Skeletons in the Pantry, How to Set Goals, Resolutions — 35 Comments

  1. OK so I’ll keep track on your progress! What a great roundup, I’m bookmarking it for a day soon when I have the time to read through the enries! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Fun reading about everyone’s embarassing moments. Looking forward to seeing the new look for your blog! Happy New Year!

  3. What a great round-up! I’m having such fun reading about everyone’s skeletons…. happy new year to you, Katie, and I’m looking forward to another year of wonderful posts from France!

  4. Love the event–love the roundup even more! Thanks for the giggles, everyone!
    (And knowing I’m not the only one is comforting.)
    What a great method to quit smoking. And to reach your goals.

  5. Love this post. I agree that the best way to deal with vices is to tell the world that you are going to try and conquer them. The fear of a very public let down generally ensures eventual success. 🙂

  6. Happy New Year Katie! I’ll be checking on the progress on your web page, along with everyone else.

  7. Thanks, DD. Apparently I can be easily bribed…
    Steamy Kitchen, Spam rocks!
    Ilva, thanks. Now that I’ve publicly committed I had better get busy. I got the books from Amazon last week!
    Kalyn, thanks – and a happy one to you!
    Lydia, thanks. Everyone I read brought out more of my own. I have a very full pantry!
    Amanda, confession is good for the soul…and chocolate. Chocolate is also good!
    Jerry, it works for me! The more public the more I’m likely to succeed.
    Thanks, Margot.
    Sam, I’ll think about it…..
    Amanda, thanks…it will be the whole month in the making, I think.
    Pam, and to you! Wow, I really did commit here….sigh…

  8. Congrats on quitting smoking. I smoked on and off for 10 years and was down to only one or two (sorely needed) a day before something I can only refer to as grace stepped in and made me quit for good.
    LOVE the roundup!! I can’t wait to read about everyone’s secret food pleasures!

  9. I love the eternity ring story, but I do have to say that on my non-foodblog, I swore I’d lose 50 pounds by a particular date and was doing fairly well for a couple of months and then…nothing. Of course my buddy bailed on me and she whines about being overweight more than I do. We both LOVE food. Sigh. I need to rework one of my blogs, too, and know how much work it is. Good luck to you!

  10. Very entertaining round-up Katie — I’ve started reading through the posts and everyone seems to have risen to the occasion with mostly funny stories. Love your ring one too! Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing whatever in the world you are planning for your blog!

  11. OK Katy I’ll hold you to it. That should help you. Really funny but often times when Gorn asks me to do something and I’ve forgotten it, I’ll tell him it’s done because then I know it’ll get done. I think that’s something of a variation on your technique.
    Happy New Year to you!!

  12. Happy New Year Katie!
    This is a terrific round up and I will also be hounding you about your resolution about your blog. My new year resolution is to be less grumpy. Luckly for you, only my partner and family see this side of me, my friends and patients are somehow spared.
    Thanks for your support, it was a great year to be blogging because I met such nice bloggers and you are definite one of my favourites.
    x Nora

  13. Kate, quitting was not easy… Not starting again wasn’t too bad, though. As I said, I bribe easily.
    Thanks, kellypea. I think quitting smoking is easier than loosing weight, BTW. Good luck with your blog!
    Thanks, Laurie. But I’m not redoing my blog (though it well could stand a facelift) I’m redoing my website – much bigger project, sigh….
    Tanna, I’ve used that trick myself… and tried not to get caught…
    Thanks, Colleen, and Happy New Year to you!
    Thank you Nora, that is so sweet! You’re one of mine, as well. Have a nice holiday!
    Thanks, Deb – me too!

  14. Happy New Year and Good Luck on the site! Beautiful photo of the Christmas market…all the snowglobes and the Christmas village. Can never have enough snowglobes!
    I have a recipe for your electric skillet pizza hunt, an old post from my blog: It’s my fiancé’s perfected recipe. Cooking pizza in this style is actually quite common in this area, and are affectionately referred to as Old Forge pizzas (either white or red).

  15. you are the best! thank you for sharing so much with us! i love your stories!!
    happy 2008 to you!!!

  16. Cymry, Electric skillet pizza – twice in one week. If I still had one I’d try it (it got left with all the rest of the little electrical stuff when we moved) Those snow globes were fun!
    Thanks, Ulrike – Happy New Year to you!
    And to you Riana, one of these days we are going to drive south…be warned….
    Thanks Meredith – and to you!

  17. Kate, a very happy new year to you! Your method of achieving your goals is quite courageous, actually. Best of luck with your blog design – I will have fun reading all these entries!

  18. I meant to contribute to this!! I really did! But I was so busy creating skeletons for the closet that I didn’t manage to post anything. Great stories from all you others though!
    P.S. The bread I made that was supposed to be showcasing my talent (cough) at breadmaking was such a disaster the few days before Christmas that we were forced to buy bread to go with our pate. (Augh!!! We haven’t had to buy bread for about 4 years….)

  19. Katie, Katie, Katie!!!!!! I’m sure you will make it with the new design! We must be almas gemelas somehow, because when I first quit smoking I used the same method… Bravo for us… it’s only that I failed again… but when I knew I was pregnant I quit again and up to now!
    Thanks for linking my meatballs story, Katie. Can’t wait to see your web design.

  20. ejm, don’t you hate it when that happens? When something I can do blindfolded becomes a disaster for a big meal, well, that shoots down my arrogance, doesn’t it?
    Nuria, I tried to smoke once after quitting, – but it was such a disaster I never again had the urge…I should write about that… I bribe easily!

  21. What a brilliant motivator to quit smoking! The husband and I have been talking about a reward for dropping some of the excess pounds we both seem to have acquired over the last few years… I’ll use this as part of my proof that bribery works! 🙂

  22. Michelle, Bribery always works for me…I’m so easy… But you have to make it really worth your while and then really stick to it!

  23. Love the frying pan pizza idea. I do similar on the barbecue. Delicious.
    I totally agree with your tactics too. Tell the world and you’ll get it done. Good luck with the revamp.