Brussels Sprouts, Fried Rice, And a Hot Computer — 39 Comments

  1. Um . . . I think maybe I need to get my compressed air out. Then I’ll be getting those Brussels Sprouts out of the fridge for dinner in a couple of hours!
    Tech is so wonderful when it does what you mean to tell it.
    Yours look incredible girl.

  2. Sorry you had such a bad day but your sprouts recipes are gorgeous. I love sprouts, and strangely so does my daughter. Maybe because I have never gone the boil them until grey route. Good luck with your next back up and Happy New Year

  3. Sometimes when a day goes bad, you just have to give up, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning ready to try again! I’m sure I would have abused any Brussels sprout that crossed my line of vision on a day like yours!

  4. Boo for computer problems. I am clueless when it comes to that sort of thing (thank you Bradley from the bottom of my heart!) However, hooray for brussels sprouts. Love the idea of just a touch of soy sauce with brussels sprouts, just inspired.
    BTW, “down to one a day?” That’s amazing. I am always making (and breaking) a resolution to drink less Diet Coke.

  5. Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite roasted veggies, but I have not really spread my wings and tried other methods of cooking them. The sprouts with shallots looks wonderful. Too bad about the computer. I hate it when things go wrong. I am helpless, hopeless when it comes to this thing. It’s a love/hate relationship.

  6. Both of these recipes look good enough to elevate a crummy day! Hope yours soon improves! Poor you! My good friend Ron would have said “ODTAA” (One Damn Thing After Another).

  7. This is all so very yummy! I adore brussels sprouts and am always looking for new ways to make them. This looks like a wonderful method. The shallots look nice with them, almost carmelized – y.

  8. Thanks, Tanna! It was, um, a blast.
    AV, thanks, I have always liked sprouts – strangely, my mother never did.
    Lydia, I find a glass of wine or two before bed helps with the persepective…if not with the actual work!
    Kalyn, it hasn’t been easy – and when I’m in the U.S. visiting (where it is cheaper) I tend to immediatly revert to 3 a day…
    Margot, I’ve been cutting them this year and I really like the result – they cook through faster before getting too done and bitter.
    Cindy, I know what you mean with the computers…. Really, I do! I like the flavor of ‘fried’ or roasted sprouts much better than the old boiled or steamed method!
    Zoomie, your friend is spot on! I have great hopes for this day… But then I always do…
    Thanks, Cakespy! And thanks for visiting…I love all of your cupcakes and goodies…
    Wendy, as they say, couldn’t be much worse… but so far, so good!

  9. Poop on bad days! Just think how fun tomorrow will be! A couple of years ago, I got up one day, turned on my computer and nothing much happened. Long story short, my hard drive fried itself, and it did not even give me a smell warning! I lost everything because I kept putting off backing up. Now I back up fairly often!
    What is on those brussel sprouts in your leading photo?
    It took me a long time to like brussels. Hubby just adores them steamed with olive oil drizzeled on them. But since I have got on the band wagon, I like mine with a little personality. So I will be using all of your recipes on these guys! They sound marvelous!
    Have a great day Katie:)

  10. I changed sides since they alter the taste of light and invented zero, now I am on P…
    It’s the week of brussel sprouts…

  11. Oh those days are so frustrating. Taking it out on brussel sprouts is the humane way, I should do that instead of taking it out on my man. I’m sure that he would appreciate it. 😉

  12. The brussels sprouts with fried shallots look really good! The fried rice with brussels sprouts sounds pretty interesting.

  13. Maryann, yeah, this one is sooo much better…even a hint of sunshine!
    Helene, happy to! It stopped raining, things are bound to improve!
    Deb, the ‘red’ Sprouts have that rare and delicate ‘red’ rosemary and a ‘red’ cheese sauce. Looks awful, doesn’t it?
    Ulrike, I drink P… in the U.S. and I really prefer the coca light in Spain – amazing how the taste differs from place to place.
    Nora, so would mine – if I every remembered to confine my frustration to the sprouts ;-(
    Kevin, those little green orbs are a lot more flexible than I thought…

  14. It looks delicious, I’m going to try it, thanks for sharing! Why don’t more people talk about the food?!

  15. Computers. They’re a love-hate thing for me. 🙂
    These sprouts look wonderful. We’re definitely going to have to give them a try… soon!

