Pasta with Sausage and Creamy Mustard Sauce; Fromage Frais — 31 Comments

  1. I can’t beleive how delicious and comforting this looks. I finally found a place that sold Greek yogurt here..once…now they don’t have it. I will have to enquire. One thing about living in France you have so many options. We don’t even have creme fraiche let alone Fromage Blanc or Frais!!!

  2. I’ve seen Greek yogurt at both Kowalski’s and Byerly’s, so if you get lonesome for it when you’re visiting here, that’s where you can find it.

  3. That looks good.
    I have been known to hit my computer screen (old clunky one), not that that helps any…

  4. Symmetry! Yes, it’s a beautiful thing. And your pasta dish is lovely. Dairy calcium and cancel the cholesterol with the bean – beautifully balanced symmetry!
    We’ve done just that trick with locating favorite places all over and one was near Gatwick airport!
    Yes, I can get Greek yogurt now and it’s just about all I buy anymore.

  5. Bellini Valli, we really do have a lot. Our yogurt aisle is both sides, almost the entire length of the store!
    Amy, that’s good to know… It seems recently I’m getting pressed into cooking rather than getting a break when I’m there… What can I say – I love it (maybe)
    Nirmala, glad to hear I’m not the only one!
    Meredith, doesn’t help the problem and one can end up with bruised knuckles…and nasty looks from other people in the house…
    Tanna, wow, I wonder if it was the same place…were we driving around each other in circles? A la Twilight Zone?

  6. I wouldn’t want to go back to life without the internet but there are times when I, too, just want to give it a quick kick in the search engine!
    The pasta looks delicious!

  7. How very French of you! Mustard cream sauce is a wonderful idea! Last month, one of my young neighbors came back from college and was making dinner for her parents and me, and she made a mushroom and mustard cream sauce with pinenuts. Yummy! I could not get enough. I had never thought of mustard cream before, but now I do!

  8. Hey, I think you’re on to something here.
    Looks delicious.
    I recently just tried Greek yogurt for the first time. It was so creamy! I loved it.

  9. I wonder which hotel it was? We live about 20 minutes from LGW and it is ever so easy to get lost on the back roads.
    I love greek yogurt with sweet and savoury things.

  10. The “good Greek yogurt” just started showing up in our local grocery store. If I an find it here, I am sure you will find it in Wis. or Minn.
    I love it with fresh blueberries and a touch of honey added – oh yum. Much better than the “other” fruited yogurt!
    Too funny forgetting the directions. When Mike and I travel, I write down landmarks to follow, like certain trees or barns, etc., makes him crazy, HA! Problem is if the season has changed or the barn has been blown down:0

  11. Sometimes I want to scream at Blogger but the fun I get out of this activity and the people I have met is worth the odd bit of aggravation.
    Katie once again another fab pasta dish. Good one. Cheers

  12. Sometimes I want to scream at Blogger but the fun I get out of this activity and the people I have met is worth the odd bit of aggravation.
    Katie once again another fab pasta dish. Good one. Cheers

  13. Lynn, it seems like more often lately…but that could be me… probably is me…
    Lannae, I love mustard and would put it in everything if mon mari would let me…the yogurt helps disquise it hahaha!
    Christine, mustard is good food!
    Thanks, Poonam!
    Lydia, and it’s a great way to use up the bits in the fridge!
    Emiline, I’ve been using it for about 8 years and I’m hooked. There’s always some in my fridge.
    Amanda, we probably drove past your house a couple of hundred times, then…. It’s Gravetye Manor…. back when we were gainfully employed. In East Grinstead. See I remember the name, just can’t find it!
    Deb, we navigators try, don’t we? I especially hate it when the maps are wrong… and they can be! I remember sitting at a crossroad with 6 intersecting roads and the atlas in my hand only showed 5…. the one we wanted wasn’t there.
    Gilli, if only the screaming would work. All it accomplishes here is to scare the dogs!

  14. This dish is such a great combination! I’ve been trying to use more yogurt and beans in cooking!

  15. My boss’s 80-something mother has come up with a shocking(only because she’s 80-something)and quite funny (also because she’s 80-something) word for these moments, of which I have increasingly more. She calls them CRAFT moments (Can’t Remember a F****** Thing). Your pasta looks yummy though and the Rose and Crown sounds gorgeous

  16. Katie, thanks a lot for the definition of those fromage, I was still a little bit unaware of their differences. Now I am. I just bought some shells-shape pasta last Friday, would love to try to cook it like yours. Looks so creamy!

  17. How frustrated to see only unreliable info! So I look forward to your debute. Thanks for the tip of ewe’ milk yoghurt, so I don’t need to whine 🙂

  18. Now I am more fully aware of how confused I am on this one as well. *shrugs*
    Whatever the case, that pasta looks really tempting. I never would have considered a mustard cream sauce on a pasta before, but I’d really like to try that… *yum*

  19. You’d have needed to be employed, it is very beautiful. We were fairly near, we’re now back to 20 mins the other side of Gatwick.
    Trust Inge (African Vaneilje), almost wet my pants.

  20. I do love your hysterical stories. Thanks for sharing…in large part because I don’t feel like I’m the only idiot who knows there are differences, but can’t exactly remember which they are.
    As for finding truth on the internet… we just live in an illusion of it and accept much of what we see as gospel! Silly us!
    Great recipe and thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  21. Pam, I’ve eaten yogurt almost every day for years… and beans. I started cooking with yogurt after we moved here..
    AV, Craft…I love that. I’m going to start using it…if I remember!~
    Arfi, thanks, now I hope I can remember…
    Oooooh, stinky comment, Neil! :-)))
    Gattina, I got rather fond of ewe milk products aftr living in Andorra.
    Mike, it’s kind of like the driving…for awhile I kept buying the opposite of what I wanted.
    Tanna, it’s perfect, isn’t it!
    Amanda, employed, definitely…did I mention they were business trips? (expense accounts)
    Ruth, it is so easy just to accept whatever we read as truth, though, isn’t it?

  22. That sounds lovely! I buy sausage all the time, but too often we just eat it with brown sauce. I need to broaden my sausage recipe repertoire!
    Can I substitute kefir for the yogurt, or would it not be thick enough?

  23. Yes, I am seeing the yoghurt in more stores here in the US~thank goodness!Thanks for all the info-you do such a wonderful job getting all this valuable info to us!

  24. Georgetta, I think that would work just fine. I use plain yogurt sometimes, and that is not really thick.
    Glenna, thanks ;-))
    Thanks, Jann, I’m going to be exploring supermarkets on my next trip back.