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New Potatoes with Rosemary and Olives; Croissants on the Garden Gate — 29 Comments

  1. I really love rosemary. My plant died over the winter, but now I’ve planted some in my brand new herb boxes, so life is good around here!

  2. What memories! I sold candles (God knows why,) magazine subscriptions and of course Campfire Girl cookies and mints! I loved the chocolate-mint cookies too..

  3. Sign me up for that lovely croissant delivery any day! Wow! The photo is making my mouth water! Yum! Light, flaky, buttery, yummm!

  4. That is really sweet, I mean, the pain au chocolat. You know, I make roasted potatoes with rosemary often, but I’ve never added olives to them: thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Deborah, mine too, Mon mari actually prefers it dried… we compromise.
    Kalyn, mine always did in Minnesota – too cold.
    Kristen, it does have it’s moments!
    Betty, we have to make the candles (assemble them) first, then sell them…
    Lannae, I wish they did it more often – can you believe I want more door-to-door school sales!
    tbtam, the croissants for indulgence, the potatoes for health…
    Tanna, it’s a deal…. Airmail?
    Simona, I am always on an olive kick… I’ll put them in almost anything!

  6. You’re so lucky to live where the rosemary is perennial; for me, it’s an annual planting, so I look for the largest plant I can afford. I don’t have the patience to wait for a tiny plant to get just slightly larger — I always want to start big!

  7. the olives are a brilliant addition. In northern california my rosemary is wonderful all year round, but particularly in early Spring.

  8. I’ve seen young soft rosemary coming out at the market lately. It must be nice to be able to clip your own. I remember your post about these kids and the pains au chocolat last year… I painted stones and sold them, sold cookies, sold lemonade…

  9. I’ve noticed a bit of a trend with your cooking, many recipes include wine πŸ™‚ My kind of lady!

  10. Rosemary roasted potatoes are really my favorite vegetable. This new recipe, however, just might take the coveted #1 spot, as who could resist the wine and the olives? I cannot wait to try this! Here in the midwest, one must buy a fresh rosemary plant every year, as they definitely do not winter over. The oregano is back, the chives are here, and the thyme is looking lush, but alas, it is still too cold to put in any rosemary!

  11. Those croissants look divine!
    We were in Tuscany two years ago, and the villa we rented had the most amazing rosemary bed – it was a lovely scent to wake up to every morning.
    But I’d actually prefer those croissants πŸ™‚

  12. To have chocolate croissants delivered to our door. We have a bakery called La Boulangerie not far from work that makes chocolate croissants to rival anything in the world….just perfect. I wouild enjoy your potatoes and lamb as well later on in the day with a glass of wine instead of a morning tea:D

  13. um, oh my god. pain au chocolat delivered to your house? on a sunday morning? this just goes to prove what i’ve guessed all along — living in france is actually heavenly. i’d take those over pizza any day! πŸ™‚

  14. Lydia, it was an annual for me for years… And expensive to get any decent size. Now I use the hedge clippers.
    Casey, I really like it in early spring, too.
    Lucy, one year we had a neighbor kid selling votive candles – but I think they have a winner with this gig!
    Farmgirl, I DO remember…. My sage always lived through the winter, too. But not the rosemary.
    Margot, you are so welcome…
    LisaRene, a little splash, or two, helps most everything, including the cook!
    Heidi, I’d share… but, you know, they really don’t keep well, at least, not at our house.
    Val, whoever thought of this sale was right on! They could do it more often for me.
    Katy, and the amazing thing is it’s only a few cents more than buying it at the boulangerie… and a lot more fun!

  15. You people with your rosemary bushes right outside the back door drive me nuts! πŸ˜‰
    Those potatoes sound fantastic!
    It is looking like this might be the first winter I’ve managed to keep a rosemary plant alive – in a pot in the basement under grow lights. I’ve had to treat it twice for powdery mildew. I hope I don’t manage to kill it in the next couple of weeks before it’s safe to take it outside….
    Croissants! How lucky are you?! One of the neighbourhood kids used to sell thumbergia in hanging baskets and she used to leave them on the porch on a Sunday morning. I can’t believe she had the nerve to grow up and leave home to go to university!

  16. Croissants on the garden gate? Ooh la la!
    I love that sort of thing. I hope to find a pizza truck next time I am up in the hills above the Lot…

  17. What a wonderful way to cook potatoes! I also have new branches of Rosemary. You, Greeks and Myself… like it paired with olives. I should get this one done during this long holiday weekend πŸ˜€

  18. Elizabeth, good luck with your rosemary! We are lucky to have it so close… Kids today have no consideration, at all!
    Mimi, Sunday is a good day for the pizza trucks… don’t know why. The Lot should be lovely in the fall, sigh…
    Nuria, you know me, anything with olives…and wine!

  19. Oh how stressful it must all be…! I would love to have local kids leaving croissants on my fence, rather than litter, but then that’s London for you :o)
    Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs and I often do rosemary roast potatoes with garlic & olive oil. I like the addition of olives and will definitely be trying that!

  20. Jeanne, it really is a lovely start to a Sunday – too bad it’s only once a year.

  21. Dear Katie,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe –
    potatoes with rosemary and olives.
    Fast, tasty and very aromatic!
    Greetings!, Diana

  22. Dear Katie,
    This recipe for potatoes with olives and rosemary is great.
    I like that.
    Thank you very much!
    Greetings, Diana