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Beef in Guinness; So we’ll know them by their limping…. — 21 Comments

  1. Oh, that beef looks divine! And I adore Guinness. Must tag and make soon.
    I love “take the pledge”!

  2. Katie, I’m glad I held off on doing this dish for the pub crawl as you’ve also done a bang-up job on it.
    I still have some Guinnes around and I’ll make my stew soon as well.

  3. Hola Guapa! I have such a good time with your stories!!! What a LIFE you’ve got up to date!! You’ve been everywhere!!!!
    I’ll try to make a recipe for Emiline Pub’s Crawl too, see you there with a guinness in our hands! Cheers!

  4. That was a lovely story about neighbour Mickey. I’ve never been to Ireland, but it’s on my list of places to see…in the summer, me thinks.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  5. First of all, I think this is the most interesting story I’ve read out of all of the entries, so you win extra points for that.
    I can’t believe his wife! That’s mean.
    Beef in Guinness sounds delicious. I’m sick of eating sweets all of the time. Bring on the meat!
    Great job.

  6. Gorgeous dish! I’m making a corned beef dinner for Mr CC tomorrow, not because he’s Irish, but because he likes it. And I will use Guinness in the cooking of it.
    I love your story of Mickey.

  7. Ha ha! We all have a Mickey in our lives, I suppose, but not all of them are smuggling poop over bridges. Wild.
    And your recipe sounds so tasty.

  8. I like the instructions, “If it dries out, add more Guinness!” Heh. Most of us have to dry out after we’ve HAD too much Guinness.
    We had a neighbor who used to walk the rural roads with one pant leg rolled up, carrying a bucket of manure. He wasn’t quaint, he was just crazy.

  9. Hey there! I just discovered your site and I am in grave danger of getting addicted to your writing. I have to try out some of the recipies too. I am sure they will be just as great!

  10. Tanna, glad to know you’ll be holding your end up!
    Lisa, it didn’t seem like many took it seriously when we lived there hehehe!
    Peter, great minds think alike! Can’t wait to see yours…
    Nuria, I’ll save you a place! There is a rather special connection between the Irish and the Spanish. (I think it has to do with the English…)
    Heidi, and a Happy one to you, too! Summer is best.
    Lydia, Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you… and may the wind be at your back..
    Kevin, yeah, you braise with whatever you don’t drink….or something like that.
    Emiline, they were a hoot living next door… Ireland was very different 11 years ago.
    Christine, be sure to down a bit yourself…
    CC, he was a character – and everyone knew him.
    Thanks, Lynn, and so Irish – at least to me!
    Zoomie, I’d go back in a hearbeat if it wasn’t so expensive now.
    Michelle, and there are so many…all wonderful
    Val, coming right up!
    Expatchef, I think we had that guys brother in my home town.
    AJ, thanks for the kind words and for leaving a comment. Hope you find something you like ;-))

  11. Beef in Guinness sounds absolutely delicious.
    It’s funny, I haven’t noticed anything about St. Patrick’s Day in Rodez this year. Maybe it’s because people never go out drinking on a Monday night…

  12. Better late than never! Happy St. Patty’s Day Katie! We had Guinness but it never made it to the stew!
    Love the Mickey story!!!!