Crocodile Bread: That’s a Croc! No, it’s Bread! Are you sure… — 30 Comments

  1. Great work, isn’t it the taste that counts?
    I try to duplicate the bread, but I fear the result 🙂

  2. I forgot to ask: What have I to do to be called a babe? I am at an age to do anything 😉

  3. Very nicely done! I don’t think I’ve ever had croc bread, but it certainly looks interesting, albeit slightly intimidating. Congrats on delving into the world of baking successfully! I keep telling myself I need to start making bread…one of these days…Also, you mentioned wearing an apron with nothing else as if there was something wrong about that…how else do people bake? Am I doing it wrong? lol 😉

  4. Be proud girl! you gave it a hell of a fight with those french flours!!! And as most of us found out it’s all about flour types this one. Great job!
    In the end it’s the taste that counts (unless, you wanted to make a handbag out of it as well).
    But that tinfoil… with a filling in a tooth… ouch!… please use baking parchment next time (if that’s available in France)

  5. Very lovely effort. I am considering the flours I have here and know that my choices are very slim. I will have to see how my croc fairs here in Peru!

  6. Well done for taming the croc – well, eventually. And sorry about the tooth filling and foil encounter – sounds nasty!

  7. Katie, I can send some flour to you! No problem! well at least you made it and the taste IS the most important aspect, isn´t it? You rock Baby!

  8. Great job Katie! That is awesome! Bread canbe scary sometimes but I can see you have done a greatjob conquering that fear!

  9. Oh, Katie, you make me laugh! For all your fears, you did a lovely job with the bread. I think you make a fabulous Bread Baking Babe. We’ll talk on the sexy apron question…

  10. Yeah right, I am right there with votre mari–no way would I let that babe of a bread cool for 2 hours avant tasting.

  11. Oh it’s so good to laugh with you!
    Um, What apron wouldn’t be sexy with just panties ;))
    Go easy on the new babe, ha. So sorry on the filling and the foil, I’ve made that connection in the past and it is not a good connection.
    Delighted the bread tasted good for you both.

  12. I think that a good dose of sense of humor is the one required ingredient of cooking, of baking and especially of bread making. You have this required ingredient and I am glad that you are sharing it with us 😉

  13. Ulrike, yes, it’s the taste…thankfully! – You’re a Babe in my book!
    Mike, you must be careful about hot spills (when only wearing an apron) – and don’t start with this bread ;-))
    Lien, I really thought I had parchment – the box looked the same… Yes, it’s all about the flours..
    Gretchen, that will be interesting! I didn’t have a big choice either… but I managed – hehehe!
    Pille, I’m just grateful it wasn’t me! And the croc was fun – in a masochistic sort of way.
    JennDZ, beat it into submission is more like it!
    Ilva, it’s all about the taste – and thank you for the offer but I’m trying to learn to make do with what I have… It’s not easy but I’m trying…
    Lynn, lovely might be pushing it – but thank you. And about those aprons…
    Cakespy, no bread has made it past the 10 minute mark in our kitchen!
    Tanna, yeah, you laugh now…just wait!
    Colleen, difficult? A gross understatement!
    Simona, definitely of bread making… Cooking one can adjust on the fly – can’t do that with bread! All one can do is laugh!

  14. First off–I would love to live in a drafty French house!!! And your experiences were just like mine. It’s impossible to pick that dough up!!!! And it is delicious bread, isn’t it? What does it matter that it isn’t beautiful. Real crocs aren’t beautiful.

  15. The Crocodile bread sounds interesting. The dough looks really wet. It must have been fun to play with. 🙂

  16. OH yea… we WERE promised sexy underwear weren’t we??!!
    I was laughing so hard reading about you and your croc soup battle that I actually choked on a piece of croc bread I was eating! Damn crocs…
    Anyways, if I had to choose between living in a French farmhouse and taming the croc, believe me, farmhouse would win out!
    Besides, sounds like it tasted like it was suppose to, foil and all!

  17. You should be called the 4 B’s – Brave Bread Baking Babes! You did such a fine job girl! A lovely loaf indeed!
    Now for that aluminum foil, whewwww, I cannot even talk about it!

  18. I’m right behind you in the back of the class Katie, I used bread flour… and durum semolina (I know I’m adorable when I sleep, dôh).
    Still applaud you for the write-up, laughing just a little on the onfortunate tinfoil encounter, and I lurv the tiles in your kitchen!

  19. Sher, my sentiments exactly!
    Kevin, the fun was more in retrospect…. the cursing was more current!
    Lydia, I almost had to get the whip and chair. Even the girl dogs were hiding.
    Sra, exactly! That’s what I kept telling mon mari!
    Breadchick, the taste was great – but I still want the underwear….
    Deb, yeah, apparently that’s really awful (she says with a wolfish grin)
    Baking soda, thanks – about the tiles… That was one of the first things we did when we bought this place… I’ll post the before pic’s sometime. Good bread!

  20. i love your kitchen tiles too! how funny, someone beat me to it! i made a whole wheat loaf this weekend with a super-wet dough — the bread was moist and delicious, btu the top of the loaf caved in on itself a little because it was so heavy — definitely a challenge! it still tasted great though — nothing beats fresh-baked bread.

  21. Katy, wet dough is a big challenge! I had never worked with one before so it was a, shall we say, educational experience?!

  22. Bravissima for getting it to work at all!!!
    I tried making coccodrillo in 2003 – disaster. In a moment of amnesia, I tried again in 2004. Another disaster. This is what I wrote in 2004:
    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a spectacular failure. […] I admit defeat. I’m afraid that I won’t be making coccodrillo again for a very long time….

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