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Veal Marengo…and Freezer Protection — 21 Comments

  1. Cookie temptations…I am goofy one who did twelve days of cookies. Ha! I think I am beginning to look like a cookie. This Veal Marengo looks delish. I have never heard of it. I love veal but always end up making it tough with the cooking. I have to keep this one in mind next time I pick up some veal.

  2. I have yet to make any Christmas cookies! Don’t worry I haven’t been losing weight!
    Your Christmas table is totally gorgeous!
    The Veal Marengo sounds divine and I like the versatility.

  3. Never can have too many cookies during the holidays! If you didn’t, folks would think you have something wrong with you. I even made another batch yesterday! I am taking the same schedule of eating as you. So pile it on baby!
    Katie your Christmas table is absolutely beautiful:)
    And a BIG YUM on that pasta dish! Since it is so warm here and the family is not coming to visit until February, we have been grilling outside, taking the easy route this year on Christmas!

  4. BelliniValli, that is exactly what I keep telling myself – More Exercise!
    Chris, I was watching those 12 days of cookie Christmas….
    Thanks, Tanna, I like flexible dishes this time ot year…when naps are possibilities!
    Deb, I miss sunshine… You made cookies…AFTER Christmas? WOW!

  5. While I like sweets too, Katie, dishes like this beautiful Veal Marengo are far more tempting to me. Where in the Midwest will you be going?

  6. So now don’t I feel like an idiot….there was only one other entry (and even I don’t have one – no turkey or ham leftovers either), so I decided to save this fantastic veal marengo for the first Presto Pasta Night of 2008. Head back for the roundup next Friday – Jan 4.
    Thanks for being such a great PPNer (my fave) for 2007 and I look forward to lots more of your delicious dishes and great stories in 2008.
    Wishes for a very happy, healthy & prosperous 2008

  7. Freezing your cookies to stop (or at least slow down) eating them sounds like a good idea. Braised veal on pasta sounds really good!

  8. oh your just going to love it the weather here in the midwest is living up to it’s name. It is WINTER here.
    Enjoy your visit!

  9. I’ve been purging leftover cookies from the house all week — unfortunately, some by eating them, but whenever possible I wrap them as gifts and bring them to the home of anyone who invites me for any reason! Cannot leave them sitting the freezer or, worse, on the countertop…. very dangerous.

  10. Oh, your Christmas Eve table is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing as the picture brought back many candlelit memories.
    If you’d like to swing by here on your trip to the US I can load you up with yet more cookies. 🙂

  11. Terry B, I’ll be in the Minneapolis area – both MN and WI – hope the snow stops!
    Ruth, I guess that proves that I’m always thinking about food – Happy New Year to you as well!
    Kevin, freezing the cookies was not as effectives ad I’d hoped…but their almost gone now!
    Gee, Thanks, Shayne….I could have handled a mild winter!
    Colleen, I’ve done that…
    Lydia, I could have left some in the post box….
    No more COOKIES, Lynn, but thanks for the lovely offer….
    Susan, that was the best thing about having an office – cookie dumping ground!
    Happy New Year!

  12. Amanda, mon mari want to build a BIG one. He’s been looking into buying all of the little figures…. I don’t even want to know where we’ll put it!

  13. It would be so special though. My Aunt’s is a 5 tier one. You can almost imagine going inside and living in there. I think the drugs for my back or making me go a bit bonkers! That said I do still think making one would be rather special.

  14. Amanda, that sounds gorgeous. In the Dresden area, where (I think) they originate, there are life-size ones in lots of the villages. Hope your back is okay!

  15. Oh my goodness! That is one beautiful and delicious sounding dish. I am definitely making it soon. Mmmm.