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Fried Asparagus; Roasted New Potatoes; How many blogs are there…Really? — 42 Comments

  1. My favorite way to make potatoes these days! I am one of the asparagus roasters, so tonight I will try it your way, Katie. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Aii, don’t worry, they’ve been in “maintenance mode” forever and a year. You’re in Food Blog Search, that’s a better spot to be! I really would love to know how many food blogs there are — in different languages too. Don’t you just suppose there are thousands – millions? – from all over the world? PS Asparagus and taters look lovely!

  3. This might be time for the “you can be anything you want to be” speech — but seriously, being in Food Blog Search is so much better. I do like the idea of blog archaeology — can we eliminate any blog that posts two or more consecutive posts about having nothing to blog about? That drive me insane. Now I’m depressed too — any asparagus left?

  4. With all the food blogs out there, it’s impressive to become one of the more known blogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I wonder how many food blogs there are out there really? Each and every day we probably only visit a handful.The ones to visit are multiplying like rabbits just like the magazines and recipes to try list. You had me on the floor with your non food related extension comments:D ..on the floor laughing that is:D

  6. Mimi, I just love those little ‘new potatoes’…they’re outrageously expensive, though – for a potato!
    Alanna, apparently both China and Japan have more than the ‘English’ ones…or so ‘they’ say! I hate seeing an out-of-date anything in the No 1 spot on a Google search.
    Heidi, not discouraged… I was a bit overwhelmed by all the statistics though, and the fact that none matched the other!
    Lydia, those blogs should by decommissioned… Although, Sienfelt did rather well – 11 years about nothing! He didn’t talk about it though.
    Can we also eliminate the ones that do a post every 3 months saying nothing more than “I’ve been away”?
    Emily, it would be…but how would we ever know???? (key Twilight Zone music)
    Thanks, Happy Cook… I’d rest on my laurels…but they’re darn prickly….

  7. Val, that’s exactly what I was trying to find out. And how many stay active for more than a few weeks. Apparently Technorati used to do some stats but they haven’t updated recently…that I have found yet.
    So, what do you think: Extra large/long or double extra large/long?

  8. your blogging is great and I love reading it. I guess you are under the life blogging catagory, don’t worried I am not a food blogger either according to that list…I guess I am a Mom and I don’t feel I need to enlarge anything, shrink yes, enlarge no.
    fried asparagus, hummm I am not sure about that but Zora (my 4 year old daughter) loves it blanched, iced bathed, and salted. Who am I to argue.

  9. When D and I started our blog, his Dad says that it was a cool idea…and that if it were him, he would probably post for a month, get bored, and then post every other thanksgiving or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ With all these recognition items out there (what makes you for real? Being listed on some other site? Being google-able? #comments per day? # hits per day?), it kind of makes you (well, me) rethink why I’m doing this in the first place. To write. To cook. To share. And if some random list somewhere can’t appreciate that, boo on them!!
    p.s. I just got back from doing lunges. Upped my weights today. Thought of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Katie, I remember that you had to register your or any blog to this site….They didn’t search blogs they ask for them

  11. I read your post with horror. If yours is not a food blog, does this mean I have to stop reading it? Or can I bend the rules and continue to read by tricking and reassuring myself that yours is a “food for thought” blog? Yes. That’s what I’ll do. Quel relief.
    Your fried asparagus sounds delicious. My sister adds ginger, garlic and a tiny bit of vinegar OR wine to her fried asparagus. (It is really fantastic.) But we usually steam asparagus and put a squeeze of lemon juice on it because we are trying to cut back on our fat intake (*cough*) – okay okay you got me – and a little bit of butter OR we pretend that we don’t really know that butter is a fat and serve steamed asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.
    Roasted New Potatoes… mmmmmmmm
    If you come to a decision about the optimal size for your (ahem) you-know, do let me know. In the meantime, any advice on how many genuine Rolex replicas I should order and what major I should say for the univresity dergrees and the Ph.d’s I have been offered?

  12. The only advice I can give regarding size is to look to those women who have felt the need to enhance their assets, the feeling seems to be bigger is better! The first time I really tasted asparagus, it was fried, great method to concentrate the flavour. You’ll always be a food blog to me.

  13. I made the mistake of putting “boobs” and “naked” on my blog. Needlesstosay, I get the most interesting search links to my blog. I suspect that with “penile implants/enhancers” the users who search this term will definately be disappointed to find a food blog instead of a penis implant. But since you are not a food blog, it doesn’t matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Well I was going to say that they must be mistaken because you’re in Food Blog Search, but I see that Alanna has beat me to it.
    Roasted asparagus, yum.

  15. Katie, thanks for the giggle this morning. I too get the same sort of spam. Is it possible although we are Americans, but living abroad that is the reason our blogs aren’t on the list??? Anyway, I am glad to know about your non existant food blog as I have got some really good recipes from it.

  16. First off, the so-called blog list: How stupid! Obviously, it is they who are the imposters, and not you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still, what a kick in the pants. And speaking of pants, as far as the love tool goes, don’t get too crazy. I’ve heard it’s not *just* about size. According to my spam folder, I have a chance to learn how to “take her to paradise,” so I guess I’d better get busy myself.
    You’re right about the asparagus; I always roast, and grill in the summer, but why not fry? That and the potatoes look scrumptious. As for the butter: Remember, it’s now good for you! (And I’ll bet your French butter really rocks, tastewise.)

  17. Personnally I like our little community of food blogs! Who cares about all of “the others”! It must be raining over your way. Why are you not out in your garden? No matter what they say, I enjoy your “food blog” no matter what “size” it is.
    I am a born griller of asparagus, must try your fried ones!

