Weekend Herb Blogging # 125: The Recap! — 18 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Thanks for organizing such a great recap. After you pointed it out, I did notice that it seems to be a very curry and Indian-influenced week! Funny how that works sometimes. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful collection of dishes. Thanks for all the work. I’ll be back(after work, sigh) to read the ones I missed.

  3. Oooohhh I’m so sorry I missed it! Being on holidays can be so stressful… couldn’t get a good internet connection 🙁

  4. Great roundup, Katie! There are so many dishes here that I neeeeeeeeed to try!
    I love that Gay’s Vegetable Tinola calls for moringa leaf too except Gay uses the Philippino name for it: “malunggay”.
    P.S. Great news! Even though it snowed last night, it was quite sunny today and there are parts of the garden visible. Maybe we will get spring!
    P.P.S. I do hope you get to try curry leaves. They have such an intriguing flavour. Like nothing else. Perhaps by a miracle you could get a curry leaf plant… just make sure you get “Murraya koenigii”. There is another plant (Helichrysum italicum) posing as curry leaf that absolutely pales in comparison.
    Murray koenigii isn’t the easiest thing to grow in a pot but it can be done (alas, my little curry leaf plant died a couple of years ago and I have been too lazy to replace it – it’s so much easier to buy curry leaves from one of the nearby Indian grocers). You’d probably have more success because of your warmer climate.

  5. Loved the commentary Katie – couldn’t help from laughing over and over again. You have a wonderfully wicked wit! Great job on the roundup; I really enjoyed it.

  6. Katie, lovely round up! It is great to see so many fresh vegetables used in so many creative ways! Thanks so much for your work putting this together!

  7. Wow – this is some round up! Thanks for all your hard work putting it together. I am sorry I didn’t make a dish in time for this fantastic group!

  8. Srivalli, it was an incredibly interesting week – at least, for me!
    Wandering Chopsticks, Yeah, funny how that worked out…
    Kalyn, thanks…too bad about that work interfering.
    Tanna, awww, that’s sweet.
    Nuria, but one is supposed to relax on holidays…that’s the point, isn’t it?
    Thanks, Betty, we did – and no snow!
    ejm, we had sunshine ourselves today, for a change. My herb garden just keeps expanding..
    Thanks, Laurie…. so kind of you to say…
    Arfi, that time just likes to slip away, doesn’t it?
    Kevin, too many for my days of the week…I’m going to have to start cooking lunch!
    Thanks, Gretchen, I’m just happy that we’re starting to see more spring veg at the markets!
    Chris, pas de probleme…just keep on making sweets!
    Anna, I fetched it and added it!
    Thanks, Pepy, it was fun!

  9. What an amazing array of deliciousness! Although it is all amazing, I am most intrigued by this “Tinola”–I hadn’t heard of it either! Of course, I am sure that it would be a wonderful “warmup” for that gorgeous lavender tea cake!

  10. Cakespy, it all sounds wonderful! I need to start traveling to the East so I can try some of this stuff!
    Sher, de rien!