Turkey with Sherry, Valentine’s Day and Romantic Spain — 28 Comments

  1. That’s a cozy turkey dish and rosemary’s a natural for poultry. I have to remember to pick up some Amontillado sherry.
    As for Valentines, the kitsch mafia have infiltrated Europe, sadly.

  2. GREAT V-Day story–thanks to the happy ending.
    And a lovely, lovely collection of romantic Spanish locales–I’ve only been to Barcelona, but adored it.

  3. Oh, I’m falling in love with this combination of flavors. Seriously. I’m getting really into Spanish food.
    PS-I will be arriving shortly, to live with you in France. 😉

  4. Katie
    Nice dish……………..
    while surfing for gifting ideas i came across Giftex blog and found it interesting.

  5. I do see, I do. How funny! Men can be so predictable. So easy when you know how, so difficult when you don’t.
    For years I endured ridicule when I said I loved sherry. People used to offer to get me a blanket and a glass of sherry. Thankfully it’s changed. Oloroso is my favourite. This dish sounds delicious.

  6. I feel guilty for laughing but, yeah, I’d remember that date until HIS dying day too. Great love story that you ended up getting married from there, though. Obviosuly that was exactly what he needed to realize just how deeply he felt for you.

  7. Ouch! But love the happy ending! I’ve been married nearly 37 years, but just do not get into V-Day. Cards are $5 or so, and the roses are dead in just a few days. I would much rather go out for dinner, then come home, get my pj’s on and watch an old movie!

  8. funny how things work out in life- a great romantic story! We have been married 34 years and don’t get into this holiday much either-so many of these holidays are invented to help the card companies make a delicious profit. I like the idea of just sitting and sipping,Spain would work!You recipe is one I want to try! Cheers!

  9. Lydia, it’s much funnier now… and, yes, they are!
    Peter, they have…although Hallmark still hasn’t reared it’s head here.
    Casey, I love Spain, there is so much history there to explore. I don’t really live in France…I live in the Twilight Zone….
    Emiline, you’re coming to live with me??? I need details….
    Kevin, and it was good…we ate the whole thing!
    Lynn, yeah…go figure! And it stuck!
    Very sneaky, Tanya…
    Amanda, I have always loved sherry. And a glass of Olorosa in front of a nice fire…heaven!
    Tanna, they are… but we’ve got’em anyway!
    Glenna, really, I have no idea how he can expect me NOT to remember… I mean, what a gift!
    Cyn, well, you can see why ‘m not big on celebrating…. I wouldn’t mind some chocolates, though….
    Val, and Spain is warm, now…sunny and warm!
    Jann, the last time I was in the U.S I saw a Mother’s Day card to be given by someone to their step-child…. am I missing something
    Katek, we like happy endings!

  10. What a story! But, I know how these things go. Love is . . . strange. And speaking of love, I love sherry, too. Your Spanish settings have me wanting to hop on a plane.

  11. Great story…thanks so much for sharing and for participating. This, as with all your dishes, looks beautifully tasty. Your description of Spain is wonderful. My sister just got back from Barcelona and had a wonderful time!

  12. Glad it all worked out in the end. We’re not big on v-day here, either. The fewer holidays, the better. 😉
    We went to Spain once. We went at the worst time of year when it was cold, nobody was there, everything was under construction, etc etc. The stars were aligned against us for that trip, lol. I’ll just dream of Italy…
    The pasta looks delicious and sherry is always a great wine to have on hand.

  13. How funny! We’re not very good at Valentine’s Day either. I think our first one ended up in a huge fight because he was way late getting home for the romantic dinner I had planned, having been out buying a present for me in a panic because he felt he had to…you get the picture!
    We once went out to eat for Valentine’s Day with a couple we were great friends with. That was neat. They are now divorced…
    In fact, I don’t really have one single memorable and positive Valentine’s Day to report on with my husband. Maybe it really isn’t meant to be a French thing…

  14. Lisa, you should…hop on a plan! Wouldn’t that be wonderful – if we could just do that…
    Chris, I love Barcelona, actually all of Spain… You’ll have to visit there next..
    Mike, that is toooo bad. Hard to erase the bad memories… Try again in spring or fall, summer is too full of tourists.. 😉
    Betty, that’s my line – I just tell everyone it’s not celebrated here. I also tell everyone that ‘cards’ aren’t available – my excuse for not sending Hallmark’s best for every imaginable event in everyone’s life

  15. He, he, he, I feel somehow flattered with your Spanish looking post. You have seen more of Spain than me!!! But I remember being in a Bar up there in Tibidabo mountain with a man I just fell in love with and there was no better place to be than that… no Fino, though!
    Not to mention your recipe… Wonderful!!!

  16. I’ve always wanted to go to Spain and your dish looks super tasty!
    Personally I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, but your story is great. I’m glad it worked out in the end.

  17. As Shakespeare said: All’s well that ends well. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s either. It’s just another day for some people to make money. We celebrate Valentine’s everyday for 28 years now. I like your recipe and it has been bookmarked.

  18. Thanks, Tina, even had a happy ending….so did the turkey 😉
    Mary, Spain is so fantastic, so much history that is different from the rest of Europe.
    Ivy, that’s the right attitude….we’re coming up on 30 this May! I no longer support Hallmark 😉

  19. You know, Lydia said “What a funny story.” I’m sure it was not so funny at the time, but has become funny—or ironically interesting or whatever—with the passing of time. I’m glad for you and votre mari that you sorted things out, Katie. Happy Valentine’s Day.