Spring Pasta: with Asparagus and Peas; March Madness; The 2 Simpsons — 17 Comments

  1. Okay, I’m serving this tonight even though I have to go shopping for everything in the recipe today! Sounds absolutely wonderful!

  2. Katie, on a whim I followed your link to dog and cat stories and delighted in the new (to me) one about the dog, the cat, the chicken leg, your mari and the ensuing struggle! Hilarious, although I’m sure your mari doesn’t think so, even to this day! Thanks for the fun!

  3. lol@ the March Madness random links.
    And who cares about the sauce to pasta ratio–this sure looks good and delicious to me!

  4. Tigerfish, it is rather Irish, isn’t it? All those lovely greens…
    Lydia, it really varies when the season starts here. This is the earliest I remember!
    Zoomie, I hope you like that pasta! Mon mari never did take kindly to that dog….
    Mike, I could’t believe all of it…. Madness, indeed!

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  6. This sounds delicious, Katie! Coincidentally, Dijon mustard and tarragon both got into the act in my kitchen this week.
    Regarding sports, March Madness refers to basketball. I know that only because it’s impossible to escape it here. Personally, though, the sports section of the newspaper sees action in our house only when we paint.

  7. Mmm – sounds lovely. I can’t wait for that stuff to appear around here.
    BTW – my daughter asked for a spaetzle omelet the other day. My husband, bless his hear, made it for her. He thought it was an inspired combination.

  8. Thank God for Spring!!! Bring it onnnnnnn. I just wrote about this month being Green, I thought you would understand me, as no one else seems to get it.
    I found some wild asparagus, being all in the french rustic foraging lifestyle now. Nature is so wonderful.
    Your sausage comment had me laughing! You are the best, I’ll send you some casings soon.

  9. The dish sounds perfect. And you have me wimpering for a bbq to cook on. It’s one of the things I miss here…I used to use mine even in the dead of winter.
    As I look out my window, dreaming of spring, all I see is snow falling 🙁 So asparagus & peas is the closest I’ll get for a while. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  10. Terry, that’s when it sees action in our house, too! I used to like high school sports – but not professional.
    Tanna, we’ll be pigging out on it for the next month or two!
    Chris, it seems to be taking it’s sweet time this year – everywhere!
    Magpie, Iagree with your husband…. Your daughter shows marvelous taste!
    Riana, my s-i-l always found wild asparagus in Wisconsin – but she wouldnever tell me where… 10′ pole, indeed!
    Jeanne, I don’t mind at all – I’m on my way to check it out!
    Ruth, for you snow; for us torrential rains follow our 3 whole days of sunshine, sigh!

  11. Now THAT is some good-looking spring pasta! My favorite March madness pool this year? The Lost one on Washington Post. 🙂

  12. swirlingnotions, I have to admit that I haven’t gotten into Lost. We were a little late getting it…and I can’t figure out how these people can be ‘lost’ and not loose weight… I mean, there are no McD’s there, right? They should all be verging on emaciated by now…