In Celebration of the Legume: Lentils, Two Ways, and…something else… — 16 Comments

  1. I heart lentils and I’m very interested in lentil salads. I tried a couple last year and I’m gathering ideas, thanx!

  2. Hah! I never lose things, but I have occasionally misplaced my car in a parking lot, my glasses, and any number of things I could have sworn were in my purse! Oh well…

  3. YUM. I will take anything with goat cheese, thank you very much.
    I’m constantly finding my keys, cell phone, ipod, and other necessities in bizarre places — the freezer, the bathtub, in my hand after i’ve scoured the whole house… i take it as a sign that i am definitely losing my mind.

  4. katie you know there are Poltergeists abundant in people over 50 homes.
    They move things around just to annoy you.
    Used to be they only attacked teenagers but they are going for us now.
    Like the look of the lentils. I love those puy lentils quite expensive here…are they in France?

  5. Both of these lentil dishes look really tasty! The olives, goats cheese, and balsamic vinegar sound like great ways to dress some lentils.

  6. The lentil salad looks delicious. As for losing car keys…never! But like you, I have locked them in a car…more than once. One time I even did it with a 2 year old strapped securely in her car seat (so no help there). In fact I did it so often that I had a system…doesn’t work with today’s cars. I used a coat hanger, twisted a certain way and had it opened in less than 30 seconds. Of course I had to knock on doors to “borrow” a hanger.
    Thanks for sharing the story.

  7. I remember my parents locking themselves out of the house on a few occasions. When I was a kid I could fit through the milk box and into the house…problem solved..good thing I was such a skinny little thing.By the way both of these legume dishes look amazing :)..especially love the one with the feta cheese 🙂

  8. Peter, I’ve really gotten into lentil salads as well. And I especially like only cooking them once for 2 dishes 😉
    Lydia, that’s the main thing – not lost, merely on a temporary detour.
    Katy, I try very hard to always put things where they belong…I rarely succeed…. It really is rather amazing where we find stuff…
    Gilli, great, now I can blame the ghosts….instead of mon mari! They’re pretty reasonable here… I can buy them buy the bag.
    Kevin, olives and goat cheese make everything better 😉
    Tanna, what is it about men and keys? He lost them in the toe of his shoe once….for 2 days! And he was wearing them!!!
    Ruth, I had a co-worker open mine once with a hanger, so fast I didn’t even see him do it… He did say that he’d never done it in daylight before….
    Zoomie, Thanks, I actually noticed this morning but haven’t had a chance to read…did I mention I’m frazzled?
    Bellini Valli, well done. We solved the problem of house keys by putting in combination locks – in the U.S. Here we have so many huge keys to get in the house and outbuildings they would be impossible to loose – we’d notice the weight shift!

  9. The salads look so good-I adore lentils…have a hard time locating those lucious French Green lentils here-must try them with the goat cheese!

  10. I just had dinner and part of it was lentil stew. Your two salads sound both very good. I like the idea of cooking a bunch of lentils and then have enough for both salads.

  11. I loved both lentil recipes but the one with goat cheese and walnuts is to die for over oven-roasted (with a painting of olive oil and not skinned) yams or sweet potatoes!

  12. I made “lentilles du puy ” a la Nepalaise.
    Of course with garlic , ginger and Ajwan seed . I will send the receipe if you wish!