Corned Beef and Cabbage…sans Corned Beef; Weekly Menu Planner — 16 Comments

  1. The markets here are filled with corned beef this week. My favorite reason to make corned beef (without the boiled cabbage, thank you) is to have it left for hash for the few days afterwards. Crusty hash with potatoes is my favorite breakfast of all time.

  2. Katie, great minds think alike! I just made my own corned beef & cabbage last night too!
    I could eat this weekly but corned beef can’t be that good for the waist.

  3. Do you think that could be done in a slow cooker? I always do corned beef on St. Patty’s Day, but this year I have an afternoon meeting that will get me home about half an hour before dinner. I could throw the cabbage in then…hate to miss my annual corned beef feast!

  4. Lydia, and my ‘faux’ corn beef was excellent in the hash, as well!
    Peter, if you keep all the butter off the potatoes it can’t be too bad. Can it?!?
    Amy, I’m no expert but I think this would be perfect slow-cooker fare. And wouldn’t your house smell delicious when you get home…

  5. Wow! White celery.
    This sounds great. So traditional and perfect for the holiday. One time my mom made this, and I refused to eat it. What a foolish kid I was!

  6. I loooove corned beef hash! Though last time I made it I was told it smelled like cat food. >:(

  7. I think I’ve always enjoyed St Patty Day. I know it’s history and yet it seems so free of reason for being that it’s seems like just pure joy of fun.
    Love corned beef and oh yes it’s most famous sandwich! Always seems like such a grand plan yet I’ll only do it once a year.

  8. Simple things are often the greatest..This looks fantastic and is right up my street. How long since I ate corned beef hash?

  9. Ohhhh… I love corned beef hash! And that picture makes me want to go out and buy corned beef *just* for that purpose!

  10. Emiline, indeed! Try it now….
    Tanna, I know what you mean… It’s so simple to make, so good, and why don’t I do it more than once a year?
    Scott, the hash was a realy treat… It’s been years since I had eaten it.
    Michelle, I actually think that was the best part…but I love poached eggs – and am too lazy to do it for breakfast!

  11. The “day after ” corned beef hash is my favorite full of meat morsels, crispy tidbits of potato, and rich cooked egg and melted but great for the soul!

  12. Dear Katie, it may have rained everyday on this vacation to France, but being inside for food, and sipping wine in caves, rain did not matter. 🙂 Today is my last day, and I am going to miss the food, lardon, bread, cheese and wine. What a lovely country. I can see why you stay here.

  13. Deborah, the hash was my favorite – I love poached eggs!
    Lannae, too bad about the rain – but it IS March. But there is still lots to see and that’s why we have ‘brollies’
    Lisa, for me too!

  14. I agree, I love corned beef and have never found the equivalent here in France. Some of the salt pork pieces resemble it — but of course they’re PORK not BEEF.
    Your photo made my mouth water…