two approaches to most things: mine and that of the rest of the world.

Naturally I wonder how so many people can be so wrong.

I'm a marathon kind of person.  No I don't run them. 
I like to get everything organized then do vast quantities of the same stuff. 

When we lived in the U.S. and still did that whole 'gazillion Christmas presents to our thousand closest friends and family and spent the GNP of 2 small countries'  bit, I did all of the wrapping (and yes, I did fancy wrapping) on one exhausting weekend; all day; both days.  If it didn't get in the queue for wrapping then, it didn't get wrapped.  (We don't do presents any longer.  We do food, wine and one wee holiday.)

Some people would make a loaf of Cranberry bread to enjoy; then, perhaps, make a Pumpkin bread some evening when they had a few free minutes.

I spend all day in the kitchen, make 8 of each and freeze them.  If I'm going to the effort of getting everything out (as in, out of the cabinets; whew, such an effort!) I like to make it worth my while.

The same with Christmas cookies.  I used to spend an entire weekend making 8 or 10 different kinds.  Now, knowing that we can/shouldn't possibly eat them all, I limit myself to 3 kinds. 

I still allocate my time efficiently enough that I'm scrambling to get the last batch out of the oven before dinner. 

What's that you say?  Start in the morning?  Don't be foolish.

I calculate in my head how long it will take me, then work backwards from the latest possible finish time to get my start time.  Then I delay starting for 20 minutes, to make it interesting.  Pressure, remember?

Ecclogo2Without further ado:  The Cookies!

Susan, from  Food Blogga is hosting a Christmas Cookie Party.

I posted these recipes earlier in the month and promised the photos this weekend. 

I baked yesterday; late yesterday, of course,

To start with I have one new recipe.

After much negotiation, mon mari convinced me to give up one of my chocolate favorites so he could have his absolute most favorite ever.

Lemon BarsCookieslemon
  From the Betty Crocker Cookie Book

1 cup flour
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup powdered sugar (icing / confectioner's  sugar)
2 eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbs fresh lemon juice

1. Cream 1st 3 ingredients
2. Pat firmly into 8 inch (20cm) square pan, building up edges a bit
3. Bake at 350F (180C) for 20 minutes
4. Beat rest of ingredients together until frothy
5. Pour over crust and bake 25 minutes longer, just until no imprint remains when touched lightly in center.


On the left of my little Christmas plate, are the
Ginger Chocolate Chip.

On the right are the Peanut Butter Oatmeal.

Both recipes are on my first Christmas Cookie post.

On to other loose ends:

I did part of the Seasoned Eatings recap in my last post but had not yet made the recipe that Val, of More than Burnt Toast, sent to me, along with the lovely Ice Wine.

Now I have.


My first handmade chocolate truffles!  (Sprains shoulder patting self on back...pat,pat,pat)

The three rather perfect-looking ones are what's left of the ready-made samples Val sent.

The rest, incredibly delicious looking truffles, I shaped with my very own hands. 

Ice Wine TrufflesCandy

6oz (180gr) good, dark, chocolate (I used 72%)
1/2 (125ml) cup whipping cream
2 tbs (30ml) ice wine
finely chopped almonds
good cocoa powder

Finely chop the chocolate.  Heat the cream to boiling and pour over the chocolate, stirring until all chocolate is melted.  Stir in wine.  Cover surface with film and freeze for 2 hours. 
Scoop into small ball with melon baller.  Freeze again for 10 minutes.  Roll in almonds, then cocoa.

Want to know what I had for breakfast this morning?   

Yup, 3 cookies (1 of each) and 2 ice wine truffles washed down with a cup of rich dark hot chocolate.  I thought bran flakes would be over-doing it….   

A Reminder:

SkeletonsStill a few days left to bear your foodie soul.  Search your closet/pantry for skeletons.  Remember, confession is good.  It can, but doesn't have to, be an actual recipe.  It could just be the description of the, um, food or a story of the, um, event;  holiday related or not….
Really, any dirty little secret you feel like sharing!  You have until Christmas to post – the round-up will be just before Dec. 31.  The usual rules: post, link to me, send me an e-mail with permalink.  Click for details!

Come on, tell!  Share the pain…you'll feel better!  And so will we!

20 thoughts on “Cookies, Candy, and Loose Ends”

  1. Nothing like a good ol’ icewine truffle to get ya started in the morning! Beats my oatmeal anyday! They look delicious!
    Katie, you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! Have fun and be safe!

  2. Deb, I had my oatmeal (she says, sanctimoniously), It was in my Peanut Butter Cookie!
    BelliniBalli, Don’t you just love an eclectic breakfast? That ice wine was yummy…Thank you so much!

  3. You really don’t do things in halves Katie! I have to say I just love your approach. Your Christmas goodies look wonderful. Sorry I’ve been absent of late but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I made your peanut butter oatmeal recipe. They are in a photo on my blog today, look closely. Have a Merry Christmas Katie!

  5. Hats off to you, Katie! You rock for doing all that baking. And I’m so happy you submitted your delicious cookies to my event. They’re all simply wonderful. Happy Holidays! -Susan

  6. Love those lemon bars but I’ll need two of the peanut butter ones, you know to get my oatmeal. And the leftover ice wine truffles, 5 I think there were, will be just right.
    I can always count on a smile and laugh coming here.

  7. Hello! I have a question for you, I made that truffle recipe (sans the ice wine) and they turned out great!!! the only problem was that the next day the truffles had soaked up all the cocoa powder… not nearly as nice looking (just as tasty though!) is there a trick or an adjustment in the recipe? or should i just re-roll them?

  8. Truffle, thanks – and happy holidays to you! I know you’ve been traveling lots… I should say Happy Trails!
    Meredith, I saw your baking. Well done! And yes it counts and is duly noted.
    Susan, That threw my for a minute… Thank you, and thanks for hosting such a wonderful event!
    Ah, Tanna, that’s the best way to get the oatmeal… and the protein from the peanut butter. All good stuff. The truffles are gone….really
    Karina, I didn’t have that problem but the almonds I rolled them in (before the cocoa) were kind of chunky – maybe that helped. It’s only my first time so I can’t offer any more advice…sorry.. But they were good!!!!

  9. You have been baking up a storm…..the truffles turned out really great! I am impressed! Your breakfast sounds very familiar…..thanks again for hosting the Spice Exchange….It turned out really well and the pictures were wonderful…….so much fun to see what everyone received!

  10. I love lemon bars. This is pretty much the recipe I use, although I got the recipe from a friend on a recipe card and they were called “Carol’s Lemon Love Notes.” The name makes me laugh every time I make them! Glad to see you tying up so many loose ends. The truffles look wonderful. As for eating too many cookies, I had to make my husband take all the cookies we had left to work this morning. I’m done with eating them for another year!
    Katie, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that the New Year will bring you only good things!

  11. Thanks, Lydia, Colleen and Kevin… The lemon bars are gone already….
    Thanks, Jann… And nice to hear from you again!
    Laurie, I used to do that, take them all to work. Can’t any more…sigh…
    Thank you – and wishing the same to you!

  12. I can not wait to make these Ice Wine Truffles. I am a truffles girl, mmmmm. Thanks for sharing these lovely desserts. I might have to get in on the lemon bars too:)

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