Smoked Salmon Pasta; the Joys of Travel, Part Deux! — 24 Comments

  1. Great post…as usual, I’m laughing my head off! It is crazy how that extra weight shows up magically…malicious magic at that!
    I am so glad you made it back in time to share such a luscious dish with Presto Pasta Night. And thanks for all the great dishes you’ve shared this past year. I’m looking forward to many more.

  2. You are hylarious Katie!!! Yes good thing that humans don’t have to go through the scale yet… but don’t give them ideas, please!!! 😀
    Love your pasta dish, decadent but so flavourful!

  3. We have one of the few Penzey retail stores here in town…now if only we would get a Trader Joe’s. As for not shopping as much…NOT AN OPTION!

  4. Oh! You are in the USA! Oooo, yeah, it is cold in MN. You are doing great with what you bought, and your luggage. I am so thankful you told the rules about weight of baggage. Thank you so much for your wonderful advice!! And lastly, of course, your salmon pasta looks and sounds devine.

  5. Nice pasta. My worry when I shop in Italy is that they will tell me that what I bought is not allowed. It seems like very day there is a new rule.

  6. I remember on my last trip to France, over 10 years ago, I put 18 bottles of wine in my carry-on luggage. Now you cannot even have one! The piece of luggage was quite a conversation piece for the whole trip!
    That pasta looks divine! I am a smoked salmon fan so I will be trying this one!
    Hope you have a safe trip home!

  7. Very funny, Katie!
    I shudder with fear every time we hoist that big pullman case out of Paris Shuttle at Roissy. One of these days…

  8. Absolutely shopping less is not an option. I’m sure you discarded all packaging possible like when you have to pack a backpack and keep the weight down.
    I’ll be happy for you to be cooking/baking again. I know I always miss it even though I enjoy eating out and eating others cooking.

  9. Calculated shopping… I love it.
    Hope you – and all of your goodies – make it home safely!

  10. Lydia, 8 oz worth!
    Ruth, weight is always malicious – regardless of where it is… And you’re welcome – it’s fun!
    Nuria, I’m just glad that THIS human didn’t have to do it after THIS trip ;D
    Farmgirl, I’ve been to both in MPLS, and loved them both. But I’d hate to have to give up my markets….
    Lannae, as long as you don’t fly through London – different rules apply there!
    Simona, I never declare anything…and, thank the food gods no one ever checks. This trip I brought 50 packets of seeds back 😉
    Deb, when we first moved to France I used to bring my mother our own wine – no labels, no stamps: totally blank bottles…. yeah, right!
    Mimi, it’s always a scary moment when I drag it onto the ‘official’ scale! But I always have pockets as a last resort 😉 I’m thinking of sewing some inside my clothes as well. But once you’re through security – get a duty-free bag…
    Kevin, it does…and we won’t count the calories…
    Thanks, Mansi!
    Tanna, I was even cutting off labels and little plastic tags. My s-i-l has one of those travel scales which was very handy!
    Michelle, we arrived – all shopping intact!

  11. Hi,Its interesting to know about the pasta reciepe which made me to cook pasta at home .The pasta can be made immediately before cooking or refrigerated for use the next day.Making your own pasta is not difficult.

  12. Val, it was good – and I dearly love smoked salmon! My secret treat is a plae of smoked salmon and a split of champagne…just for me!
    Pasta, I do make my own sometimes… but this was too pretty to pass up.
    Christine, thank you…my own bed felt sooo good!
    Thanks, scientist – you, also!

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  14. last year (summer 06) the kids and I went to Serbia (I know I am crazy traveling with a 7 month old and an 2 year old alone) and the weight thing was a booger. I mean get real I am a woman with 2 small kids, 1 100 pound bag is so much easier then 3 50 pound bags (the math is off but it was how it worked). I did have a play pen, double stoller 3 carry ons and 3 packed to the max check ins and after about a month there I wish I had brought more warm clothes for the kids. I will have to really do some planning for our trip this summer, they will be 4 and almost 3 so I will be down 1 stoller and 1 play pen, YES.

  15. Shayne, where are you going this year? Packing and traveling with kids has to be a huge challenge. Have you thought of shipping some stuff ahead? Probably expensive….

  16. Every other year we go to Serbia to visit my husband’s family. his Mother, Father and sister still live in Belgrade.

  17. OMG, how organised is that?? I take the view of “well, we brought half a dozen heavy magazines, toys for the nephews and various other gifts out with us – I’m sure that approximately equals two bottles of wine each, 5 books, various packets of sauce and spice, and a new pair of trousers”. It’s deeply unscientific and is guaranteed to make me nauseous with nerves as we approach the luggage weigh-in. I once had to pay almost £100 in excess baggage fees using this method but do I learn? Nooooo!