Asparagus and Ham Quiche; Too Much Information — 24 Comments

  1. Heh. We have pretty much the same bad habits! No, it doesn’t count when you buy books online. Credit card bill to the contrary. I hoard books like some people hoard cats.
    Tomato bread? What’s that?

  2. Amy, I added a link with the directions – but it’s a thick slice of country bread, toasted, rubbed with garlic, then rubbed with a cut, whole tomato and drizzled with olive oil…for breakfast or any time!

  3. Katie, haven’t you heard…hot pants are the new black? lol
    The quiche rocks, gimme a salad with that & i’m good.

  4. Peter, You wish!!!!
    Sudoku, timing? I’m just happy to finish the ones in this book!
    Colleen, oh, you are sweetie….
    That doesn’t mean I share….
    Heidi, someday…maybe! I’d love to tour the wineries in SA, and…oh, so much… Photo safari…
    Kevin, that’s all you need – and the eggs…

  5. My “enjoy” list would also be 2 lists…the list I “should” be eating from, and the list I want to be eating from! Chips and french onion soup mix and cream cheese is right up there on my list also!

  6. I love these little open windows into the secrets of your life. So many similarities, so many quirky differences. I’d love to see some of your watercolours. And your pie crust sounds intriguing. I am going to the camargue (or near it) next week so will definitley be picking up some of my favourite red rice…thanks for playing

  7. Awesome KatieZ! I loved reading all about you! Thank you 2 smart women for tagging you with a meme. And, I do hope it stops raining so much and you get some sunshine so you can pull more weeds :)~

  8. You crack me up, Katie! You should have a TV monologue show! I’d be your fan number 1 😀
    Never cooked a quiche before. I’m bookmarking yours!

  9. Katie, you are wittier than ever! Yes, I agree, you should have your show, or book, or anything, I know the world would be very dull if without your blog!

  10. Cyn, when I’m 80 I’m only eating from the ‘want to’ list… I may even take up smoking again…
    a.v., you’re going to the Camarque? I hope you have lovely weather … and my red rice is from there!
    Thanks, Poonam!
    Lannae, if it doesn’t I’ll just plant rice!
    Nuria, I never made them – until I discovered the rice crust – so easy and so much healthier!
    Awww, thank you Gattina, you’re sweet!

  11. Hahaha! I so enjoyed reading this 🙂 That quiche with the rice crust sounds delicious!
    I’m still addicted to heels…when will it stop??? :-/

  12. What a cool idea to do a rice crust for a quiche. (We DO make pastry but I still like the idea of using rice.)
    I swear we must be related. Except I’m not allowed to play games any more.
    I am very partial to cold macaroni and cheese while standing at the fridge. In fact, I’ll make extra just to be sure that there WILL be some left over to put in the fridge…
    P.S. Ha! I can smugly say that I NEVER succumbed to wearing hot pants. But I can’t quite remember how I ever managed to be demure in the ridiculously short mini skirts I used to wear!
    P.P.S. Do you have a set of watercolour pencils? (Aquarells) They’re very satisfying to use – best of both worlds.

  13. Lydia, that’s the best way…It just tastes better, especially if someone is in the next room…
    Joey, I thought I would never give them up. I was wrong!
    Shayne, thank you sweetie!
    So, who’s stopping you, Elizabeth – surely you can sneak them in (I won’t tell)
    I do have Aquarells, and I love them. It allows me to doodle and draw in front of the TV – when I’m pretending to be sociable…

  14. Buying books: If you buy them over the internet, on Amazon, it’s not real money is it? That’s my theory too!!
    And rice crust for quiche? Why have I never heard of this before? I like that idea.

  15. Julie, for someone who doesn’t do pastry, it’s wonderful – and healthier, as well!
    Yay Amazon!

  16. Katie, I always knew we’d have a few things in common, but it appears we have more than a few. I draw the line at power suits. I do power separates. And I might never wear hotpants again, but if my thighs were as thing as they were at 25, I might do the short skirts…