Pulled Pork Stew with Olives and Chickpeas; and: May I Introduce…

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Kristen, of Dine and Dish had the interesting and very good idea of having newborn bloggers adopted by one of us old farts very slightly more experienced folk.

I was absolutely thrilled when my adoptee said she was willing to do dishes.  We may be on to something here. (Ahem)

Anyway, (drum roll please):  Attention Foodie Bloggers! 

Allow me to introduce Michelle, the author of culinography, real life foodie adventures

Michelle has only been blogging since October but, trust me, she got the hang of this right off.  Her recipes are scrumptious, her photos are drool-worthy and, brave soul that she is, she even joined the Daring Bakers!  Please head on over and say 'Hi'.  Tell her Katie sent you…. (Maybe she'll share some of that decadent-looking baked penne)

As long as I'm on the stage: I few weeks ago I received an email from Teresita, of Cooking in Buenos Aires.  (I'd rather like to do that, actually…. cook in Buenos Aires)  She asked if I would mention her site, her cooking classes and her yummy Empanadas.  She is familiar with the indigenous cuisines of Latin America and incorporates that into her cooking.  Teresita, consider your self mentioned!  (Anybody want to go to Argentina with me for a week or ten?)

After all of that cranberry bread; and the chocolates; and the cookies; and the foie gras; and the smoked salmon; (excuse me a minute…. sigh….. okay) the mind said that something healthy should be in order.   

Unfortunately, the soul wanted more comfort food.

Well, we all know what the road to hell is paved with, now don't we? 

Comfort food it is!

It has to be possible to make healthy comfort food!  In my humble opinion, this classifies.  It's warm, full of flavor, low in fat and chock-a-block with vegetables.

Plus it has something near and dear to my palate: olives. 

No one ever talks about the health benefits of olives.  Olive oil, yes; but not olives. 

So that is my mission for this Weekend Herb Blogging, hosted by Vani, of Batasari: to extol the virtues of olives.

When added to any dish, olives add another level of flavor and can make the ordinary extraordinary.  But are they healthy?

I went to the World's Healthiest Food site and, yes, they are good for us! (whew!)

Not as good as Brussels Sprouts, perhaps, but, hey, we can't live on Brussels Sprouts alone!

They are high in vitamin E (better than taking those little brown gel-caps), iron, copper and fiber; and "are concentrated in monounsaturated fats". So there!  Pass me the olives, please!. You can find 2 years worth of herb and vegetable recipes in the WHB archives at her place.

22 thoughts on “Pulled Pork Stew with Olives and Chickpeas; and: May I Introduce…”

  1. fennel seeds! i bet that’s great with the pork. i have a slow cooker that i’ve used only once, but i’ve been meaning to give it another try!

  2. I’ll go. For the cooking classes! Wouldn’t that be great! But then I think that would be great just about any place away from Dallas.
    Crock pot, slow cooker I used to have one. I guess now I use the oven & cast iron.

  3. Argentina I hope to visit you in France some day.
    I am in luck because I love Brussel sprouts and olives, but maybe not together.
    All these people that want to be mentioned, hummmm. Not me if too many people start reading my blog the presure would be more then I could handle.

  4. I love the idea behind Adopt-a-blogger. (In theory – my schedule is already seriously over-booked!) This sounds delicious. All those great spices plus olives, could not possibly taste anything but fantastic.

  5. Hola Katie! As always, you make me smile with your post!!!! I’ve been in the “adoption program” also, what a great idea! Will post about it soon, meanwhile will visit your adopted blogger.
    Buenos Aires must be a thrill!
    The pork recipe looks so savory!!! I don’t usually use olives in my dishes… maybe I should try this. 😀

  6. Peter, okay, I’ll play nice. And, none!
    You’re welcome, Michelle. Maybe I should get a group together!
    Katy, I had one…back when they were called crock pots!
    Me two, Tanna, the crock pot is long gone! Argentina is nice this time of year….
    Kristen, you had a great idea! It’s fun!
    Mike, I’m working on it!
    Shayne, the door is open and we have room 😉
    Kaly, what’s a schedule? I just seem to frantically do what’s on top. God only knows what’s at the bottom…
    Genie, okay, you’re on the list!
    And Ulrike…(this could be big!)
    Colleen, you’ll enjoy the challenge… usually…
    Helene, thanks, it’s been fun.
    Nuria, give it a try! I think using olives is more French than Spanish.

  7. What a great bunch of ingredients! I love the pork addition!
    You are so nice introducing us to a new blogger. Fantastic idea as it sometimes is hard to get yourself rockin’ and rollin’ in the blogsphere. I just visited her lovely site and will return to it!

  8. I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others’. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

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