Red Cabbage and Christmas Memories: The PRESENT — 27 Comments

  1. Katie, you have me so worried about Emma! I always heard that dogs could die from eating animals that have been dead for a while. Is she okay? Oh, and I’m not sure how to get that image out of your mind…but I think you have the right idea – cook up something delicious to distract you. 🙂

  2. Know what you mean about both Sedi and older siblings who tease. My two dogs, Tillie (Springer spaniel) and Chica (Irish Canhardly)ate whatever nasty thing they could find on the beach – or rolled in it – every time we went out. And it’s hard to imagine a revenge sweet enough for those older siblings – what a cruel joke to play on a five year old. But, not to worry, that bad karma will catch up with them one day, without your even having to do a thing!

  3. KAtie, I la-la-la-la-love red cabbage and it’s on my shopping list.
    Many recipes call for Juniper berries and here’s the tip of the day, you can sub. gin in you can’t find the berries.

  4. Jeni, I think (or hope) that dogs and cats know enough to not eat what will harm them. You should worry about her because I’m so mad I haven’t petted either of them all day!
    I’ll have a glass of wine, then forgive them… (they know I’m mad)
    Pam, dogs love to get their faces in slimy awful stuff! My siblings then went on to remind me and tease me about it every year… In all fairness they didn’t think they would make me cry)
    Peter, Juniper Berries! I always used to put juniper berries in and I forgot! (slaps head in frustration)

  5. Children can be so mean can’t they.. if I can think of some great revenge that wont cause bodily harm I’ll let you know.
    Hope your dogs okay.
    We grew some red cabbage this year. It was great, really peppery. We didn’t get many but we didn’t get much of anything so I’m grateful for any at all.

  6. I love red cabbage: it’s like you eat color, you feel the redness inside you. It’s cheerful. And I love your stories: they are so good for an afternoon read and re-energizing. And thanks for the kind words.

  7. I must share a story about another bunny who was slayed. We had rented a villa in Italy with five of our friends a few years ago and went out to dinner in our “bus” (another story . . . my husband didn’t believe the rental company when they said “autobus”) the last night. We were all giddy and yet somewhat melancholy at the thought of leaving, I was driving (the wheel was horizontal . . . like a REAL bus), it was getting dark, we were on a narrow road straddling two valleys. And suddenly. A wabbit. Staring at me. I swerved, but not too much, what with the bus and the narrow road and the dropoffs and such, and then BUBUMP . . . BUBUMP. Buy buy bunny. I started crying, everyone else laughed hysterically, and then the bunny wabbit jokes began. To this day, every now and then at a dinner party, someone will break out with “kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit . . .”

  8. my mom had an old piece of iron rail but we never used it to crack nuts we used it to hammer out pennies and other coins and metals for craft projects. I think nuts would have been a great use for it and as the oldest of 4 I wish I had though to give that to my little sister, it would have been great!

  9. Katie there really must be something you could play on that brother and sister. I just can’t think of it. I would so love to give you the perfect trick.
    Think I’d like the cabbage and sausage best.

  10. oh Katie, I know how you felt about Emma… maybe go brush her teeth? … an action to make “us” feel better as seemingly we have done something… Yes, back then we brushed our old dog teeth everytime he ate that… *sigh*

  11. Amanda, the girls are fine; I relented and gave them each a cuddle before bedtime last night. They assured me…they’d do it again in a heartbeat…sigh…. You’re cabbage sounds good! Our garden was not very productive either.
    Simona, I also like pretty food – especially red! I forgot to put this in the post but if you don’t add vinegar to it it turns blue when you cook it!
    swirlingnotions, I’m not sure whether to laugh with them or cry with you! I know that sound, it’s a horrible sound….Wabbit, whump, whump, whump…
    Shayne, it’s probably the same thing…You had a nutcracker and didn’t even recognize it. Right, great gift ideas…. (wish I would have thought of it first)
    Tanna, as you can tell, I’ve been working on it for awhile. I love cabbage and sausage…always.
    Colleen, you are so welcome. Pretty food for the holidays!
    Gattina, I don’t think I could do that…I’m still seeing the ripping and hearing the crunching…I’ll get over it. She’s happy as can be..very proud of herself!

  12. I love red cabbage. I eat it most often simply chopped up on a green salad, usually with Ranch Dressing (which is so prevalent here in Utah that some people just call it “salad dressing” as if there was no other kind. You’re very creative in your dishes to use it up, they all sound great.
    I’m the oldest child so I can’t help you with your revenge plans! It just would not be right.

  13. Now I’m glad I’m the oldest in my family! I do remember playing some pretty mean tricks on my little brother when I was younger….

  14. I’ve never eaten red cabbage!!! I always use the green one. I think we call it here col lombarda (that’s southwest France… Lombardia??????) Don’t know. I’ll pay more attention to the market now and try to cook it.

  15. Kalyn, and I hardly ever eat it raw, although I love it raw. It just wants to be cooked at our house and it’s so different from the green, cooked!
    Lydia, I have to admit that I had my turn with my younger brother….
    I didn’t see it often in Andorra, either. I think it’s more of a northern European dish… but I love it!

  16. I think for revenge I’d give the siblings plane tickets to a wonderful locale..expired plant tickets from a past trip 🙂 May take them a few minutes to notice the dates.
    I still have cabbage *attempting* to grow in the garden, may be trickier with the snow now. It’s just standard green cabbage..maybe red cabbage next year! I like cabbage with apples, caraway, and red onions, or in colcannon. Did see an interesting recipe recently mixing sausage with a spicy red sauce and grilling it inside a small head of cabbage. Something new to try.

  17. I loved red cabbage from the first moment I tried it. Never had it with bacon, though of course, everything goes better with bacon, even Heston Blumenthal’s icecream!

  18. I’m really sorry for the recent rabbit traumas, for bunny and you. Maybe if you stare at those scatty squatting ornaments long enough…! Katie, are you of German descent by any chance? We used to have these lovely little pink marzipan pigs with golden chocolate coins in their mouths. We also had those horrid old coots (also marzipan) with their pants down and coins in their “cleavage”. Yikes!

  19. Katie, I love the story about your Christmas present from elder siblings. That could easily have happened in my family. The cabbage and smoked salmon recipe sounds very intriguing — I love both ingredients, so will have to try it.

  20. OK, I must be completely insane. I read that cabbage and sausage recipe twice and both times read it as cabbage and smoked salmon. I can’t explain what happened. But now I can’t get the idea of cabbage and smoked salmon out of my mind…

  21. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…you are one amazzzzzing story teller! Thanks for sharing that and the great dishes.