Seasoned Eatings, Chocolate and Icewine

Seasonedeatings_3 The gifts have all been delivered; the goodies unwrapped; the identity of the Spicy Secret Santa revealed. 

It's time to show your stuff!  It's time for the Seasoned Eatings Grand Finale Round-Up.

Lindsay, of Country Girl, City Living, and I will be sharing the fun!

But first:  Don't  you just love it when you trudge to your post box in the cold and, instead of the usual collection of bills and ads, there's a package waiting for you? 
And not just any package but an actual present?  Just for you?  Containing something yummy to eat? 

And for me, if that something happens to involve chocolate, well it's just about perfect. Icewine The only possible thing that could improve it would be a lovely wine.

Hang on there, just a minute, wait up…..

Yes, there it is! 

A little bottle of wine.  But not just any wine; it's Icewine!

That wonderful, nectar of the gods that only happens when the stars are in perfect alignment with Father Frost (or something like that).

Each tiny, frozen grape, picked in the dead of night in the coldest of winters, produces one, perfect drop of sweet wine.

Val, of More than Burnt Toast, not only sent me the wine, but a box of Icewine Truffles to tickle my taste buds and a recipe to make more of my own….which I will be doing tomorrow.  Stay tuned! (How did she know?  Wow, just like Santa Claus, she knew my secret cravings!  Awesome!)

Let's see what everybody else got:Val_2

As long as I'm at More than Burnt Toast , we'll start with Val.

Lindsay,  my co-sponsor of this fun event, and author of Country Girl, City Living, sent Val some famous New York Roof Top Honey!

I remember reading about this a few years ago: some enterprising young man put bee hives on New York roofs and starting making honey.  Cool!

You'll have to visit More Than Burnt Toast to see what delectable treat she's making with it!

Deb, of Deb's Key West Wine and Gardening, got to do something I've wanted to do for years:

Deb_3Make Lace Cookies!

Her Cinnamon Lace Cookies, look fantastic!  She makes it sound so easy.

She got the cinnamon and the recipe from Sher, of What Did You Eat?  (It looks like there were a few other goodies as well.)

Go have a look at the ones she rolled and dipped in Chocolate!  She said she's going to send me those.  Really.  She is.  She promised.  All of them.
So, what did Sher,of What Did You Eat? get? 

Lydia, of The Perfect Pantry, sent her (according to Sher) a very sturdy bottle of Hot Sauce along with some wonderful flavored salts.

That rooster does look sturdy, doesn't he?  You'll have to read the post to find out why – and to get the recipe for the Ceci Bruschetta that she made immediately to taste that lovely salt.

Some things just can't wait.


And I can't wait to see what Lydia, of The Perfect Pantry received in her mailbox!

New Mexico Chili Powder!

According to Lydia this is the real thing!

Carmen, of articles dans la poucan, sent her this baggie full of hot goodness, plus several recipes, including a very interesting one for Black Bean Soup.Carmen_3

Heading over to articles dans la poucan, let's see what Carmen got for her pressie: 

Ulrike, from, Kuchenlatein sent her a package for making Braune Kuchen or Brown Cakes.

Carmen says she was unfamiliar with both one of the ingredients and the recipes.

She persevered, with marvelous results.  You have to go see….

Following our fragrant trail of crumbs to Germany: Ulrike, of Kuchenlatein, received a gourmet package from my home town (or one of them). 

UlrikeAmy, of Knit Think, sent her Ras El Hanout,  (and Wild Rice and food magazines) which she used to make a beautiful Chicken with Prunes.

I love the  molded rice on that, Ulrike!

Back to the other side of the pond, to visit Amy, of Knit Think,Amy and see what was in her package.

When you live in the frozen north there is nothing, absolutely nothing (well, maybe something) like getting a bag of fresh herbs in the middle of winter.

This Italian Blend was sent from the farmer's market in California by Simona, of briciole, directly to Amy's kitchen.

I envision a lot of fragrant simmering's in the future!

Isomona_2 Simona, of briciole, is getting to know cardamom.

Wendy, of A Wee Bit of Cooking, sent her the spice, along with a yummy dessert recipe.

Simona, gives us a bit of information about cardamom, (thanks for that) and a wonderful recipe for Cardamom Carrots

The dessert, she assures us, will follow.

Wendy is off playing in the snow and I can't find her gift – she'll have to wait.

