101 uses for Green Garlic; an Ode to the “A’s” — 18 Comments

  1. Yummy. I haven’t seen any here yet. Usually I can only get it at the farmer’s market, my regular store never has any. I wish I could come to dinner at your house and eat this! the Marscapone is a brilliant touch.

  2. Yum. Last summer we got garlic scapes from the CSA – those were pretty wonderful.

  3. I just took a Thai “Street Food” cooking class on Monday, and the teacher had something she called Chinese Garlic Chives. I think it had to be spring green garlic! It had a wonderful garlicky green flavor. She used it in fried rice, pad thai and in as an ingredient in the filling for spring rolls. It was awesome! So, when are you going to finish the book for 101 uses for green garlic?
    Also, thank you so much for answering our questions about how things work around travel and food. The cultural differences are wonderful! I love the honor system for rail travel, it seems to work. And, it is turning out that the USA “tapas” restaurants around here have fairly sizable plates, rather than just two or three bites. 🙂 My question is, how is it that we saw no fat people, and the people we did see were eating the 3 – 5 course meals for lunch and dinner in France. We ate that way, and we did not gain wt either. Each meal we had was more food than we normally eat, and many of them made me feel like Thanksgiving. How do all of the people in France stay so slim?

  4. I am hungry now.
    When I come back to N America, I am going to be looking for ali vert…sounds like the perfect solution for my husband, who’s not crazy about the strong flavour of ‘normal’ garlic (I know!).

  5. Oh my, that all looks soooo good, I am going to look for green garlic at my vegetable stand tomorrow.
    ps Thanks for the frittata idea, I ended up not having time to cook anything and just made huumuus…

  6. Lovely photo of the artichoke-they look very fresh! Thanks for entering into WHB.

  7. Both sides are fab and very Springish. I’m not sure if that’s a word but I’m sure you’d hear it on the Jerry Springer show!

  8. I have never seen green garlic here, and now I want some very badly! I have garlic chives and love them, but no green garlic!

  9. Simona, I love it – and hope to see it for a few more weeks, here…
    Kalyn, I never saw it when I lived in the US – but our farmer’s market didn’t start until May…
    Tanna, I planted garlic one year…and pulled it all before it had a chance to grow up…
    Magpie, I’ve heard of garlic scapes – but never seen them….Now I’M curious!
    Lannae, first – they only eat 1 big meal – the other is a salad or quiche or something. And people walk and exercise more… I’m enjoying reading about your trip 😉
    Heidi, No GARLIC????
    You’ll have to plant some garlic chives as well – they’re even more mild…
    Meredith, I hope you find some… I only ever see 4 – 5 bunches at a time, and only twice this year.
    Thanks, Ramona, they were delicious, too!
    Peter, Jerry Springer?!?!? Does he still have a show?!?!? ‘shudder’
    Lydia, you are sooo lucky! My garlic chives are almost big enough!
    Pam, it’s fairly new to me, as well… Maybe it will ‘catch on’!

  10. Coincidentally, I found green garlic at our local farmer’s market this week and I served it with asparagus, too. I’ll be posting about that in a day or two. Loved it, and your more inventive suggestions sound great, too. I’ll try them!

  11. I wonder if garlic scapes are the same thing? Either way this looks so flavourful. I wonder what the fascination with having literature in the bathroom is too:D I’d rather read cosy under a blanket by the fire wouldn’t you?

  12. Katie, I can’t seem to access your blog from Google Reader anymore. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s happened several times. The new posts show up on the list, though.
    A lovely green post, by the way!

  13. Pam, great minds, and all that!
    Val, no, scapes are different. I think they are like the shoot that produces the flower if left alone. These are the whole, immature garlic, right down to the root. Always under the blankie by the fire… I mean, really!
    Betty, I haven’t a clue. It works in my Google reader. Anyone else have a problem?????
    Green garlic rules!

  14. Yeah green garlic… also good for an omelette, or a revuelto, or with some beans… I agree with you it’s a small-great veggie!!! 😀 And I have some planted in my garden!!!!!!