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Turkey and Pepper Risotto and the Weekly Menu Planner — 17 Comments

  1. I never think of using turkey instead of chicken, must do that as I like turkey.
    This is definately a happy dish 😀

  2. I have recently discovered your blog, just as I am starting my own. I will be a frequent visitor. Thank you for all the helpful information you provide. Good quality blog…LOVE the pictures. You give me something to aspire to for my blog, although it is of a different genre, as far as blogs go!

  3. Looking at your bright and inviting creations, Katie, I realise I don’t ‘cook colourful’ enough. Lovely-looking risotto!

  4. Totally beautiful Katie! Wonder why I don’t think of turkey pieces like I do chicken pieces. To my credit, I do get a really wonderful Hot Italian Turkey Sausage. Which might just be marvi in this risotto!

  5. Sounds like a delicious and hearty risotto! And I agree on the color–its a very lively looking dish with all of the colors

  6. Deb, we get great turkey cutlets here, sliced thin, they cook up in seconds and stay moist!
    Susan, and no extra butter! I like to keep my risottos low-cal…relatively speaking ;-))
    Krissi, thanks so much for commenting and visiting…I’m heading on over to yours!
    Pille, I think you make some amazingly beautiful and colorful foods! In this drab winter we need it!
    Tanna, oh yeah, turkey sausage would be great! That, of course, we can NOT get here…
    Thanks, Mike, we like color… and colorful food is good food, right?
    Kate, I’d send you some if I could….

  7. That looks beautiful Katie, and really delicious with all the flavors! It is making me really hungry right now!

  8. This is such a flavourful and colourful way to present risotto to the table. Now that I am feeling better I am getting hungrier by the minute brosing through all that I have missed!!

  9. It’s so yummy and comforting looking. It will not stop raining here, and good thing I don’t live on a hillside or my house would slide down the hill. I need that risotto to soothe myself.

  10. Jeniu, I hope your feeling better soon – I’ll beam some over!
    Bellini Valli, color helps me pretend warm, nice weather is coming soon!
    JennDZ, and such a great way to use leftovers ‘-))
    Sher, we’re worried about our house getting water… no basements here you know, houses are built right flat on the ground!