PeterBut don't wait to see what Peter, of Kalofagas got from Pam, of Zoomie Station!

Guess what was wrapped up in all of the pretty, red ribbon?

I'm not telling…but it was from Pam's own garden and Peter made an incredible Pear Croustade with it….

And, no, it's not a pear…duh!

Pam After a horrific day, Pam, of Zoomie Station, got to sit down to a homey chicken dish she made with the goodies sent to her by Lannae, of Lannae's Food and Travel.

I'm not telling what the secret ingredient is, but Lannae says it is to Chinese Americans what tomato sauce is to Italian Americans.

Want to know what treasures Lannae got:

Huh?  Do yah?   Head on over to Lindsay's at Country Girl, City Living to get the other half.

That's first (or last) half of the first annual Seasoned Eatings Event.  See y'all next year!

A Reminder:

SkeletonsStill over a week left to bear your foodie soul.  Search your closet/pantry for skeletons.  Remember, confession is good.  It can, but doesn't have to, be an actual recipe.  It could just be the description of the, um, food or a story of the, um, event;  holiday related or not….
Really, any dirty little secret you feel like sharing!  You have until Christmas to post – the round-up will be just before Dec. 31.  The usual rules: post, link to me, send me an e-mail with permalink.  Click for details!

Come on, tell!  Share the pain…you'll feel better!  And so will we!

23 thoughts on “Seasoned Eatings, Chocolate and Icewine”

  1. Katie, I love this idea. Love it. If you are doing it next year, I may just tag along. If I’m allowed to do so. What fabulous gifts you all got.
    Enjoy the yummy icewine.

  2. This is just way too cool Katie! I am having so much fun hopping to all of these sites to see the goodies! Thank you again for being our “Secret Spice Santa”

  3. Thank you Katie! This was so much fun. I want to do it again! I can’t wait to check out everyone’s post and the other 1/2 of the round up. Happy Holidays!

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed your ice wine and truffles Katie. Most girls have a LOVE of chocolate. I will be making ice wine truffles on this side of the continent too since we always have a large bottle around to have in chocolate cups for dessert.This was a great event and I really enjoyed participating and will look forward to next year!!!

  5. Thanks for putting this together ~Loved looking at the results! Definately want to do this again next year, too…..count me in!I have been absent so much lately and hope to catch up during the holidays!

  6. Great re-cap! I had so much fun doing this–I look forward to it next year. There will be a repeat, please, please?
    I’ve never heard of Icewine, but now I must have some.

  7. This was so fun to do, and your round-up is great – very fun to read as well as informative. Thank you and Lindsay very much for dreaming this up! I can’t wait to read her half of the round-up!

  8. Great round-up Katie, thanks for all the work.
    I like to participate to the next round, it’s so much fun!
    Happy Holidays!

  9. What a brilliant idea, and I love the roundup. Everyone was so creative. Have a very delicious Christmas.

  10. Thanks for the roundup and the fun idea, ladies (Katie and Lindsay).
    I should let you know that the recipient of my gift was received it and they will be posting upon their return from vacation.

  11. Lydia, thanks! It was fun!
    Yes, please, Heidi, come and play with us!
    Deb, it is fun to see the variety, isn’t it?
    Simona, thanks,…and to Lindsay, too!
    Thanks, Chris – Happy Holidays to you, too!
    BelliniValli, in chocolate cups? Wow! Where did you say you lived????
    Jann, nice to hear your voice! Time has a way of slipping from us, doesn’t it?
    Sher, absolutley! I love doing fun things like this…esp. this time of year. Icewine = Good!
    It was, Christine. Next year….
    Thanks, Laurie. I just hear from Lindsay and she’s been a bit under the weather but should do the post soon.
    Next year, Nuria!
    Thanks, Ulrike! Definitely next year.
    African Vanielje, and you have a delicious Christmas, too…. thanks!
    Peter, thanks….I’ve saved a spot for her!
    Sandi, next year you must play! Merry Christmas to y’all, too!
    Tanna, I’ll hold you to that….
    Gattina, it was good – just enough left for me to have a wee taste…

  12. How fun to read what everyone got . . . and then what everyone did with the gift! So cool . . . I’d love to play next year.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Swirlingnotions, please, do play next year! Just a bit of foodie Christmas fun! Merry Christmas to you, too!
    Colleen, it’s fun…come on and play!
    Lannae, Happy Holidays to you, also!

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