Fried Tomatoes with Mozzarella and the Weekly Menu Planner — 8 Comments

  1. Now that does seem a good use for those hard grocery store/hot house tomatoes! And tomatoes are just about the only fresh produce that doesn’t loose nutritive value when it’s cooked.

  2. We love fried tomatoes, but we always use green tomatoes for frying. They have a real nice acid bite to them. I have never tried frying the red ones. But with the addition of cheese, hummmm. Sounds pretty darn good!

  3. Great picture! I’ve never had luck with frying in olive oil. For me, it burns too quickly and the burnt flavor adheres to the tomatoes. How do you make it work?

  4. I’m diggin’ these as an anti-anti pasto! Make do with what’s in season and serve it up. Just be wary of that Italian mozzarella these days…something ’bout a little dioxin in it! lol

  5. Tanna, it is the only reason I buy those awful things…but the taste seems to improve with the cooking… Could be the oil, cheese, crumbs….
    Deb, I can’t buy green tomatoes…. and I can’t bear to use my own – especially when I sometimes have so few! These are a good substitute – I mean there green tomatoes with red color, right?
    LiberalFoodie, I don’t use a really hot pan – and only a tablespoon, so I’ve never had a problem… No help, there…
    Peter, please, please, don’t tell me I have to be carefull about mozzarella de bufala… Please…
    Thank you, Gattina!