Beef Vegetable Soup and My Mother’s Cooking — 23 Comments

  1. That soup looks warm and filling and good for whatever ails you. Your mom knew what she was doing! I’ve got to say those rib bones are amazingly meaty. You’ve definitely got a good butcher. Lucky you!

  2. Katie, Wow this looks sooo good. I have to agree with your ideas about soup and winter vegetables – it makes perfect sense! I’m not such a big fan of summer soup myself, so I may just adopt it. I’ve also never tried putting a rutabaga in soup, so I’ll have to try that. I may stay away from the squirrels however…

  3. Most excellent Katie! Soup should be what’s in the house. But I do often have some green beans and so I do put them in soup from time to time. That that Rio Grande Valley being so close by.
    And one must have good stock to have real soup.
    Yes I’ve seen those bags of frozen veggies and always wondered ‘Why would anybody do that.”

  4. You can tell we are from the same generation. We had the same food over and over again also. Mom had one cookbook, which she never referred to and also a tin of recipes cut out of the newspaper. Every Friday we had salmon patties or tomato soup with grilled cheese. The one thing that I did bring with me from her kitchen is her vegetable soup..just like yours, lots of fresh veggies and a hunk of what she called “soup meat”! Now I need some:D

  5. That’s the kind of soup my grandmother used to make. My mother made a chicken version, which was equally delicious. There’s nothing better in winter. One thing I’d probably add is thyme from the garden — I’ve been known to go out in winter and dig for it under the snow cover.

  6. The soup looks great and I love the story behind it. I grew up on something of a schedule, too, e.g. friday was spaghetti night, maybe with meatballs or maybe with sausage. But I love it: soup means that specific soup!

  7. Perfect winter soup! And of course, it would HAVE to be root vegetables! I’m partial to parsnips, so I’d probably add them, too, and I’ve got some fresh thyme drying as I type, so even in winter I’d probably add some of that. This soup is proof that winter is a bountiful season, too!

  8. Laurie, I couldn’t believe how much meat was on them! I thought I’d barely get enough for the soup and half went into the freezer!
    Michelle, I like summer soups – but they’re different, light and cold…not hearty and warming!
    Tanna, well, her soup tasted like it, too. How nice to get green beans in the winter…
    Deb. I’d forgotten! That’s what my mother called the short ribs “soup meat”. Thanks for the memory…
    Lydia, it’s so funny – I put herbs in everything now, but I never even thought of it for the soup.
    Michelle, it is very tummy-warming!
    Nirmala, it would probably be good without the beef – might be a little sweet…
    Mike, Friday was tuna hot dish….sheesh! Spaghetti was Saturday!
    Heidi, try it sans boeuf!
    Toni, I tried substituting parsnips for the ruty, once. It just wasn’t right. But, in addition to would be good!

  9. This looks so inviting….great photo of the veggies! Thanks for the tid-bit about the rutabaga…I imagine that would really give the soup that special kick! The store is coming along……slowly. Lots of time and effort, not enough $. Cheers!

  10. love the stories, and the steps of making the stock… btw, I was served a dish of squirrel meat when I was a little girl… well, we lived in city, this type of cooking was way too adventurous to me.

  11. Mmmm yum, looks heavenly Katie! Hubby and I love soups so much we eat them all through summer too, however our weather is so variable we can have 35 degrees C one day and then 5 the next. Bit like how a hot cuppa can still be refreshing hot day, so can a hot soup, especially Asian styled broths I find.
    Lovely post!

  12. Great soup! I think it’s much easier getting those wonderful ingredients to make a good stock where you are.
    I checked out your website for the first time the other day = excellent! I’d like to do a post about it if that’s okay?
    Oh and my M.I.L. did that too, frozen veg, stock cube, boiling water…

  13. Helene, we have getting our share of gray, damp days, here, too!
    Thanks, Jann. A lot of people don’t give ruty’s a fair chance… $ true about so many things!
    Kevin, it gives you more than your daily allowance ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Gattina, I don’t have to worry here, All the squirrels were eaten in the last war!
    Christine, I love soup of all kind – I’ll look for yours
    Bron, I’m afraid I’ve never solved the riddlle of the hot cuppa on a hot day… my British friends swear by it but… Our summer soups are usually cool or room temp.
    Absolutely Amanda, thanks!
    Yeah, I couldn’t understand how she could call it ‘soup’

  14. Wonderful soup Katie! I love all kind of soups! When I was a kid we never knew what would be on the table that day… and is the same at my house now, I like improvising! But since I have the blog, I’m getting more organized, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. My mom was like this too she made only a few things and she was really good at making those things and everyone thought she was the greatest cook, little did they know.

  16. Nuria, I love cooking different things! I once went an entire year without repeating anything (well, almost). My mother was just never that interested in it..but she loved to bake.
    Shayne, people always talk about my mother’s chicken! It was good…just always the same hahaha.
    Peter, those short ribs were wonderful! Mon mari nabbed the ones I didn’t use in the soup and has been making wonderful sanwiches!