  16. Katie, no matter how difficult your day, you still find a way to put humor into describing it. You have a great attitude! And poor Sedi, and poor you for having to clean up after her!
    I hope you don’t mind if I tagged you, but I couldn’t resist as I thought you would have some very interesting books to share with us. 🙂
    Buon anno/Bonne annee!

  17. Well, selfishly, I’m glad we got your Brussels sprouts recipes out of it ;-). Happy 2008, Katie!

  18. Katie, I know just how you feel! My day started poorly, too. This time it wasn’t the computer, thank goodness! But there have been days when I have stopped just short of throwing the thing through the window!
    But then to wind up with Brussel sprouts that look this good? Wow! Great way to cover up Brussel sprout abuse! 😉

  19. Oh, so sorry about the computer frustration! That’s what kick boxing was invented for, I think.
    I’ve never had a brussel sprout I liked, but I could be persuaded to try yours. (That’s saying a lot!)

  20. Hola Katie! Even when you are not pretending to be funny… you are! You made me laugh again, Thanks!
    Definitevely I’m going for The Search of the Sprout (Great title for a movie!) I just love them and seeing them in combination with rice makes my mouth water… too bad they have side effects… if you know what I mean 😉

  21. Don’t know what happened, but I sent you a comment and it doesn’t show… Well I just wanted to cheer you up and tell you that even when you don’t pretend to be funny, you make me laugh, and that is always a great thing.
    Also your brussel sprout combined with rice look delicious to me… too bad that sometimes brussel sprout have side effects! 😉

  22. Yikes glad your computer was okay! It’s pretty traumatic for it to crash and lose everything. Make sure you back your stuff up! I don’t often eat brussel sprouts but should try to eat them more often, thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  23. Sorina, because we are all too busy with our mouths full?!? And thank you!
    Truffle, after blasting a 4 kilos of dust out of the power supply I seem to be back in business. Can’t imaging why that should make a diffrence….
    Michelle, computers and I go way back…so far they’re still winning…
    Sugarlaws, I try… The one time I can’t kick the habit is in the car. I need a coke to drive…
    Jeni, oh dear…books and reading. For some obscure reason mon mari thinks one can have too many books. Silly man! Challenge accepted!
    Swirlingnotions, happy to oblige! My computer was almost hot enough to cook on it…
    Toni, it’s a little known fact that most electronic equipment can be fixed with a vertical drop in excess of 4 feet.
    Lynn, kick-boxing could be good; very good. Try’em; you’ll like’em
    Hola, Nuria! Don’t you hate it when that happens? We all do it, though… How about “Search for the Evil Sprout”?
    Ashley, it is, and I know. I did proper back-ups once I got it all sorted – Day late and a dollar short; closing the barn aftr the horses escaped; and all that. I DO no better… Go, eat sprouts!

  24. I love fried rice with bean sprouts. Next time try it with freshly sliced (very thin) cucumber. Delicious.

  25. Mmmmm, brussels sprouts! Both ways look fabulous.
    P.S. I cannot believe that I used to loathe brussels sprouts!

  26. Cooking Ninja, I never see bean sprouts down here in farm country. Cucumber would be good – next summer!
    Thanks Nupur, and thanks for commenting!
    ejm, sometimes we just grow into new foods…sometimes we finally get to taste them cooked correctly….

  27. Just finished dinner, inspired by you and the sprouts in the fridge. I made brown rice with barley, used the soy sauce (and cheap port) to marinate mushrooms and tofu, added them drained to the sauteed sprouts, then the rice and liquid, then the scallions. Inside out, upside down, but it was your recipe and delicious! Now I wonder if the problems with our computer might be from dust. You may have saved it…

  28. Your fried rice with brussels sprouts is so simple and just so delicious! We enjoyed it for dinner last night. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  29. Susan, that sounds fantastic! I saw tofu at my store the other day – for the first time!
    Nupur, I am so glad you liked it – thanks!

  30. I tried out the Fried Rice with Brussels Sprouts. A really simple and nice recipe! Other than over-cooked rice (as a result of microwaving and then leaving it in the container with the lid on), the result was a refreshing new rice dish. Thanks, Katie!