Farmhouse Pasta; The Allure of the Forbidden — 21 Comments

  1. Did your mother do that to make history? It does make a great memory.
    Lame, lame, lame. I can’t come up with a kitchen disaster. Yes, I know I’m not perfect but nothing is really striking me as disaster. LAME.

  2. such a funny childhood story! I didn’t really like sweets when I was young, so no problem on that. hehe..
    And your spaghetti does sound great!

  3. lol, that was the perfect intro…granted you got me ready for fudge, so now you owe the internet a fudge post ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    …and it sounds like a tasty pasta, too ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I love popcorn balls! I know what you mean about some dishes tasting better than they look. I bet your dish taste wonderful. All the ingredients together sound great.

  5. We used to think my mother was a witch because she always knew when we had some of the fabulous cookies she hid in tins…not very well hidden, I might add. We would sneak in, take one or two and rearrange so the holes were covered. I was soooo brilliant it didn’t seem to register that entire layers of cookies were missing!
    As for the pasta, it looks perfectly heavenly to me. Thanks for sharing with Presto pasta Night.

  6. That pasta looks and sounds great! As for cookies, my grandmother did all the baking and brought us tins of cookies just before Christmas. I am sure my mother kept those under lock and key, after sneaking one or two.
    Katie, having confessed to both a passion for Rice-A-Roni and bisquit mix in one year, I will NEVER be taken seriously in the blogosphere.

  7. Oh my… that does look good! I trust you ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to have to bookmark this to try.

  8. Katie, no no, your pasta actally looks seriously good even just in photo! I already felt I tasting that tangy and creamy thick sauce… addictive!
    Your mom is a fantastic baker!

  9. Casey, my mother did make good fudge!
    Tanna, I’ll have to ask her why she so persisted… It doesn’t have to be a disaster – just something you would rather people didn’t know…except us of course!
    Anh, I have always, always, loved chocolate.
    Peter, the chevre just melts and oozes into the pasta…I’m getting hungry for it again..
    Mike, as often as I watched my mother I have never made it myself. I just remember her beating it unitl her arm fell off!
    Maryann, I love them too – but not the ones you buy, they’re worthless. I should get her recipe.
    Ruth, Isn’t it amazing how clever we thought we were – and how stupid we thought our parents must be! And you are most welcome!
    Mimi, so that’s how your mother kept the cookies safe! Just wait until I do some confessing next weekend…. We can ride off into the sunset of the blogosphere, together!
    Moon, this recipe will serve 2 or 3, or 4 with some bread and/or salad but it increases really easily.
    Kristen, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to be trusted…
    Gattina, the chevre adds just the right amount of tang…and creaminess!

  10. It just looks like my mothers favourite pasta dish!!!! And my daughter always asks her to do it! Only that my mother doesn’t use spinachs… but I’m immediatly telling her about this recipe… she will add the green colour for sure!

  11. That looks delicious! I just might have to make that tonight, if I can get out of the house to pick up some proscuitto.

  12. Looks yummy! I love anything with proscuitto in it! Great cookie story. My grandmother used to make lots of cookies. She never had to hide them though, I guess, with just me, she didn’t have to worry too much!

  13. What a great story! Brother’s are funny like that – being able to get away with things we can’t.
    I love this pasta! Spinach? Proscuitto? Chevre? Could it get any better? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi Katie,
    Does your brother still have a nose for detecting fudge now? ๐Ÿ™‚
    This dish sounds delicious. I love spinach, even the frozen ones and always have a few packages of it in my freezer.

  15. Nuria, I hope she does – spinach is so good!
    Lynn, it doesn’t really take much Prosciutto to add tons of flavor.
    Pam, it’s just something about having them hidden that’s so much more appealing.
    Chris, especially first-born brothers!
    Betty, my mother still made them a few years ago. Homemade are so much better than ‘store-bought’. I like one, maybe two…not enough to make them.
    Scientist,I hope you do ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nora, now he just makes his own. I always have a couple of bags of spinach in the freezer, too – a staple.