Pasta with Bacon and Leeks; Shopping — 23 Comments

  1. Now there is some “stick to your ribs” pasta. That is what my mom called food that we would eat when the temps were below freezing. I mean way below, kind of like what you are experiencing now. Are you close to the Mall of America? You could spend your whole day in that place to keep warm and shop at the same time!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I still lug an almost empty suitcase to Singapore when I visit my family and bring home a full one filled with everyday things like shampoo, kitchen and pantry stuff, etc. Not that Sydney doesn’t have those things, I am just more familiar with the brands and where to find those things in Singapore. I really should start shopping more often in Sydney though….

  3. Katie, that is so interesting about the vitamins and supplements! Your pasta dish sounds wonderful, I love bacon and I love leeks!

  4. Sounds like you are making the most of your vacation in the US. Our whole relationship to pharmaceuticals, whether over-the-counter or prescription, is very different here than it is in most other countries I’ve visited. I kind of like the French attitude.

  5. Deb, I am close and other years have spent lots of winter time wandering around… Too many obligations this trip, I’m afraid…
    Val, and if not, it will warm the tummy….
    Nora, Isn’t life strange? I buy some things in the U.S., some in Andorra, some in Spain… Do I like to travel – or just use it as en excuse to shop???
    Amy, you have to wait until I create something beautiful…or get home to download the pics…. Patience, dear girl, patience…
    Maggie, I wonder if there is a self-help group for Jolly Rancher addicts….
    Pam, bacon with anything…or nothing!
    Kevin, see above…bacon rules!
    Lydia, I’m learning, but old habits are hard to break.
    tigerfish, I don’t know what it is about smoky, salty pork…bacon, ham, whatever, I just love it!

  6. Best comfort foods around HAVE to be creamy, rich and hot! This one sings – thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  7. About the only thing we feel is really worth bringing back is red licorice — maybe a few Hot Tamales for good measure.
    My daughters just found Oreos in two supermarkets in Rodez. Need I say more?

  8. Hola Guapa! This pasta dish looks so yummy! Never tried combining bacon and leeks and pasta… that’s a new one!
    ONe of the things that I couldn’t believe when I went the States for the first time, was that vitamins among other medicines could be bought at the supermarket!!!!!!!!

  9. Ruth, it’s made for cold nights….right?
    Betty, you found OREOS?!?!?!? I saw them once in Andorra….. Lucky girls! (and you)
    Zoomie, I’ll play when I get back on Wed. (or Thursday…) Our pharmicists are really nice…they check mushrooms, too!
    Nuria, I love going to supermarkets in every country we visit – just to see what they sell….
    Thanks, Happy Cook 😉

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  12. looks yummy. Will cook this later as weekends are always pasta night for us. Thanks a lot for the recipe.