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Asparagus with Quail Eggs; Eating an Orange with a Fork — 25 Comments

  1. We had some of that aspargus just the other day. I still haven’t found any early garlic…
    I am pretty lax with letting my girls eat with their fingers. My DH doesn’t like that…

  2. I guess I am too fond of food to give in and follow local customs. Knife and fork for an orange? Um, no. I’d make a huge mess of it.

  3. Great post! We have a couple of fun family stories about the gaffes of eating fruit the wrong way in Japan and France! As you say, the customs we grew up with and assume are universal are the things that trip us up socially!

  4. Very interesting. It would never occur to me to eat an orange with a knife and fork.
    I absolutely love the sound of thick asparagus spears dipped in egg yolk, what could be more delicious than that? Never tried quail eggs, but I wrote a post about them for BlogHer and learned they’re very popular.

  5. I will definitely remember your recipe for whenever asparagus finally decides to show up at our local farmer’s market (still waiting…). Looks great! But a sandwich with a knife and fork?! Or a banana?! Well, if we can learn to eat whole meals with our hands from a communal bowl in Africa or India, it seems only reasonable to master the opposite end of the spectrum… but still. 🙂

  6. Deborah, I agree. I get so excited when I see it for the first time!
    Lydia, I was surprised at the time… (And at the Ritz) Now I don’t even need to be told!
    Meredith, you have such lovely asparagus in the south… but ours is coming, finally!
    Fingers are a hard habit to break for me, too!
    Amy, as I said, it took me a loooong time! But it was a pleasant spot…
    Pam, I can’t imagine all the errors I would make in Japan!
    Kalyn, quail eggs are cute, fun, and a perfect bite-size snack. And I have the cutest little pan for frying them…
    Bee, thanks for the kind words – and for hosting!
    Simona, some people think it sounds strange but it really works.
    Neen, bananas are easy…Oranges are hard!
    It is hard to remember to do it ‘properly’ and one must also keep ones hands ON the table in France, not under it….

  7. Peeling a banana with a knife and fork? That never, ever would have occurred to me.
    The one that got to me in Germany was the placement of the hands. Having them in your lap, like a polite American, is suspicious. They must be on the table, like a rude American.

  8. Hand me some asparagus, Katie! I love them cooked anyway. Everybody in blogosphere is baking, frying, boiling and eating asparagus these days 😀
    At school I was taught how to cut and eat fruits using my fork and knife!!! We couldn’t use our hands… but that was back then… I always use my hands now! I can’t remember eating a fruit with fork and knife in a nice restaurant. Maybe it’s just because I nearly always order ice cream 😉

  9. Gosh I don’t have quail eggs but maybe just regular hen eggs for dinner tonight! Eggs aren’t just for breakfast right!
    It’s wonderful the way you can show up all our queerness between countries and cultures. And it’s really about what we got used to.

  10. Kevin, they’re just so cute… and a nice size.
    Thanks, Margot, you too!
    Lynn, sometimes I feel like I’m just flailing – hands on lap, no, on table, on lap, no on table….
    Nuria, ice ceam is always a better choice… or Creme Catalan
    Tanna, hens eggs work… just not as cutesy…. queerness – good descriptor!

  11. Oh my – what a funny post. “Mind the buckshot” had me cracking up. I guess, what do you expect with wild game?

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  13. Katie, Great Post! I find it fascinating learning the different cultures of eating and all about the different foods too. I think us Americans eat too quickly as do the Brits. We should take things at a slower pace like they do in France. I haven’t tried the eating an orange with a knife and fork before. Maybe I should start practicing. 🙂

  14. Maryann, I thought so, too. But not here. One reason I never order chicken!
    Kristin, exactly! Still, it was a bit of a surpise. And then I watched a friend make plum preserves without removing the stones.
    Cooking, I’ll check it out ;-))
    Mansi, try it – it’s just such a perfect spring food…and so fleeting! I love putting it in stir-fries – leaving it a bit crisp.
    Pat, I know I do. I’m just always so hungry…

  15. Love the asparagus photos! And asparagus with eggs? YUM! I so love your writing, Katie. I know I’ve said it before, but I want to be the first in line when your book comes out!

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