Feta and Caper Tart; Braised Lamb; Dirty Dogs — 31 Comments

  1. Happy New Year! And yes, I think it is always wise to have earth colored tiles, carpets and floors too. Now, if only it could be chic to have bits of leaves and twigs in carpet..

  2. Yikes, white carpet??? I’m terrified just thinking about it! The lamb stew is tickling my fancy today, though, as it’s cold and icy here in Rhode Island.

  3. I can’t imagine having white carpets! We have beige carpets, which I hate. We are hoping to put in some hardwood floors. I also hate carpets and love rugs.

  4. Your dogs are huge I can’t imagining trying to keep my floors clean with them around. Heck I have a hard enough time keeping my floors clean with a 4 year old and a 2 year old helping me cook. By the way the floors are clean about once a week.
    The feta tart looks great herbs, cheese and filo I have to say I just had to wipe the drool from my lips. And the tree plate is cute but I really like the blue one the lamb is in.
    Oh yes and there is no way I would put white carpet in even if it would improve my chances to sell. It wont because the housing market in Detroit is in the toilet but even if it did…Nope

  5. We have cream colored carpets with cats who like to eat the rabbits they catch in the night in comfort. In other words, smack dab in the middle of the living room. Blood and cream colored carpets do not mix. Light colored carpets and animals do not mix. I’m jealous of your floors!
    Katie, I’m so glad you liked my Caper Tart and that it inspired you to play with capers. They are so tasty!

  6. Feta, capers and smoked salmon in a crisp phyllo crust…mmm… The braised lamb looks both tasty and hearty.

  7. That’s a really beautiful tart! I’ve never thought of or seen a tart made that way. I love how it has edges that come down (if that makes sense).

  8. I once read a snippy comment by Terrence Conran regarding floor coverings that hid dirt. He said he thought one would want to see the dirt, so it could be cleaned up. To which I added, “Yes, but you have staff.”
    Oh, and the lamb sounds fabulous, Katie!

  9. I have two dogs as well. White no less. I’m thankful everytime I go to the dog park that they hate the water and mud!
    Your picture of the lamb and potatoes looks divine. I licked the computer screen but I wasn’t satisfied.

  10. Good heavens Katie, I’ve been dreaming of just such a tart! That is really beautiful!
    Love the way you write about your dogs 😉 and the carpet. Carpet it mostly just stupid. One of the craziest uses of wall to wall carpet I ever saw was in the bathrooms in the pediatric hospital where I worked in St Louis. I’d think that would rival your dogs on carpet!
    Sure wish I could send you some of my bread.

  11. The world would look perfect with a filo, caper and feta tart in hand. I’d sit back on my chaise lounge (if I had one) and let the dogs run rampant on my nice white carpet..not really but let me have my fantasies…

  12. All that stuff looks great Katie!
    I am loving that our new place is all done in earth tones, which inevitably, hides the earth that comes in with our shoes and whatnot. 🙂

  13. Ah, I went through the same thing when we sold one of our homes except not only was it the carpet, they told us to paint all of the walls!!!! Hey I did not want to remodel and spend tons of time and money on a house that I was moving out of…but we did. The new owners pulled up all of the new carpet and repainted all the walls! Only saving grace, besides selling the house, was the new owners gave us the newly pulled up carpet! They were going to install “White” and did not like the color I had so we got our new carpet back, in pieces! No worry, we used it in the basement of our new house! When we put down the new carpet we chose a brown color because the dog we had was an English Bull who had no manners at all! Now, I have tile and wood floors, no more carpet for me!
    Great story Katie!
    Those tarts are so great looking! Salmon and capers are a favorite of mine so I will be attempting these beauties!

  14. Lannae, I think that would be very chic indeed. I may just start a new trend!
    Lydiam it was so pretty – and sooooo awful!
    Pam, we have tile on the ground floor and wood upstairs. I’m equally happy with both!
    Thanks Margot! You too 😉
    Shayne, I’ve heard on Euro News how bad the Detroit market is; I hope you’re not trying to sell!
    Laurie, why do cats like to do that? When we had a cat there were always partially eaten ‘gifts’ laying around. And thanks for the inspiration.
    Thanks, Kevin. Smoked salmon are a great match with capers!
    Ashley, to be honest, I’ve ever seen one made that way either…. 😉 It worked…
    Thanks, scientist!
    Terry B. Yes, staff would make all the difference in the world. I still wouldn’t have white carpet…. But my house would undoubtedly be cleaner!
    Colleen, Emma it almost all white but she stays amazingly clean! The floor under her doesn’t….
    Thanks, Tigerfish – and to you!
    Tanna, carpet in bathrooms; carpet in kitchens, really, what do people think? Well, it wouldn’t work for me, anyway. I wish you could too!
    BelliniValli – can I join you in that fantasy? Can we be sipping something alcoholic with an umbrella?
    Deb, we put in the cheapest white carpet we could find – on top of an expensive pas so it looked decent. Like you, spending all that just to sell and have it ripped up really went against me.
    JennDZ, very practical! And how exciting to be moving into a new place? Have fun with it!

  15. Hi Katie,
    I back you 100% with the not scrubbing the floor. Makes sense to me 🙂
    I love phyllo tarts, especially the smaller versions that you made here. They always look so elegant. The combination of feta and capers is something I’ve not tried and it sounds declious.

  16. I don’t care if your floors are covered with dirt. You ARE a domestic goddess. Oh, that lamb looks so good, I am drooling.
    And, I love feta and capers together. Fantastic combination.

  17. the house next door has been on the market for a while and it is as much as what we got our house for 6 years ago and it theirs is bigger and much nicer and still no offers. We plan to rent out the house when we move to Europe until we can get something out of the house. Thank goodness we never took the equity out of the house.

  18. Bora, feta and capers are sooo good together. Add in the smoked salmon, and, well…..
    La Belette Rouge, As long as no one else sees my flours…I have better things to do! Thank you…(the lamb, in my humble opinion…very drool-worthy)
    Shayne, thank goodness, is right! I hope
    your neighborhood isn’t suffering. Renting it is a great idea!
    Toni, Exactly!
    Sher, with pets of any sort – or without… No more carpets for me!

  19. Katie,
    Even our little dogs bring in mud and dirt. Fortunately the dark color of our tiles hides it quite well. I sweep constantly, but there is always more hair and dirt hiding.
    Besides, I have better things to do, such as make that beautiful braised lamb dish that you’ve kindly shared!

  20. I have two medium/large dogs and, quite unfortunately, white carpeting (which joins with the white tile–previous residents must have liked to have a good view of all of the dirt they brought indoors). I feel your pain as there have been many a trail of footprints.
    But dogs aside, the tarts and the lamb look awesome. 🙂

  21. Lynn, I hear you on that one! It’s only about 6 months here….
    Jennifer, I have found that sweeping actually works much better than the vacuum – and with the amount of hair and dirt, cheaper too, sigh…..
    Mike, I have a friend in Florida whose entire house is white. I shudder just thinking about it. I’d rather not actually see the dirt myself, the head-in-the-sand approach works for me.

  22. I love the idea of the feta and caper tart. I have some friends who adore capers and I think this will be a perfect little way to start a dinner I’m cooking for them.
    Happy New Year!!