Rosemary Braised Potatoes; A Picture is Worth 1000 Words….or maybe not… — 22 Comments

  1. The first time I realized that my blog might not look exactly the same to everyone else as it looks to me was when I was sitting in a friend’s office, having coffee, and she pulled up my blog on her computer and I gasped — the colors were absolutely day-glo on her monitor, and the whole thing looked like a summer carnival. I didn’t make any changes on my blog, but I’m more aware now that what I see isn’t always what you get.

  2. Developing web pages for different browsers on different operating systems is not fun. And then, as you said, there are settings. I’d much rather cook, really. Rosemary and potatoes are simply a perfect pair.

  3. Your pictures and potatoes look divine. And speaking of herbs, I have a large rosemary bush in my front yard. It gives off a very nice smell! Sometimes i rub my hands on it just because…

  4. Susan, I’ve always roasted them on the grill with rosemary; but this is a keeper for winter…
    Lydia, it’s a shock, isn’t it? I’ve always looked at the ‘pages’ before; this time I was paying more attention to the photos.
    Simona, you are so right! I am always flipping between browsers to get a ‘line’ (or whatever) in the right place.
    Colleen, they smell so good – it’s even worth it to weed around them (almost)

  5. I think rosemary and potatoes are perfect together. The potaoes are “a lovely reddish-orange in color: not too dark; not to pale….” on my computer, so obviously my settings are perfect! (Joke!) I do get shocked when I see my photos sometimes on other computers, but I check my pictures often at school (where I can’t control any of the settings) and also on my laptop and my dad’s computer so I’m trying to keep an eye on it.

  6. Rosemary is one of my favorite things. I had some growing for a few years and then it mysteriously died. It’s hard to find in any form other than dried here in Aveyron. I miss it…

  7. well the potatoes are a yeallowish color for me, not quite red- orange but they still look good. My food photos looks like the food I put in my mouth so now I am wondering how it is looking out there for others.

  8. I think my pc monitor setting is similar to your sis-in-law’s. My photos look “bruise” when I view them in my husband’s pc.

  9. Potatoes and rosemary are a match made in heaven. I do believe they are the perfect pair for potatoes that are grilled, roasted in the oven and I have even chopped rosemary up and added to mashed potatoes!
    I like your blue dish, if it is blue:)

  10. Kalyn, this has been an ‘eye-opening’ experience. I went to the public library today and used their’s too!
    Thanks, Zoomie, we must ‘think’ alike ;-))
    Betty, there was a really old bush here when we moved in the mysteriously died, too. Thankfully, the one I planted is doing fine.
    Shayne, it’s been interesting – and quite a learning experience. I’m just not quite sure what to do next…
    Lynn, it really is excellent… I had some… now, where was I?
    Gattina, it’s a challenge…..
    Deb, it IS blue! And, yes, rosemary is meant for potatoes!
    Awwww, thanks, Lia

  11. Katie
    I mus go into work and have a look at my blog there. Like you my photos look good on this one here at home. I like the look of those potatoes…fits my current eating regime
    NIce with a duck breast perhaps

  12. I’m one of the pale pastel and a bit washed out ones, ha, ha, ha. Well, not me, your page! Now some more data: the potatoes are strong yellow. My contrast and shine are up to 80… now you know.
    Great potatoes, by the way♥

  13. Gilli, wonderful with a duck breast…flaming duck breasts….hmmmmmm
    Thank you, thank you, Scientist!
    Nuria, this has been a most confusing and educational experience. I spent an hour in the library looking on their computers….even more confused now!
    Tanna, Thank you for reminding me: winter garden; moles; must call taupe killer in the am….

  14. Your potatoes are a beautiful yellowish-orange on my screen. Can’t see the red. But the photo is beautiful anyway and the recipe is wonderful!

  15. Rosemary potatoes are the BEST! And I also wonder about how my photos display on other people’s machines. Just changing the angle of my screen at home when I’m editing, let alone the settings, makes the difference between too dark and too washed-out so heaven knows what other people see…