Asparagus and Ham Quiche; Too Much Information

The South Africans are after me!

Yes, not just one, but two, lovely ladies from South Africa have made the mistake of asking for more information about little, old me…..

African Vanielje from Vanielje Kitchen and Jeanne from CookSister have tagged me for a meme to divulge little known facts about moi!

They have no idea what they may have unleashed…..

What were you doing 10 years ago?

We were getting settled in Andorra.  We had moved from sea level in Ireland to the mountains of Andorra and were getting used to living at altitude.

And we were getting used to the vast array of characters one finds in an expat community bound by only one commonality: speaking English.

There was the sweet, petite, frail-looking, white-haired lady who lived up the mountain – that ran with the bulls in Pamplona every summer and got outrageously drunk for 10 straight days at Christmas.
There was the dapper, silvered haired gent, in his 80’s – that always wore an ascot, was the senior down-hill ski champion in Europe, had fought with the French Foreign Legion, and used to steal anything that wasn’t tied down (including the Christmas turkey from the white-haired lady).
There was our venerated Walk Leader that was convinced one should never drink water when walking in the mountains on hot summer days – salt sandwiches were much better, washed down with a glass of vinegar water.

I’m not certain which required the greater adjustment….

And I’m not sure which I miss more: the mountains or the people…

What were you doing one year ago?

Easy answer: SSDD    (Same Shit, Different Day)

Weeding, cooking, weeding, blogging, garden clean-up, weeding, gardening, trimming, ….

It’s spring; we live in the country; we have 9 acres… What the F*** do you think we do in the spring????
And if it ever quits raining maybe I can get….sorry, got carried away there for a minute...

Five snacks you enjoy?

Question:  Are you using the word ‘enjoy’ to mean snacks that I actually eat?

Or are you asking what I would enjoy if health, money and credibility as a food blogger were of no issue?

I’m feeling generous – I’ll answer both ways.

I actually ‘enjoy’ eating:Hamaspquichecrust

Fresh, warm, brown bread with honey
Cold leftover risotto whilst standing in the fridge
Nuts: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, freshly picked from their shells
Tomato bread
Homemade dill pickles

I would ‘enjoy’ eating:

Fresh, warm brown bread with smoked salmon and full fat cream cheese
Cold, leftover pepperoni pizza with extra cheese
Nuts: roasted, salted, oily, cashews, peanuts, smoked almonds…by the handful
Tomato bread con Jamon de Jabugo y Manchego
Potato chips with Lipton Onion Soup and Cream Cheese dip (no sour cream for me!)…by the bowlful

Oh, I could go on a bit with this list…. I haven’t even gotten to the beverages to sip whilst ‘enjoying’.

Five things I’d do if I were a millionaire  (This must be old, a million doesn’t buy much anymore… So I’m told.)

Figure out how to make it last for the rest of my life – then:
Finish restoring our house – quickly rather than, um, leisurely
Travel: I would like to spend a month in all the major cities in Europe taking cooking and language courses in each.
Fly back to the U.S. (first  business class: rich, yes, foolish, no) more often to see the family
Travel: to the Orient, various countries – never been; always wanted to
Travel: to Africa – various countries – never been; always wanted to

And if I were a multi: give lots to the groups and organizations that now I can only give a little to and set up educational trusts for the little nieces and nevvies..

Five bad habits
Computer games:  It’s just a quick break; it doesn’t take any time; what’s a quick game of Freecell, Spider, Backgammon, etc.  I’m addicted to all of them.  Don’t even mention Sudoku!
Bad time management:  I’m always convinced that  I can do more in 60 minutes than is possible to to in twice that.  So I am always trying to do too much in too little time and  running around frantically at the end.
Being late: see above.  Same reasons, obvious results.
Buying books:  If you buy them over the internet, on Amazon, it’s not real money is it?
Snacking while standing in the refrigerator door:  They’re not real calories if one is standing, right?

Five things you like doing

Traveling, anywhere.  I love road trips – I can catch up on reading all my magazines.
Dinner out.  But it has to be good food at a nice restaurant or I don’t bother.
Computer games.  Yup, I love them!  I’ve always loved games of any and every sort.
Reading.  I don’t often get the chance to sit and read in the middle of the day – except when I’m riding my exercise bike….
Outdoor exercise.  Riding my bicycle, playing golf, walking in the mountains or on the beach.
Painting  That was six...

Five things you’d never wear againHamaspquichewhole

Hot pants.  My favorite pair was only about 5 inches long…total.
Mini-skirts.  Though they were a bit longer, 7 inches, maybe.
Power suits.  Been there, done that.  Along with the power suits comes the power hassles.
5″ spike heels.  Or 4″.  Or 3″.  I have learned to value foot comfort.  If men think legs look good on top of high, spindly heels, they can wear them!
Ruffles.  Can’t believe I ever wore them but – sadly, my mother has the photos….

Five favorite toys

My ‘Mensa Absolutely Nasty Sudoku’ book of puzzles, level 4.  If  you do Sudoko, and have not heard of X-wings, squirmbags and grid coloring, this book is not for you! Migraine and black belt level are child’s play.
My computer.  It can be so many things….
My camera.  It’s so tiny and so powerful…and it’s all mine!
My bicycle.  It sets me free.
My watercolors and colored pencils. They help me see.

