Veal Marsala; Seven Scintillating Snippets of Savory and Sweet — 21 Comments

  1. Katie, I love this dish! What a great entry for Our Festa Italiana, who needs flour when you have all those rich and delicious flavors blending together! Thank you,can’t wait to “taste” it!!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make this dish, but can’t find Marsala in French supermarkets. Is it difficult to find, or is it just me?

  3. I’ve never cooked veal. And from the fabuluous looks and ease of this recipe, more’s the pity. Guess I’m going to have to try it!

  4. Lydia, my thoughts exactly!
    Marie, I usually opt for the easiest way 😉
    Maryann, Thanks, it’s fun!
    Peter, great – how about a nice Barolo?
    Betty, I can only find it at HyperU and only sometimes… On the other hand I can only find Madeira at Carrefour!
    Christine, yeah, you should… but turkey cutlets work well – just a bit drier…
    Simona, Snickers Rule!

  5. I like your idea of taking out the flour and butter in your veal. So without that, there is more room for Snickers! I personally like the bit size ones they have out now. Unwrap and pop the whole thing in your mouth, Oh Yum! Another way I like them in the summer is to put a Snickers Bar in the freezer! Beats a boring popcicle anyday!

  6. Tanna, I like eating any raisen as a snack…just don’t hide them in stuff!
    It’s a date, Val!
    Kevin, one of mine too. Marsala is a challenge to find here, though!
    Deb, frozen Snickers – a way to prolong the joy!

  7. The only thing I crave every year at fair time? Deep fried Snickers. Luckily (!) for me, my husband doesn’t enjoy going to the fair – so I usually manage to avoid the deep fried, ooey, gooey temptation.
    I’ve never had veal marsala… but I love chicken marsala! Looks yum!

  8. I’ve eschewed lots of junk food, but snickers always remain (they’re not *junk*!). 😉
    The veal looks great and keeping it pink sounds like the best way to eat it! Today I was hit by a drive-by anti-veal zealot in the grocery store, telling me I need to think twice about how I eat, since you know, veal blah blah blah. lol–always a new experience at the grocery store!

  9. Michelle, deep-fried Snickers? Be still, my heart!
    Mike, Snickers are not junk: chocolate and peanuts are both legumes (beans, right?)! I hate zealots – did you check his trolley for contraband?
    Sra, especially berries in season!

  10. Pan-seared foie gras – can there be anything better to put in your mouth?! The veal marsala looks pretty good too, though 😉

  11. Lisa, I would never miss an Italian Terrace party… Never!
    Jeanne, there is nothing better! Seriously… NOTHING!