Meatball Barley Stew; The Sobriety Test (aka: Memory Test) — 24 Comments

  1. I made it through number 5, now my brain hurts!
    Stew looks great! It is lunchtime here and I have meatballs leftover, so you have made me hungury for them again! Tomatoes and beans in a stew, brings it all together!

  2. I hate having leftovers but I also hate throwing out food even though it is only a wee bit. My rule is that the food has to serve time in the frigo before being thrown out. It’s a punishment of sorts and makes me feel better throwing it out if it has something green growning on it.

  3. The stew looks lovely and I love barley. Do you think if I make this stew I could make winter hang around before it is just 100°F summer here? We never really get spring.
    I couldn’t get passed on without a cheat sheet! And I was always called last! I’m still looking for my talent and my mid-life crisis.

  4. That stew sounds good and like an appropriate good bye to the winter. I’ve never cooked with barley before (I drink the beer merely for a balanced diet!), but that does sound like just the thing to give it some nice body.

  5. If there should be a material not to laugh about reading the above post, please forgive me, but I really have a good laugh! The thing is yeah paying attention is crucial sometimes, isn’t it?
    I just bought barley pearls the other day and I should keep this recipe for Winter. Thanks, Katie!

  6. Deb, sorry about the brain thing… you need to do this with copious amounts of beer or wine!
    Colleen, green can be scraped off… But, yeah I do the same. I throw it when it’s REALLY necessary!
    Tanna, I haven’t done the mid-life crisis thing either…. I just keep putting it off figuring that way I can’t age!
    Mike, I seem to remember when a 12-pack of beer was an 1800 calorie per day diet. Now, was that balanced? Or not?
    Lydia, it’s easier when you’re not sober…

  7. Using meatballs in stew is a great idea. Using up leftovers bits is a constant challenge. Every once in a while I skip doing a meal plan for the week and take the time to clean the freezer and fridge of leftovers.

  8. You crack me up, girl! How do you retain that kind of thing? I guess I never had to pass a sobriety test, which is probably a good thing.
    And so is your stew. Seems we are all saying a farewell to winter with a stew these days!

  9. Mmmm… I just love the texture of chewy barley, and never thought to pair it with meatballs. My husband would gobble this up, katie. Looks like I’ll have to try it. Thanks!

  10. Maryann, meatballs, meatloaf…all comfort food for me!
    Kevin, I keep trying to clean out the fridge…some days it works better than others!
    Toni, I wish our collective farewells would actually send winter off on it’s way…
    Susan, thanks, I love barley and keep trying to think of ways to use it… Mon mari, not so much – but he’ll do anything for a meatball!

  11. Katie, we are having a wonderful time eating and sipping our way thru Burgogne Sud. Thank you again for all your help before we left. France so far is the very Best!

  12. Hey Kate, here’s a test for you, can’t resist after reading your post
    time flies you can’t they’re too fast for you

  13. Lannae, How wonderful to hear from you! I hope your weather is at least acceptable… It quit raining, finally. Glad to hear you’re having a great time!
    Sra, okay: Time flies? You can’t; they’re too fast for you!
    How’d I do???
    Is this like the sign on the clock at school “Time passes; will you?”

  14. Excellent, Kate! Or is the joke on me? I’ve heard it only once, and no one was able to solve it. Time passes; will you is quite funny 🙂 Didn’t come across that before!

  15. Sra, I got it right???? Yippee! I’m adding it to my collection – it’s a good one!
    I had a rather sarcastic, yet witty teacher!

  16. Je, je, love that kind of game. When my daughter was smaller we used to play that one in the car while travelling, no nymphomaniac nuns in our version, though 😉
    Ok, I’ll make sure I make the weekend herb blogging at your place for the first time!!!
    Bye Katie 😀

  17. I love the sound of meatballs seasoned with mustard! And your pairing of meatballs with barley sounds delicious to me too. I’m done with winter too! Unfortunately it snowed yesterday here so the weather is not listening to me.

  18. I love this post. Particularly, about over, but I’m through with it!” Amen, sister! And oh man, could I ever relate to the groaning about leftover odds and ends at the bottom of the freezer. Especially when you really want to try out some sexy new recipes that emphatically do not involve the leftover artichoke or spinach or whatever. In that sense, the foodie blogosphere, with its inspirational blogs and the pressure to produce interesting posts, only makes getting through those leftovers harder! Congrats on successfully navigating that!

  19. Neen, I have to make a point of using the leftover bits….It’s been a longstanding argument between me and mon mari – and using them up is easier… Plus, I’ve come up with some really good dishes!