Pork Tenderloin in White Wine Mustard Sauce; Five Sordid Facts — 25 Comments

  1. I love mustard, so I need to try this recipe soon.
    Thank you for your participation and see you on Monday on the roundup.

  2. I love mustard with pork and this sounds like a delicious way to cook pork tenderloin. Love the idea of brushing some mustard on the pork before you cook it.
    Also, so happy to hear you’re becoming at least a partial convert to cilantro! Good luck growing some. In Utah it goes to seed or the snails eat it so I have to keep buying my cilantro, and I’m planning to buy some today!

  3. Zorra, I use so much mustard… mon mari occasionally has to ask me to stop!
    Kalyn, I thought it would grow just like the parsley…I’ll learn. I thought maybe I’d really like it if I grew it 😉
    Ulrike, mon mari cannot understand that trait… I enjoy the plot more if I know the finish!

  4. Woohoo! Time to dish the dirt…love yours! I have one similar I may divuldge. Thanks for thinking of me…I think..ha ha ha!

  5. Oh, you poor thing! What a mean friend to make you steal some cream cheese. And that cop was mean, too. I mean, it’s just cream cheese. Sheesh.

  6. Katiez thanks for this lovely looking recipe!!! Guess what I will be having for supper tonight. Thanks!!!!

  7. I’m with you on #4 and 5. Keep your hands off of my books/movies and food is food! 😉 And lol, armed guards defending the groceries…
    The pork looks very tasty and has got me thinking of doing something mustardy for dinner as well. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

  8. Katie, I used to be this way with LP’s and CD’s…I hated people who listened to them for weeks. MAKE A TAPE AND GIVEMY RECORD BACK!
    Pork ans mustard area natural for me…well executed as always, my dear.

  9. Love your sordid facts, Katie. I feel the same way about books as you!
    And that pork recipe! Oh my god – just what I need tonight. I’m pulling a pork loin out of the freezer right now!

  10. Chris, we love dirt – better even than gossip! Do tell….
    Emiline, and he made me give it back!
    Pat, I hope you like it 😉
    Mike, books are sacrosanct… food can be shared! Thanks, and you too!
    Peter, I never even consider loaning music… never! Thanks!
    Christine, it’s nice finding out that I’m not too weird… – or at least not too alone in it :-))

  11. In my youth, I was with a friend who decided the plaster cast on his arm was the perfect hiding place for a few things and was caught. Because I was with him, even though I swiped nothing, did nothing to help him, my parents were called too. I wasn’t happy, not happy at all!

  12. Katie it was excellent!!!! Hubby almost licked his plate clean, he liked it that much. I did substitute cider for the white wine. Thanks again for the delicious recipe!!!

  13. I must say that i am with you on number five. I do this as well. I simply hate to waist food. Also, it keeps the body’s system on it’s toes!

  14. Ooohhhh Please, not another meme!!! This will be the 3rd one… but, ok, just because you are soooo nice, I will do it… don’t know when, but I will!
    I’m the same with the books as you are! We have a good library done through years. Mi marido also enjoys reading and so does my dauther. Never ever give a book away and if I have to lend one… it’s a feeling I don’t like!!!

  15. I don’t like to loan out books either, Katie. If I can afford to own them, I figure other people can, too, or go to the library. I have yet to loan something out and get it back in good condition.

  16. Welcome back Katie! That pork tenderloin looks so yummy!
    I am so with you on the book thing…those are the things I have THE hardest times parting with…I got rid of a lot of books when we moved to Florida though…jst couldn’t deal with taking them all at the time…

  17. We all seem to be in the same boat, and not the Titanic! I do not like to write in my books, don’t know why, guess it was a Catholic grade school thing where you had to pass the books down and were told by “Sister” NOT to write in the books! I was a Sister listener! But if I do lend one of my books out, which is hardly ever, I have now started to write my name in my book. That way, no doubt, it is my book!
    Your pork “smothered in gravey” looks delicious!!!!

  18. Sandi, I do actually, a lesson well-learned! (I hate to be embarrassed)
    Neil, the worst thing was, in the past I was always the ‘innocent bystander’. This was the only time I ever did anything myself!
    Pat, so glad you liked it! Cider with pork is excellent!
    Tigerfish, so do I…mon mari likes things ‘seperate’.
    Colleen, like anything else, our body’s defense need challenges. I do my best to comply!
    Nuria, I agree. It’s taken a lot of years to build up my personal library – don’t mess with it!
    Mimi, that’s the other thing – getting them back all dog-eared and frayed. I’m very careful with my books – ’cause they have to last.
    JennDZ, I moved over 60 boxes of books from the US to Ireland… and I have even more (naturally) now!
    Deb, the ‘sisters’ did a job on me, too. They really made a lasting impression….

  19. LOL! I *always* read the last pages of fiction first, too. It never spoils the plot b/c it’s out of context.
    That’s a simply perfect pasta, just a generous crank of pepper.

  20. Susan, I think it makes the book more meaningful… It’s when I keep flipping back and forth and end up reading both ends that gets to be a problem LOL

  21. LOL about your sordid facts! The last one sounds like what’s called the 2-second rule in our house. If it was on the floor for 2 seconds or less, you can pick it up and eat it/serve it with a clear conscience. No way nasty bugs could get aboard that fast 😉