Confit de Canard = Cassoulet Risotto; Duck Fat Rules! — 20 Comments

  1. This is quite a post for me to be reading at this hour–that looks like it must taste absolutely amazing! 😮

  2. oh my gosh, that sounds good. only in france could such a thing as canned duck be readily available. i’m sure it puts canned tuna to shame!

  3. Wow, wonder if I can get canned duck here in the states??? Speaking of duck, we just cranked up our smoker about an hour ago and we are smoking a whole duck! Come on over!
    Your dish looks awesome! Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of us could get together for a few days and make cassoulet!!!

  4. Mike, duck fat and coffee? You may be right… I can think of bettr combinations!
    Katy, It does seem weird – but it’s so good!
    Deb, oooohhh smoked duck…. Wanna swap some?
    Colleen, and has about the same consistancy… Taste, not so much…

  5. Duck fat fried potatoes. Aargh! It’s not too far from here where you live right? I can be there tomorrow night.
    And yes, save some of that delicious risotto.

  6. How decadent! I’ll admit to being a little weirded out by confit in a can, but I definitely have recipe clippings on how to make duck confit at home! (I think Mark Bittman wrote a Minimalist post about it around Thanksgiving 2006). Not sure why I should be more intimidated by the can than by the whole massive process of DIY, but there you go. Maybe I just have a phobia of cans, and that’s my own issue. 🙂

  7. baking soda, sorry, the risotto is gone…but I’ll be happy to make you some fried taters….
    Deborah, try Reflets de France. I don’t know if they export but they are the big name here.
    Neen, I can buy it in a jar, too…if that would make you feel better!

  8. I guess looks can be deceiving because it looks, well… not so good. However, I have tried enough of your recipies to believe you if you say it is good.

  9. Is this wrong to say? Can I drink that? Ok, maybe not, but duck fat has to be one of those amazing things about food.

  10. The duck is already gone. I must be getting really slow.
    Shucky Darn clandestine meeting of the cuisines of France and Italy – what an idea! I do like this one Katie but then really like cassoulet and risotto I would never have thought to put the two together.

  11. Shayne, a can of duck fat is not the most appetizing thing, is it? But it IS good, really….
    Lannae yes… I’m always suprised at how soft it is… compared to beef or pork fat.
    Tanna, I’m always trying to get my favorite foods onto the same spoon!
    Loulou, watch out Emeril!
    Heidi, get some quick, before you leave…

  12. Katie
    You are so lucky with that excellent canned food available in France.
    Your cassoulet looks excellent.
    John Burton Race a British chef packed up his large family and went to live in France
    and of course made a TV programme about it.
    He was invited to cook for the Cassoulet society no mean feat. That dish is really taken seriously in France. So good on you for your version.

  13. Gilli, I would love to eat that Cassoulet! I have it whenever I am in the southwest… But would be way too intimidated to try to cook it for the French!

  14. Canned confit de canard!!! Gimme!
    I remember being amazed at what was available at a supermarket in France – several different brands of cassoulet, several different brands of fois gras, several cheeses, decent wine, etc. etc.
    Oh, by the way, yes please to the potatoes….

  15. “Bastard child” – my eye! Call it fusion food and you can get away with anything 😉 Cassoulet is one of the things I have always vowed I will make… one day, when I have time. I have had the Reflets de France tinned cassoulet (hauled back across the channel after one of our trips) and it is quite good, although the meat loses its texture as tinned meats do. But still pretty damn good considering it came out of a tin!!

  16. Jeanne, Fusion Food! Sounds so much nicer than ‘bastard child’…. But I was in that kind of mood~