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Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Risotto; Excellent!? — 19 Comments

  1. Seriously good, yes it would seem that way. Now I’m looking for a rainy day!!
    Katie I don’t know what to tell you about the mind set thing, we can surely mess ourselves up when we lack flexibility. I wonder if there’s any training exercise we could do to get better at it?
    Most of my wonderings around the house are the middle of the night.
    Congrats you are Excellent! always!

  2. aaaauuuuugggghhhh……this is KILLING me!
    I can’t imagine a better combination of flavors for a risotto….I am seriously wanting to go out RIGHT NOW and buy what I need for this!
    Katie, i think i love you…..

  3. That looks wonderfully decadent. I know what you mean about feeling there’s so much to do and not being able to do anything. That’s my life. I run on constant overwhelm.

  4. Forget about the EDF, throw away your plans….you have smoked salmon and goat cheese. And you sat down and said, “it is good.”

  5. Were you living in Italy too? Have you got some italian ancestors? Your risoto looks soooooo goood girl!!! Your Mari is a lucky guy!!! And you are also lucky to be living in the middle of nowhere with such a peace around you! Take it easy Katie, stop programming things and take a free day or two or some holidays… we’ll be here waiting 😀

  6. I think it is the Catholic up-bringing that has us running on schedules. I am the same way. I was totally bummed this weekend as we had planned a kayak trip, but one day the winds were up way too much for me and the next day IT RAINED! Do you know how often it rains in Key West this time of year? NEVER! So since that was my scheduled activity, I was lost the rest of the morning! Thank you, I feel better now!
    Yum on your risoto! I have been eyeing the smoked salmon at the market and now I have a reason to purchase!!!!

  7. Tanna, and by the time I realize how stupidly I’m behaving it’s too late!
    Kate, it really was pretty much of a DO (digestive orgasm)
    Lynn, we really need to stop!
    Colleen, sat down, with wine!
    Nuria, next week I think, we’re going to go and smell the flowers…
    Deb, absolutely right! Blame it on the nuns!

  8. Smoked salmon and got cheese risotto sounds so good! With the goat cheese the risotto would be even creamier!

  9. I’ve only made risotto once, I believe it was a mushroom risotto, and I could not believe how incredibly simple and delicious it was. It had always intimidated me before…fear of the unknown…plus knowing I’d pretty much be chained to the stove for half an hour. I am definitely going to give this a try. And it’s healthy, RIGHT???

  10. Sounds perfect for a day like that! And delicious!! Your days sound like mine, and I am a terrible scheduler. When my husband asks me why I wasn’t writing the papers I’m “supposed” to be working I on, I tell him he has no idea how busy it is to be at home all day surrounded by all the stuff that we need to be doing!!

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  12. Just LOOK at the state of that! How absolutely wonderful. I adore risotto in any form and *love* the way you’ve rebranded it as a health food. LOL. And well done on your well-deserved Excellence award!

  13. Lydia, it’s not like I didn’t have a 2 week warning….sigh….
    Kevin, it was wonderfully creamy.
    Loulou, and it’s so easy!
    Thanks, Heidi! Enjoy London!
    Farmgirl, you do NOT have to stir constantly…that’s just an old chef’s tale…
    Michelle, sometimes the days just disappear for no reason!
    Ilva, I try..
    Thanks, CakeItali
    Jeanne, it has to be healthy… It made ME feel good!

  14. This sounds so wonderful. How great that you could come up with something so delicious in the midst of such a trying time. I totally feel for you- about two year ago after Hurricane Isabel, we were without power for 14 days!! Not one of the more fun experiences I have had!

  15. Deborah, it’s amazing how dependent we are – and not just for the cooking and heating, but everything! 14 Days…. WOW!