Chicken with Rice; the Weekly Menu Planner — 9 Comments

  1. Is the chicken yellow because of eating corn? In Ontario their egg yolks are much more yellow because the chickens eat corn…just wondering :D..the always curious Val.It does sound delicious with the side of rice.

  2. I remember when I raised chickens, they would be quite yellow. They were the BEST! I don’t know if it’s the corn, but there’s no store-bought chicken that comes close.
    Love the simplicity of this meal – it’s very comforting!

  3. Katie, this looks really yummy — thanks for sharing the recipe! I have a locally-grown chicken that is begging to be eaten…it may just end up finding its further demise as part of this recipe…

  4. Tanna, I have no idea – but our egg yolks are really yellow, too, sometimes almost orange. They are outside, scratching, for their whole lives…
    Val, I occasionally see her tossing scraps to the chickens, but usually vegetable ‘tops’, over-ripe melons, etc. But I haven’t noticed corn.
    Toni, it was simple – the recipe actually called for the rice to be cooked with the chicken…but I didn’t need 2 cups of rice!
    Genie, a fresh, local chicken has sooo much more flavor…. you’ll love it, however you fix it…

  5. The poor thing seems to be in the bathtub!!! he, he! Didn’t you use a coccotte for it? I’m thinking about buying one. Hasta la vista, guapa!

  6. Nuria, you are making fun of my lovely, blue, cast iron oven….It does look like it’s in the bath, doesn’t it? hhehehe