Mushroom and Chicken Lasagne; Unreliable Output Devices — 20 Comments

  1. Damn. That happens to me ALL the time. But I still won’t admit it to my husband – I like to keep him guessing!! Great story, and and even better looking lasagna. I’m going to try and search out this fromage frais here – it sounds so interesting (probably not, and I know I can make the substitutes, but so much more fun to find something new…)

  2. ha! you know when else that happens? when I try and type in the word verification. I sweat i type it in correctly, but the computer doesn’t think I have!!

  3. You have an imbedded poltergiest in your body. And…you never know when those little suckers are ready to play games!
    Obviously they have not affected your cooking skills!!! Lasagna looks marvelous!

  4. Great post as usual and the lasagna…WOW! Definitely great output with that. Thanks for sharing with PResto Pasta Nights.
    I can’t believe it’s almost a year old. Thanks for pointing that out. What will we do to celebrate the big day?

  5. What I want to know is why it’s so hard to get replacement parts when our output devices begin to fail???? This lasagna looks good enough to make me forget…well…whatever it was I meant to say… (output device failure again).

  6. This is actually the sign of a very intelligent person. It means that your brain is working so fast that your mouth/fingers can’t keep up. There, now you can excuse yourself.
    That lasagna sounds yum.

  7. I have exactly the same problem! Frustratingly unexplainable although I like Amanda’s take!
    Delicious lasagna. I adore mushrooms with pasta. Sounds lovely!

  8. And what I’m discovering is the more years pass, the worse it gets. But, hey, I’ll take Amanda’s intrepretation! As for the lasagna, it looks and sounds wonderful. Love the idea of using the red peppers. They’re very colorful, plus add tons of flavor. Overall, it’s a great post, Katie!

  9. Ja, ja, ja! Cheers to you, first! I love your sense of humour!!!!!!! You made me wonder with this story and asked myself if this had happen to me… what would I have thought? I would probably have thought that I wanted to say something and finally said something else… they would have made me doubt!!!! You are so selfconfident! That’s something I really admire!
    I’m bookmarking this lasaña, I have these noodles you mention… they are great!

  10. My wife has a similar predicament where the conversation continues…in her head. lol
    The lasagna looks fantastic and like a really nice change from the usual super heavy stuff.

  11. Michelle, computers can be almost as bad as husbands…
    Deb, thanks for the explanation (and the compliment) Now it all makes sense!
    Ruth, thanks… What to do for the Big One? I don’t know! Will have to ponder that…
    Lydia, I’ve noticed that myself, very bad warranty work, as well!
    Kevin, no one ever accused me of being traditional!
    Amanda, I like that one. I’m taking it and sticking to it, so there!
    Truffle, Amanada was spot on! Thanks, the mushrooms really added a lot!
    Thanks, Laurie… I didn’t want to mention that old passage of time, bit. I’m pretending not to notice.
    Thanks, Sorina! I hope you like it!
    Nuria, muchas gracies, guapa! Because I am always right the problem is obviously with other people…I’m sure it would be the same for you!
    Mike, I’m quite certain she is just speaking quietly and you don’t hear her….(It’s a bit of a conundrum – do I stick up for your wife as another female, or you as another blogger?!?!)

  12. Mike here…err…Neil. You ordered lobster on a first date, top effort! He should have dated you again for you obvious class.

  13. Katie you are mind boggling! This is so well written and such tremendous fun!!
    I think Amanda is my new best friend!
    And this Lasagne is really gorgeous! I found those no bake noodles years ago and they are the only ones allowed in my kitchen now!

  14. Neil, I. Ordered. The. SHRIMP!!!!!
    (Does no one hear me?)
    Tanna, Amanda is definitly spot on the mark. I bow to her perception! Thanks for the sweet words – and aren’t those little no-bake darlin’s wonderful?

  15. I used to LOVE those no-cook lasagne. But since getting a pasta maker (the hand-crank kind), my husband likes to make fresh lasagne (how lucky am I?). We use fresh pasta sheets now and still don’t parboil them. We just have ensure that there is sauce or stock in a thinnish layer on the bottom of the casserole dish and plenty of sauce and/or cheese on the top layer to cook the noodles.
    Mmmmm, your lasagne looks fabulous!
    What kind of cheese do you shred? Swiss? Mozzarella? (I can imagine that either would be good.)
    P.S. Isn’t it too bad that when you make an inadvertent mistake, there isn’t some sort of home system installed like google has that would flash a little sign “did you mean…”?

  16. Elizabeth, you are very lucky, indeed! I use Gruyere, usually. Mozarella is not really common here. I can get fresh, buffalo milk in summer…
    That bit about Google is brilliant!

  17. I have an urge to try gruyere instead of mozzarella, even though gruyere is much more expensive here than mozzarella.
    I just googled [mozzarella recipe]. According to, “It’s easy to make homemade mozzarella cheese”. If you craved mozzarella, you could make some yourself in your spare time. (heh)