Sausage and Spinach Lasagne; Early Mornings are for the Birds! — 27 Comments

  1. Oh Katie, could you tape the birds for me? That is one thing I truely miss from living in Ohio. Here we have no birds, no singing birds. Our mornings are silent of bird singing. Once in awhile we will get a flock of birds that use us as a stopover from migrating from south back to north, but it is just a stop over. They stop and party for one night, recoup from hangover and on they go! We have peligans and their poop and hawks that make a little noise every once in awhile. If you get closer to the ocean, the seagulls will strike up if you have a piece of bread or a nice picnic lunch that they will be glad to share with you!
    Yes we have garbage trucks every Mon and Thur, but no trains. I too grew up with the train tracks just 1/2 block from our house, never noticed. But I must confess that I did my share of toliet papering the train trussels and dropping various items over the bridge attempting to hit the caboose…ah, those were the days!
    OK, enough chatter from me. That lasagna looks absolutely marvelous!
    Happy Monday to you too and the lovely photo of your crocus’ tells me your spring is on its way!

  2. Where I grew up it was very close to the 401 highway that continued on to Toronto and we didn’t hear a thing..slept very peacefully. For 10 years I lived in the country here in British Columbia…my parents came to visit and were kept awake all night by the coyotes:D of course we did not hear them, and when the coyotes stopped they were kept awake by the silence. I never got used to the pitch black night inside the house I would always bump into things going to the bathroom..wink..wink…
    Back to the food…the lasagna makes me want to dive right in:D

  3. Noisy, but a lovely sign spring is around the corner. 🙂 Your lasagne looks perfectly delicious with the spinach and gruyere. Yummmmmmm

  4. Argh! I had a nice comment all typed but the pc timed out when I submitted. So all I have to say is this: nice first picture, trains are loud, birds are loud but I can’t do anything about ’em.

  5. That’s quite funny – I grew up near a train track and never heard it, but yet I also wake up at 6am every Monday morning when the noisy garbage truck makes it way down our peaceful little lane!

  6. Ulrike, they are so noisy and for so long!
    Deb, we never did toilet paper… Pennies, though. Of course we could never find them once they were properly flattened.
    Val, it’s really dark here at night, too. Great star-gazing, but pitch black!
    Chris, everytime I think it’s getting close we have another hit of winter…like today!
    Colleen, Damn technology! I won’t even tell you what you’ll face in France…. but everyone in the country has accesss to broadband now! Finally!
    Sam, that’s us! But those garbage trucks do make a lot of noise… and it’s only once a week. The dogs sleep through it though!

  7. My parent live by the railroad tracks and omg. ..when i go visit them I can’t sleep at all! the trains pass through all night long, whistling too! but they don’t even hear it anymore.

  8. All your bird talk reminded me of a very funny couple of scenes in the movie Failure To Launch, where a mockingbird is driving one girl crazy and the lengths she went to get rid of it, very funny. Your lasagne sounds rib sticking good.

  9. I can relate to your aggravation with the birds “singing”. There used to be a family of birds or something outside my window every morning going crazy with their chirping and singing. I’m really glad they’ve gone somewhere else now…

  10. I’ve just started to see the birds back here, too, but no crocus yet. I go back and forth to Boston a lot, and notice the difference in noise level as soon as I get to the city. Now I wonder how I could have lived there for 30 years…

  11. Gosh, I wish I could come for dinner! I love the spinach all ways.
    We do have birds. We feed them and they love our backyard fountain. Still we must not have as many as you do because I do enjoy them. Maybe’s it’s we have no cuckoos!

  12. The birds are coming! The birds are coming! I really love that sign of spring.
    Your lasagne looks divine. I love bechamel in lasagne. Like the idea of not cooking the spinach, too.

  13. We there is a building being built behind ours…I’ll trade the jackhammering for some birds 🙂
    Love the sound of that lasagna!

  14. Love your description of how the birds disturb the peace!! When I was a student back home in South Africa, I often used to come home really, really late after parties and try to get to sleep at around 4 a.m. (before my parents woke up and realised what time I got ome!!). In summer, the dawn chorus starts at abotu 04h30 and the birds around our house (which was in the middle of a nature reserve) used to drive me insane, so I can relate to your story!
    The sausage and spinach lasagna sounds heavenly – I must try it before the weather warms up.

  15. Jaden, I’m just amazed that I STILL don’t hear them… but, if the wind id just right I can hear one very faintly here…
    Neil, we have mockingbirds here, too…. Thanks, – it stuck to my ribs (and thighs)
    Ashley, it’s only pretty when one actually wants to and is ready to wake up!
    Thanks, Jennifer
    Lydia, I don’t know if I could live in a city.. But I never have so it would be fun to try…
    Tanna, I feed ours, too. And if I forget they are outside my window screeching at me! I know where Alfred Hitchcocl got his inspiration!
    Lisa, ironically, our robin disappears at spring… and arrives just in time for Christmas. It’s the cuckoos that come now!
    Joey, I live through jack hammering in Andorra. Not fun!
    Jeanne, ah yes, the sneaking in and sleeping fast… I remember it well!

  16. Tigerfish, a perfect omelet…maybe with a little goat cheese…. hmmm? Just a little?

  17. Katie, I always love your posts. This one reminds me of growing up in the suburbs of Montreal…on the landing path to the international airport. We’d also pause when planes were overhead and then continue with the conversation, never even realizing the process. Our guests on the other hand…well, you know.
    In Toronto, our back yard was filled with a birds in the early evening every Fall. The cacophony was not pleasant. In fact, it always reminded me of Hitchcock’s The Birds. So much for quiet, relaxing dinners in the garden.
    And your lasagna, my dear…one word…awesome! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  18. Ruth, it really is amazing what you can get used to – and ignore!
    Our morning wake-up call reminds me of The Birds, too!

  19. I grew up with the birds…I think I’m deaf to them. But a train, that would drive me crazy! The lasagna looks delicious–bechamel and gruyere, yum!

  20. I forgot that you put gruyere into lasagne. I’ve GOT to remember to try this!
    Yes please to both this lasagne and to spring.
    P.S. Today was almost springlike – sunny and ABOVE freezing!! Yay. Some of the snow actually melted.

  21. Ja, ja, ja, I know what you mean. It makes me crazy too! But, on the other hand, I love it. Better birds than cars and trucks!!! Maybe one spring you get used to them.
    That lasaña is absolutely wonderful!!! This time your picture looks 100% perfect!!! 😉

  22. Mike, you adjust, really, you do! Or go deaf….
    EJM, there IS hope, but it’s a long time coming this year.
    Nuria, I do like them and I’m glad there back…but the ARE noisy!