Skeletons in the Pantry, interim recap…and, Hands on the Table, Please — 18 Comments

  1. Katie you mean I already did it and I didn’t know it! Wow, I can relax now just in time for Christmas!
    This is a really great post. I’ve seen Christine’s BIG turkey post and really enjoyed it. But many others now will be good reads. You are a gem. Thanks much for this one.

  2. What a hoot! Many of my own favorites in these listings, especially Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Now I like the Easy Mac version.
    This also inspired a blogless friend of mine to tell me her dirty secret: she loves the canned cranberry sauce, the jellied kind that slurps its way out of the can. Guess what I’m giving her for Christmas this year.

  3. I’ve done the “hand dance in France” too, but I didn’t realize that keeping your hand in your lap was considered rude until someone told me. I can’t imagine how many waiters I’ve offended…

  4. Beautiful Christmas market photos. I went to the one in Toulouse and it somehow doesn’t cut it. I’m in cooking blog hibernation…still thinking about what to do with CQ…you seem to be doing a great job with yours!
    I got my Seasoned Eatings package! What fun…

  5. So much fun!
    I’m with you on the hands on the table. Plus forks are on the other side. Very confusing to an 8 year old. I’ve got table manners that are probably the worst of both worlds.

  6. Tanna, yes, you were one of the first – you did mean for it to be a part?!?!?
    Amy, canned cranberry sauce – the kind that retains the shape of the can and you slice? Yeah, that was on our table….
    Lydia, sometimes it’s just hard to be good…so many little things to trip me up! 😉
    Betty, Strasbourg was really amazing. I loved the city and wish we could have spent more time. Glad you got your package – mine was waiting for me, too!
    Lynn, it can be very confusing for adults, too. I find myself watching how other people eat all the time trying to sort it all out!

  7. What a great roundup of stories. Sorry i missed the event. I’m never going to be able to eat out in Europe again without being completely angst ridden (or getting the giggles when I repeat your 18 million times dance)

  8. Oh! I still have to write about my skeleton…
    I love the cathedral picture. When I was in Europe this summer, I oooh’d and ahhh’d at the architecture. Stunning. I do wish, however, I had thought of the do’s and don’ts before going. Lord know how many I offended. Yikes!

  9. Hi Katie,
    Beautiful and succulent post with all these links!!!
    I remember being at my school dinning room and having my hands on the table. It was a big issue to leave them on the lap. Also we had to pay attention to elbows… they were very rigid with those rules. Nowadays, it’s still hard for me to keep hands on the table!!

  10. Great idea, fabulous post!
    I could probably find more skeletons…
    BTW, somehow I find it easier to eat with hands on the table. I have always felt awkward eating the American way…

  11. Oops – sorry to all the French waiters that I have offended! But where are you meant to put your hands when they are serving you?? Surely on the table just gets in everyone’s way??
    And how funny – I took one look at that pic before I read the post and thought “Strasbourg”. We were there on a family holiday in 1989 and the memory has stuck. As I recall it’s also lopsided with only one tower instead of two?? I adore Christmas markets – nothing better than walking around one sipping gluhwein 🙂

  12. Christine, oh good, more secrets from the pantry….
    African Vanielje, you haven’t missed it yet, there’s still time….come on, share! And think of me when you do the hand dance and giggle!
    Chris, when I think back on the years…I shudder… But we have all survived. I remember the first time I used the term ‘fanny pack’. Let me just say – don’t EVER say that…EVER, EVER!!!!
    Kevin, it is, very…
    Nuriam it’s hard to remember what to do which way from country to country!
    You’re welcome, Magpie
    Mimi, you are French at heart (but then you knew that, didn’t you)
    Cooksister, I haven’t a clue – just rest them on the table and lean back? Or sit on them? It’s not symetrical, like so many, you’re right…now I want to go back and take a closer look.

  13. I am apparently oblivious to proper manners overseas. Doh!
    This was a great read–definitely looking forward to more of these.