Strasbourg, photos, musings and secrets…

The good, the bad, and the weird or our 'petite vacance'…..and some photos.  Comments may or may not have any actual relationship to the photos near them.

Château de Fontainebleau (we did not stay here…. we didn't even got to tour it, it's closed on Tuesday)

The most inconvenient thing about staying in country house hotels is one rarely has a 'stand-up' shower.  I'm American.  I like showers.  I hate kneeling in a bathtub to wash my hair. 

One of our hotel rooms.
I'm, also, rather fond of actual doors on the loo…. Even after years of marriage there are just some things one likes to have privacy for.

Strasbourg market
The most fun thing at the market were candles made from salt crystals.  They looked like big pink quartz crystals and were partially hollowed out for tea lights (or as they call them here, night lights)

The most awesome thing was the cathedral.  Too bad inside photos of big dark buildings are so challenging!
The strangest thing to my (American) eyes were the Christmas trees.  This is how they look,  It's not dead or denuded.  It's a fresh tree and they are all the same.  Every year.  Every country I've seen Christmas trees in.  Easy to decorate!


The strangest food we ate was a starter (first course): the egg whites had been cooked in small timbales so they were perfect little circles about 1 1/2" (4cm) high.  Nestled on top were the yolks which had been breaded and deep-fried.  They were perfect little balls with still runny centers.  How'd they do that?
It was good – a bit of salad, some cured beef, a slice of seared foie gras and a piece of toasted brioche accompanied the eggs.


The best deal we had was, after perusing the menu in the dining room of our hotel, and noting that the typical entrée (first course) was around 18 euro, the viande (meat) course around 24, the fromage (cheese) 10 and dessert (you can figure that one out) was 12 we were told that we could have all 4 courses for 44 euro total.   That included an amuse bouche and a pre-dessert.
Sometimes we just scratch our heads and say okay!   


I really hate French pillows.  For those who aren't familiar they are long and round, like a bolster, and one per bed.  I don't want to share my pillow.
Fortunately, they're are usually 'normal' pillows available.

More of the markets

In my humble opinion the consumption of pan-seared foie gras on a bed of spinach constitutes a healthy first course!  So I did it twice.  I would have done it 3 times but we had to leave….

One of the hotels we stayed in a village outside of Strasbourg.

The worst thing about the trip was that mon mari was suffering from a cold.  He was a good lad and suffered in silence.  I was duly appreciative.

Chambord (No, we didn't stay here either.  We did get to tour it though.  It's one of the Castles on the Loire.)

The very worst thing was that he gave it to me when we got home!
The very best thing was that all of the walking (castle tours, markets, shopping) apparently offset all of the food!

SkeletonsStill 10 days to go to purge your closet/pantry of skeletons.  Remember, confession is good for the soul.  It can, but doesn't have to, be an actual recipe.  It could just be the description of the, um, food or a story of the, um, event;  holiday related or not….
Really, any dirty little secret you feel like sharing!  You have until Christmas to post – the round-up will be just before Dec. 31.  The usual rules: post, link to me, send me an e-mail with permalink.  Click for details!

Come on, tell!  Share the pain…you'll feel better!  And so will we!

Okay, I have one more for you: I like gravy. 
The kind made with meat drippings, fat and flour.  Sauces are nice; gravy is better.
I like it on almost everything.  When I was a child, I poured it over everything on my plate. 
My favorite snack when I worked in a restaurant in college was a big bowl with a small scoop of mashed potatoes, then filled to the brim with gravy. 
I like bread (white) and gravy.   I like it for breakfast.
The real reason I make a turkey at Christmas is not for the leftover sandwiches; or the carcass for the soup; it's for the gravy.  Sage dressing?  Only a vehicle for eating gravy….
I think you get the idea.

What yours?


12 thoughts on “Strasbourg, photos, musings and secrets…”

  1. Hi Katie, thanks for the memories! Strasbourg was one of our stopping points when we traveled France. So it was great to see it again thru your eyes! And I so related to you on your accomodations! I remember my first “shower” – soaked down the whole place before I even knew I was doing it. Hey, I have to close my eyes when the shampoo goes on! Also I adored all of those castles. My thought, how did they stay warm in the winter!
    Glad you had a nice getaway! I am glad to be home myself!

  2. Great photos! I miss my tree: when I was a child we had a Christmas tree in a big pot. After the Holidays we would bring it to a friend in the countryside and he would take care of it and we would pick it up again the following December. I miss it.

  3. Peter, the food was wonderful! Thank God we were only there 4 nights!!!
    Deb, I have soaked many a bathroom myself. I’ve learned to keep clothes and bags out of the way! They wore lots and lots of clothes to stay warm… One of the hotels we stayed in didn’t heat the hallways…

  4. I’ve never been to Strasbourg, but if I ever do get there, I will remember this post — and I’ll be looking for hotels with bathroom doors!

  5. This is what I love about Europe. So full of history and character. Buildings and architecture are old but they are so filled with personality and charm 🙂

  6. Katie, this foie over spinach bed… sounded wonderful!!! I just bought some foie for the holidays… do you think you could come out with the recipe?
    I’ve never been to Strasbourg before but it looks like a fairy tale!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kevin, it was. And great fun to wander around!
    Lydia, it’s a gorgeous city – and I like doors on my bathrooms, too!
    Your very welcome, Toni
    Tigerfish, there is so much to see – so much everywhere to see. I need to figure out how to travel full time!
    Anything to please you, Nuria. I did what I think will be a good copy of the dish and there’s a link for the recipe,next to the photo on the Swedish Meatballs post…It’ll make sense when you look!

  8. Tanna, I wish I had gotten a picture of those eggs! They were so strange. I love the castles, I’ve only seen around 8 and there are so many more!

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