Artichoke and Olive Mini Frittatas, and Game Time! — 24 Comments

  1. I love little frittatas made in muffin tins — I’ve only just started making them this way, and I can’t imagine why I haven’t been doing it all along. Apart from the automatic portion control, it makes frittatas perfect for entertaining. These are going on my Super Bowl menu!

  2. These are simply great. I must try them ASAP. And I must check out the party food event; I’m trying to figure out what to make on Super Bowl day. Great idea.
    Athletic supporter, indeed!

  3. Lovely! How did you know I had been looking at this jar of marinated artichoke hearts in my pantry and trying to think what to do with them? I think I will try to make these little beauties pretty soon. Thanks!

  4. Yum, yum! I, too, have little patience to watch sports when I’m at home. Too many other things to do. Like bake!

  5. Lydia, I’ve been making them for about 4 years, they make a perfect first course – and yesm portion control!
    Lisa, indeed! Old joke!
    Bellini Valli, mini cupcakes would make them even cuter!
    Simona, because I was looking at the twin of your jar for the same amount of time!
    Mansi, your welcome, fun event! I look forward to all the goodies!
    Lynn, even when I’m sitting and watching TV, I have to do somthing else – read a cook book, plan a menu, knit a sweater…

  6. Hi Katie,
    I’m not partial to watching sports at home too, like you said, there are other stuff to do.
    These mini artichoke frittatas look elegant, yet simple to make. And also versatile to boot. Thanks for this idea. It would be a good picnic or party food.

  7. Mission accomplished and with success: I made them for dinner and they are gone. Good thing my jar of marinated artichokes is twice as big as needed, so I already have enough ingredients to make them again. Thanks!!!

  8. I’m not a big sports person either. I used to be a big Yankees fan, but I think I was more a fan of the raucous crowd than anything else.
    The frittats looks great and it sounds like the perfect snack food for the coming weekend. Much more exciting than a bag of chips, that’s for sure!

  9. The only sport I can watch is bicyling. I especially love le tour de France. However, I watched a few soccer matches and became hooked. Of course, it had nothing to do with the cute boys running around in shorts.

  10. Nora, Plus we don’t have a big, flat panel tv… Not that I want one… They are great for a picnic!
    Lannae, I’ve always liked fun foods – These are also great for road trips…better than sandwiches!
    Simona, I’m so glad you liked them… and you get to make them again! Good planning!
    Mike, aaahh, the old big bowl of chips… Bet you can’t eat just one! The crowds are usually entertaining – but I wouldn’t want to be in one at a big football match here!
    Colleen, naturally not! We watched one world cup semifinal on a piazza in Italy on a screen the size of a 3 story building… now, that was fun!
    Toni, And they are fun to make and bake in minutes… Great for people in a hurry…like me… (I don’t know why!)

  11. I must say of all of the sports out there in the world, football is my favorite. I still cheer on my old hometown Cincinnati Bengals, even though they pretty much sucked this year. But I must confess I do tune in every Sunday for the games.
    Thanks for the “heads up” on football food. We usually do the typical chili and nachos but this year I may have to be more creative. May have to try your goodie and I will hop over after the 31st to check out the rest of the goodies!

  12. Food and the commercials are my favorite things about the Super Bowl. Artichoke and olive mini frittatas sound sensational. They could take the pain out of watching football!

  13. Deb, I loved it in high school and college but only tolerated it at the professional level. As I said, I can happily watch it…somewhere other than my house! But I find Euro Foot (soccer) more interesting
    Heidi, the food can make up for almost anything!
    Kevin, I though these had a rather interesting appearance, too.
    Julie, I’d forgotten the commercials, they’re the best part! And there was a halftime show by “In Living Color” many years ago that was a scream!
    Tanna, at least then I’d feel productive…
    may not actually BE productive but…
    Scientist, the food goes well with cricket, too… One just needs more of it!

  14. Susan, I was thinking about the old artichoke dip – but didn’t want anything that fill of fat…. And always olives!
    Susan, It’s all about the food…always!