Oriental Orzo with Salmon; the Dangers of Irritating a Chinese Chef — 29 Comments

  1. Katie, as usual, I’m laughing my …off! What a great story teller and what a great cook. The dish looks awesome. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night.

  2. That was one of the best opening lines to a post! As soon as I read it, I stopped and made myself a cup of coffee. Then I settled in, cup in hand, and read the rest of the post. Loved it! (The post I mean, the coffee was good too.)

  3. Thanks, Ruth…It’s much funnier now than it was at the time!
    Miss T, Yeah it was such a classic…I loved their WonTon Soup!
    Aw, gee, thanks, Sher! Glad you had a good cuppa!

  4. Great story! I can’t believe how big that kind of kitchen is, room for mushroom growing? Insane. So neat. Thanks for the good read.

  5. Kate, I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type! I can picture the scene — I think there was a Chinese restaurant like that in every place I’ve ever lived. (I wouldn’t mind trying that lobster lo mein, by the way — sounds great.)

  6. Chased by an angry Chinese man wielding a cleaver? What a story!
    The salmon and orzo looks tasty. Sound like a nice twist on orzo that we’ll be trying soon. 🙂

  7. What a funny store Kate 😀 I’ll bet you can run pretty fast my dear 😀 I just made some orzo for supper but with avgolomeno sauce. The oriental flavourings sound terrific 😀

  8. glad that you didn’t reject chinese food … or cleavers… after the incident 🙂 If any oriental orzo left (which I doubt), I’d bake it with your salmon!

  9. Hilarious, Kate! I keep my sharp knives buried blade down in a dark corner of the kitchen, just in case it gives someone ideas.

  10. Katie you lead an unreal life! You’ve taken care of my need to laugh today and it’s so early!
    Love the stir-fried Sprouts & Shallots.
    Yes, never piss off a guy with a cleaver!

  11. Haha, that is something else! Glad you survived to tell the tale 😉
    The food looks great, especially the salmon!

  12. wow, what a story!!! Didn’t the customers think it was strange to see the chef running around with a cleaver??! I am glad that you survived and that the truth was uncovered.
    Asian orzo looks and sounds very yummm!
    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear. 😉
    x Nora

  13. Hello long lost friend! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my site. I have missed browsing your delicious meals and hope to be back online more frequently again soon. Big hugs to you!

  14. Hi Katie
    Love your stories I can just see you it almost neede to be a cartoon. Chinese cook complete with one of those old beanies and long plaits they used to wear…cleaver held high and a terrified lady looking back Sorry a bit un PC but sort of a Tin Tin feel about it.
    Salmon and Orzo looks good as well

  15. “Never piss off a guy with a cleaver” Ha ha ha – Sounds like some good advice to me! You live a wonderfully crazy life! This looks great – I like the sprouts and shallots with it too – it all sounds delicious!!

  16. Oh my! That was hilarious! Although I’m sure quite freaky and scary while it was actually happening!
    Never piss off a guy with a cleaver…that is definitely one that I will remember 🙂
    The salmon and orzo sound delicious! And I will love the sprouts any way you serve them 🙂

  17. I always think when it comes to pasta is something in Italian way, creamy and cheesy. And yet here, you combine the most interesting themes which is so beautiful!

  18. What a great story! I’m so glad it’s your, not mine. Sage words of wisdom – Never piss off a guy with a cleaver.

  19. I swear, I think I just a recipe similar to this one. Someone else did an Asian-type orzo.
    Maybe orzo is more popular than ever?
    I admit that I haven’t used it that much, but I need to.
    This looks like a delicious dinner.

  20. Love the mental picture of you in full flight from the chef with the cleaver! Do you remember the “Swedish Chef” from the Muppets who was always brandishing his cleaver? 🙂

  21. Katerina, the rooms underneath went on forever, it seemed…but, yes, they grew their own mushrooms.
    Lydia, there are/were probably 100 just like it…they were such classics! Esp with the Ladies coming in for lunch, sipping their Rob Roy’s!
    Thanks, Michelle… Hope you like it!
    Val, that sounds wonderful, too! I was running pretty fast that night, hehehe
    Colleen, once he calmed down it was esplained to him…He still wasn’t happy with me, though
    Gattina, I even have 2 cleavers of my own!
    Sra, excellent idea! Esp after watching horror movies…
    Baking Soda, the customers were just ducking; everyone else was smart!
    Tanna, happy to oblige….
    Nuria, There is something unique about Chinese restaurants… And thank you, thank you!!!!!
    Thanks, Mike…me too!
    Betty, I love the flavors, too. I wish I had access to more Asian foods but our local selection is pretty limited.
    Nora, It was late enough they were mostly more convered with their martinis… And Happy V-Day to you ;-))
    Hi lindsay, you’re back! I’ll be over to check it out when…. Thank you, thank you!
    Gilli, you’re not too for off the mark, actually…
    Michelle, not that any proper Chinese restaurant would serve Brussels sprouts – but we love them…
    Thanks, Joey…I always thought it was a piece of advice worth sharing!
    Arfi, I love pasta – but try to limit the cheese and cream…this helps.

  22. Thanks, Lynn – yes, good words to live by!
    Emiline, I saw another orzo recently, too….made me hungry for this one 😉
    Zoomie, I DO! Took me a minute, but I remember him…

  23. Katie, you are a aaint. I would have been furious with that guy…and, consequently, miserable.
    Lovely recipes, as always.