Been wondering what the photos are?  The teasers?

Been wondering what the first thing I made with that lovely ham was?

There was the odd ‘end chunk’, perfect to cut up and toss in a quiche!

For those who don’t know, I don’t make pie crusts…I still make quiche.  I often cook extra rice to have on hand for the crusts – which makes this an incredibly easy dinner!

Ham and Asparagus Quiche with a Rice CrustHamaspquicheslice

The crust:
2 cups cooked rice (I used a mix of red and brown)
1/2 cup (2oz, 60gr)  shredded cheese
1 egg

Lightly whisk egg.  Mix rice, cheese and egg.  Pat into a lightly oiled quiche pan, working it up the sides a bit for the edges.  Bake in 400F (200C) oven for 10 minutes.

The filling:
6oz ham or bacon, cut into small pieces and fried
15oz (400gr) can or jar of green asparagus spears
3 – 4 tbs snipped, fresh garlic or regular chives
3 eggs
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
3/4 cup milk (or all milk)
3/4 cup shredded cheese

Lay asparagus on crust, like spokes on a wheel.  Sprinkle ham evenly over the asparagus.  Sprinkle the cheese on the ham.  Whisk the eggs, yogurt and milk together.  Add the chives.  Pour over the top and bake, 30 minutes, 400F (200C).  Remove from oven and let rest 5 minutes before cutting.

Why use canned asparagus when fresh is in season?


And I have a lot of it from my last shopping trip to Andorra.  If I don’t use it soon I won’t get to go shopping again….

Besides, I like it!

24 thoughts on “Asparagus and Ham Quiche; Too Much Information”

  1. Heh. We have pretty much the same bad habits! No, it doesn’t count when you buy books online. Credit card bill to the contrary. I hoard books like some people hoard cats.
    Tomato bread? What’s that?

  2. Amy, I added a link with the directions – but it’s a thick slice of country bread, toasted, rubbed with garlic, then rubbed with a cut, whole tomato and drizzled with olive oil…for breakfast or any time!

  3. Peter, You wish!!!!
    Sudoku, timing? I’m just happy to finish the ones in this book!
    Colleen, oh, you are sweetie….
    That doesn’t mean I share….
    Heidi, someday…maybe! I’d love to tour the wineries in SA, and…oh, so much… Photo safari…
    Kevin, that’s all you need – and the eggs…

  4. My “enjoy” list would also be 2 lists…the list I “should” be eating from, and the list I want to be eating from! Chips and french onion soup mix and cream cheese is right up there on my list also!

  5. I love these little open windows into the secrets of your life. So many similarities, so many quirky differences. I’d love to see some of your watercolours. And your pie crust sounds intriguing. I am going to the camargue (or near it) next week so will definitley be picking up some of my favourite red rice…thanks for playing

  6. Awesome KatieZ! I loved reading all about you! Thank you 2 smart women for tagging you with a meme. And, I do hope it stops raining so much and you get some sunshine so you can pull more weeds :)~

  7. You crack me up, Katie! You should have a TV monologue show! I’d be your fan number 1 😀
    Never cooked a quiche before. I’m bookmarking yours!

  8. Katie, you are wittier than ever! Yes, I agree, you should have your show, or book, or anything, I know the world would be very dull if without your blog!

  9. Cyn, when I’m 80 I’m only eating from the ‘want to’ list… I may even take up smoking again…
    a.v., you’re going to the Camarque? I hope you have lovely weather … and my red rice is from there!
    Thanks, Poonam!
    Lannae, if it doesn’t I’ll just plant rice!
    Nuria, I never made them – until I discovered the rice crust – so easy and so much healthier!
    Awww, thank you Gattina, you’re sweet!

  10. Hahaha! I so enjoyed reading this 🙂 That quiche with the rice crust sounds delicious!
    I’m still addicted to heels…when will it stop??? :-/

  11. What a cool idea to do a rice crust for a quiche. (We DO make pastry but I still like the idea of using rice.)
    I swear we must be related. Except I’m not allowed to play games any more.
    I am very partial to cold macaroni and cheese while standing at the fridge. In fact, I’ll make extra just to be sure that there WILL be some left over to put in the fridge…
    P.S. Ha! I can smugly say that I NEVER succumbed to wearing hot pants. But I can’t quite remember how I ever managed to be demure in the ridiculously short mini skirts I used to wear!
    P.P.S. Do you have a set of watercolour pencils? (Aquarells) They’re very satisfying to use – best of both worlds.

  12. Lydia, that’s the best way…It just tastes better, especially if someone is in the next room…
    Joey, I thought I would never give them up. I was wrong!
    Shayne, thank you sweetie!
    So, who’s stopping you, Elizabeth – surely you can sneak them in (I won’t tell)
    I do have Aquarells, and I love them. It allows me to doodle and draw in front of the TV – when I’m pretending to be sociable…

  13. Buying books: If you buy them over the internet, on Amazon, it’s not real money is it? That’s my theory too!!
    And rice crust for quiche? Why have I never heard of this before? I like that idea.

  14. Katie, I always knew we’d have a few things in common, but it appears we have more than a few. I draw the line at power suits. I do power separates. And I might never wear hotpants again, but if my thighs were as thing as they were at 25, I might do the short skirts…

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