Pumpkin Timbale; In-Flight Entertainment — 24 Comments

  1. Travel is always such a delight. My best experience was when my wife and I were stuck in an airport overnight on New Year’s Eve where our only visitors throughout the night were belligerent drunks and not-quite-all-there homeless folk…all of whom, did not speak English but had a lot to say to me. Funny in retrospect, but a very long night…
    I really like what you did with the pumpkin. That sounds like a great first course and they look wonderful.

  2. This sounds delicious, but I want to know, when you say “pumpkin” do you mean in the European use of the word (winter squash) or is it what Americans call Pumpkin (what you make Jack-o-lanterns from.)
    It sounds like the flight from hell (except for the dinner.) I used to fly every two months from Salt Lake to D.C. for meetings of the national teacher’s union, and I did get seated next to a few very annoying people. Maybe no one quite like to the level of this complainer though.

  3. I’ve never heard of “timbales” but it looks delicious! I love pumpkin. Sorry to hear you had to deal with that righteous complainer (love the term by the way).

  4. Katie, the pumpkin timbales sound like something I would really enjoy. The flight you described, however, I would hate. I hope my first ever flight to the US this May will be smoother 🙂

  5. He didn’t elbow wrestle you? How I hate that! Or the “my seat has this function so I am going to use it” and you’re not even settled in your chair when you’re nose makes connection with the backrest of the seat in front of you…
    Timbales sound good!

  6. Katie, you had me falling out of my seat laughing with this post! I have traveled a LOT in my life, and there’s often an R.C. on board. Makes you realize that a sense of humor is as important as a passport, n’est pas?
    Love the timbales!

  7. We all have good stories about trips and planes and delays… It’s great to take it with good mood and see the positive side (eventhough, sometimes is so hidden you cannot find it).
    The timbale looks great! Enjoy in Minneapolis!!!

  8. With your sense of humor and all the antioxidants and carotene in the timbals, you can survive an RC. What is with people.
    The visit should be much more fun than the RC!

  9. Delicious! i love the idea of pairing pumpkin with the shallots and Prosciutto. I adore pumpkin, can’t wait to try this out when I get home.
    Your flight story definitely made me laugh. I remember one flight back from Ghana to Chicago where I flew through Lagos Nigeria. I was in the middle seat between a man who was the tallest person I have ever seen with my own eyes, who endeavored to politely fold himself as small as possible, which wasnt very small. On the other side was a rather short man who was convinced he was also quite tall, and so insisted on sprawling all over me. Add to that the narcoleptic woman in front of me who slept fully laid out for 8 hours and well, lets say it was memorable!

  10. Ugh. I hate the Newark Airport. I think it’s a given that everyone misses they’re connections there. Jeff and I once slept over in that airport. That was fun! But I do love these pumpkin timbales. So pretty and unique!

  11. Last year flying from Toulouse to Seattle we only got as far as Frankfurt and missed our connection because the plane had left late from Toulouse. We were sure we could get out the same day — but in fact we could only get as far as Boston! That said, the Boston airport Hilton is a lovely place and we enjoyed having a break on that long journey home.

  12. You should be sainted for not killing R.C.
    Welcome back to the States… the timbales look and sound wonderful!

  13. I love this use for pumpkin! Your ideas are varied and creative. I would like to introduce my friends to the use of fresh ingredients, keeping things simple and tasty! I really like the idea of serving vegetables as a first course. I hope to expose many moms to that idea!!

  14. I have a flight scheduled out of Newark this April LOL In such situations, it is always best to have a sense of humour and look at the bright side…which you did!
    The pumpkin timbale looks gorgeous; you always create such unique dishes. Will definitely try out this recipe and the zucchini soup. I am still counting 9 pumpkins and acorn squash still alive and doing well from the August/September harvest (along with a few jars of home-canned pumpkin) and there’s several bags of zucchini and yellow summer squash in the freezer.

  15. Ah yes, the wonderful world of travel these days. It used to be so simple, what happened???? Glad you made it safe and sound Katie! I just got back to my computer from a week of with visiting family and friends – it is good to be back! Have fun in the states and I wish you were going to be close to Florida!

  16. Katie, welcome to my weekly life! I have never made it to or left Newark on time. Oh, and I had those lamb chops and they are very nice aren’t they. Sorry you had my normal seatmate. I’ll send you my noise canceling headset next time.
    Enjoy your stay!

  17. Mike, OMG! Yes, some of these things take years before they;re ‘funny’!
    Kalyn, it would be like an American ‘pie pumpkin’ or cooking pumpkin. From what I understand the jack-o-lantern pumpkins really have no flavor anymore. But it is a winter squash ;-))
    Lydia, Isn’t that the truth!!!
    Ashley, kind of like ‘turned out’ puddings ;-))
    Pille, I hope so too! First ever? You picked a nice time to travel…unlike some people (cough, cough)
    Baking Soda, he did put his DVD player on the arm rest so I had to lift my wine over the top…but by then I HAD wine so….
    Toni, I’m actually glad mon mari was not with me…. His sense of humour is, um, sometimes lacking on these long flights.
    Nuria, and they’re always funnier after the fact!
    Tanna, I agree! And he acted as if he was speaking on behalf of the entire plane…yeah, right!
    Erin, I can picture it….Poor, poor, you!!!!
    Thanks, Pam. I’m hoping for warmer weather!
    Susan, I’m trying not to worry about my return connection….stupid woman, traveling in winter!
    Laurie, I still have lots in my freezer – must get creative.
    Michelle, he has no idea how lucky he truly was!
    Krissi, I like serving veg as a starter – helps getting the 5 a day…and I can be so much more creative than when it’s a side dish!
    Cymry, lucky you with all the still alice… And good luck with that trip – that’s for the wedding, right?
    Deb, you have no idea how much I would like to be close to Florida!
    Breadchick, I’m getting headsets – even if they only plug into my purse…

  18. Hi katie your story is why I love to travel wiht my husband I don’t have to sit next to a dork…The FA should have given him a good stiff drink he might have relaxed.
    That usually works. Hope you enjoyed you unexpected stay in the hotel…a bonus.
    Hey nice little flan.

  19. Oh I feel your pain! Many a time I’ve stood in security at Heathrow Airport, with aching shoulders from carrying/dragging my suitcase around the Tube network for the 2 hours or so it takes to get from my house to Heathrow; with my trousers falling down because I’ve had to take my belt off; with my smelly-but-comfy trainers in my hand; and looking forward to a long and probably overbooked flight home to South Africa. The glamour of travel!
    The pumpkin timbales look gorgeous, btw!