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Chicken with Rice; the Weekly Menu Planner — 9 Comments

  1. Is the chicken yellow because of eating corn? In Ontario their egg yolks are much more yellow because the chickens eat corn…just wondering :D..the always curious Val.It does sound delicious with the side of rice.

  2. I remember when I raised chickens, they would be quite yellow. They were the BEST! I don’t know if it’s the corn, but there’s no store-bought chicken that comes close.
    Love the simplicity of this meal – it’s very comforting!

  3. Katie, this looks really yummy — thanks for sharing the recipe! I have a locally-grown chicken that is begging to be eaten…it may just end up finding its further demise as part of this recipe…

  4. Tanna, I have no idea – but our egg yolks are really yellow, too, sometimes almost orange. They are outside, scratching, for their whole lives…
    Val, I occasionally see her tossing scraps to the chickens, but usually vegetable ‘tops’, over-ripe melons, etc. But I haven’t noticed corn.
    Toni, it was simple – the recipe actually called for the rice to be cooked with the chicken…but I didn’t need 2 cups of rice!
    Genie, a fresh, local chicken has sooo much more flavor…. you’ll love it, however you fix it…

  5. The poor thing seems to be in the bathtub!!! he, he! Didn’t you use a coccotte for it? I’m thinking about buying one. Hasta la vista, guapa!