  18. Thanks for the giggle!
    It’s not the size that counts but what you do with it… Isn’t that what they say.

  19. Well I always hated “labels” on persons anyway.
    I do like labels on medicine and food cans because it keeps me away from the cianide or things I might dislike.
    Many (label) bloggers are a petty bunch, so I wouldn’t give it a second thought katie.

  20. Shayne, sounds like Zora has a very discerning palate!
    Gattina, hmmm, must ponder that statement…
    Neen, you thought of me whilst lunging? I usually only think of when I can quit….Blogs are meant to be fun (IMHO)
    Ulrike, I sent out lots of registrations when I started…but haven’t bothered since… suppose I should!
    Thanks, Wendy… so maybe I CAN cook… sometimes…
    Elizabeth, butter is FAT??? No, surely not….
    I think you should get an even dozen – and a big one to wear on your ankle… A new trend..
    Pam, well, that’s a relief!
    Neil, if bigger it better than ‘ginourmous’ must be really good!
    Colleen, perhaps I could do interesting food sculptures to entertain the voyuers…
    Kalyn, I have been validated!
    Pat, I don’t think there is any logic at all… but the spam has gone past entertaining….
    Lisa, I hope ‘she’ is properly grateful – once you get it figured out. Frying is quicker… and better when it rains (grill being out doors)
    Deb, it’s not raining, but windy and damn cold… same result!
    Amanda, I know that’s what ‘they’ say, but apparently know one believes it.
    Sue, yes, some labels are important…or at least pictures….

  21. This is a food blog. If it ain’t that, then what is it? I’d ask “those” people that question. As someone else pointed out, you’re on food blog search and that’s more important than other statistics.
    The potatoes look really good. Good idea on leaving them whole.

  22. LOL! Every good food blog needs some fascinating table discussion…take the laptop to the kitchen table with frequent email checks for new topics ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ve been checking every day for the asparagus! Any day now.

  23. It’s amazing what counts as a ‘food blog’ these days. I came across one that had about five recipes on it, all made with Campbells cream soups and all of them looked horrible. Then it was abandoned. On another one I found, every post started with ‘Here’s a recipe I made today…’ and one of the “recipes” was cookies made from store-bought refrigerated dough.
    I have been blogging since June of ’06. That must make me a champ. And you, my dear Katie, are definitely a FOOD blogger. Like Heidi said, don’t let it get to you.

  24. Hola Katie! Hey I’m no foodblogger either!!! I went to check and Spanish Recipes is not there… maybe I should also talk about some other interesting matters!!! My asparagus are always done the same way but only olive oil for frying (a bit) and once they are done: thick sea salt and extra virgin olive oil on top. That’s the best!!!
    Thanks for the good laugh ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. oh, (hear me sound real disappointed) you’re getting these emails too? I thought i was the only one…
    Might be because I’m no foodblog either, although I love roasted green asparagus! Never ever try to roast the white ones, not good!

  26. I love new potatoes and asparagus! These both sound simple and tasty
    As for how big your love tool ought to be, I was recently told to grow my weapon of mass destruction bigger than NATO can know about, ROFL. They get some creativity points for that one

  27. Wow, so you are not a food blogger. That is so strange. I thought I was checking into a blog, with your name, your writing, and mentioning of food, ingredients and recipes. I guess I must have been mistaken or delusional. I must not have been checking into food blogs all these years. Hmmm. Strange huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, it appears that I am not a food blogger either. Again, I must have been delusional for a couple years there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. LiberalFoodie, they get so creamy inside… I can’t imagine not cooking them whole. But they only keep a day or two, so use them fast!
    Michelle, ah yes, ‘they’…. Not much, apparently.
    Cmyry, my laptop is so old it’s in Computer Assisted Living… Only the desktop, now…
    and far, far from the kitchen. You have your own ASPARAGUS!!!!!
    Kate, I’ve been blogging since Feb 2006 – so I’m older…nah, nah, nah, nah (how does one write that taunt, anyway) Campbells is still going strong, eh (beurk!)
    Nuria, all of us non-food bloggers must ban together… I know, let’s have a convention in Barcelona!
    BakingSoda, Now I’m even getting them in French! No hope, whatsoever. Thanks for the tip about the white, I hadn’t tried and now I won’t…although frying works for the violet ones. The green will be done here shortly.
    Mike, definite points for creativity! Now if only someone could teach them how to spell… I still haven’t made a decision…
    Lannae, that happens as one gets older… apparretnly starting right after the age of 12

  29. Tanna, I still don’t know what size – althought I’m leaning toward ‘super monstrous’

  30. Silly! How about I just call you Fabulous. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love the frying….hmmmm….and why haven’t I don’t that? And adding butter? hmmmm *Starry eyes**

  31. You non-food bloggers are going to band together? Hey!! Now I want to be a non-food blogger too. I wonder if I can unregister…
    There is violet asparagus? I’ve only seen green and very occasionally white, which I think is highly overrated.

  32. Chris, butter makes everything wonderful!!
    Elizabeth, white is like little girls: When it’s good it’s very, very good, but when it’s bad, it’s horrid. Violet is also white, with violet tips. It’s normally much thinner and tastier than the regular white.

  33. Katie,
    Too funny. Well, food blog search says search more than 2,000 food blogs so maybe there aren’t as many as we thought? Btw, I made asparagus a few nights ago too.
    PS. I think you should make “it” as big as possible. My emails tell me it makes the girls scream. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. I’ve never seen that list but noticed I am on it, but they couldn’t spell “quotidienne” right. I guess you can’t blame them with all of those food blogs out there! The list hardly seemed comprehensive…
    I enjoyed your research about the blogosphere.

  35. Wandering Chopsticks, I do SO want to make the girls scream….
    Betty, I think the blogosphere is moving (in all directions) far to fast for anyone to acurately get a handle on it.