Dancing with the Green Fairy — 18 Comments

  1. That absinth is green and had been banned -that’s pretty much what I knew until recently. David Lebovitz had an interesting article about it recently, and now you – I need to look it up in France next time 🙂

  2. I’ve seen the ritualistic pouring of Absinthe with the sugar cube and such. It’s green, licorice tasting and you’ll have a close encounter with God if you drink enough!

  3. Ummm..raises hand meekly…am I the only one who has ever seen it? The Green Fairy? 🙂

  4. You have way too much time on your hands! Or, it is too cold to stay outside for very long! Hey, are you enjoying “Dancing With The Fairy’s! You are too fun Katie!

  5. Ha. We just read about absinthe in “The Devil’s Picnic” by Taras Grescoe. He was looking to dance with the blue fairy (and did). Very interesting reading about absinthe and why it became a banned substance.
    There is an absinthe bar not far from us; we toyed with going to try it but it is insanely expensive. Seeing as how I’m not the biggest fan of licorice flavoured alcohol AND a cheapskate to boot, my dance with the green fairy has been put on hold.

  6. Pille, apparently it’s making a comeback. I’ll have a look today to see if it’s in the shops.
    Peter, now THAT sounds interesting… All that lovely sugar, too!
    Deb, cold, then rain, then cold… winter! meh… (thank you)
    JennDZ, I think so far you are it…. Meekly…yeah, right!
    Amanda, that old lure of the naughty…
    awfully appealling isn’t it?
    Elizabeth, an absinthe bar? How terribly cool! The bottle prices on their site didn’t look bad at all. But then the bar would have to provide ‘the experience’. If you ever decide to go – tell all!

  7. I don’t know a whole lot about it myself, but food/drink rituals are always interesting. I think they started allowing it in the U.S. again (I’m not 100% on the details)…but without the “magical” ingredient that makes it absinthe, go figure.

  8. Ha! Very interesting. A newish local restaurant is advertising that they carry absinthe; an attempt to pull in the try-anything-possibly-taboo university student crowd, no doubt! Anyway, I was surprised that they carried it, and that’s when I found out it’s being made and sold—even in the United States!—again. I should check it out. Hmm. Maybe I’m still feeling my try-anything-possibly-taboo oats.

  9. Judging from the FAQ on the “buy absinthe” website, it looks like faux absinthe is available in the USA. (There can’t be any thujone in any alcohol for human consumption in the USA)
    As for the amount of thujone allowed in Canada, from reading wikipedia, it appears that it depends on which province the absinthe is purchased.
    Ontario allows 10 mg/kg of thujone which in my considerable ignorance of the whole experience sounds on the low side.
    The wikipedia article is a little annoying because it mixes its measures (some are mg/l, some are mg/kg) but I have only skimmed it.
    As I said, licorice flavoured alcohol isn’t my favourite unless it’s in shrimps with pernod and considering the price of absinthe, I doubt that my dance with the green or blue fairy will be any time soon.

  10. Mike, kind of like the fake alcohol on Star Trek?
    Lisa, have a try – and then tell all! I’m just afraid one has to drink rather a lot of it…. which is not my favorite thing (anymore)
    Elizabeth, my only worry – if they are banning thujone…will they ban sage and tarragon?!?!?! Interesting that it’s done by province. And the site said they label shipments to the U.S. “Not for human consumption” I wonder if I could send Cuban cigars and label them fire-starters?

  11. Whatever you are looking for in terms of Absinthe, they have it! Click my name to see for yourself.

  12. I got a pitch from them too. We went back and forth about actually getting a product to me to review. They wanted me to buy it up front and then pay them back — that sounded a little suspicious to me. We went back and forth a little, then they seemed to drop the ball on their end. I must admit the thought of tasting it kind of scared me!

  13. Thanks, Abbie, I’ll check it out!
    Stewert, I don’t know either…but I believe it… Eerie!
    Betty, and I admit that I didn’t taste it! That’s how it started but ended up with just the site review. Curious! Mon mari would have loved tasting it. I think I would…but I’m not sure I wanted a whole bottle! Although, everything I read says it’s no more harmful than Bombay Gin or Bitters!

  14. I never dared to try it. I had friends who did and they are still alive, he he, but it went straight to your head, they said it had more or less the effect of a pot cigarette.
    Emiline’s uncle (SugarPlum) participated in a contest related with absenta (drawing design) not so long ago… here is the web

  15. Nuria, I always smell those ‘cigarettes’ when I’m in Spain…brings back memories///
    Thanks for the link! (I’ve not tried the absinthe…yet)

  16. To my knowledge, there are only two absinthes in existence that contain anywhere near pre-ban levels of thujone (100+ mg): King of Spirits Gold and Century Absinthe. Neither of the two, nor any other genuine absinthe, will make it to the States anytime soon. For the real deal, you have to travel to Europe or have it shipped over. Yes, possession and importation for personal use is legal. They’re both available to buy from Absinthe. I’ve been a regular customer since the first time I stumbled it on the internet.