Snow Peas, Mangetout; It. Was. The. Cable. — 19 Comments

  1. When you say cable, do you mean the cord that it plug into the wall with or the ethernet cable? Because once it really was my cord that plugs into the wall.
    I love snow peas and yours with the browned shallots (and garlic! yeah) look divine. I’d have to add just a shake of my Aleppo pepper.
    After reading about more of your jobs here, you really are incredible. Our boys always knew how to stop my heart, just take the top off the computer and she’ll go ape on us!

  2. I have NEVER remotely thought of taking the top off the computer and to tell the truth, have no idea what’s in there, so I’m amazed that you built a computer once. Good diagnosing in this case. I love snow peas and sugar snap peas, sounds delicious.

  3. As if it’s not frustrating enough to have your PC down, you have to deal with the gauntlet of possible solutions. Good to know all is well in the end, but, Katie, a centipede?!? Yikes!
    Love the recipe. Thanks for making the time to join WHB!

  4. The shallots you have photographed look so tasty! Is it that your French shallots are different than the shallot I get here? The ones here don’t seem to not be as flavorful as shallots I had in France last month.

  5. At work, there’s a problem with the phone cord. So when the thing goes dead, we’ve learnt to let go of fiddling with the cord, buttons, jack etc – we just bang it heartily once on the desk and the dial tone comes back. That’s about as engineer as I get!

  6. Tanna, the ethernet cable…. Good Lord – the power cable???? Don’t tell me that!
    Kalyn, it’s really like a lego kit… very easy, pop the stuff in the slots and Bob’s your uncle!
    Margot, thank you so much…you’re so sweet!
    Susan, we were not happy when we found the centipede… and mon mari was not available to kill it. I can get close enough to kill them myself… so it’s still running loose in the office…
    Lannae, it’s the ambiance ;-))
    Sra, you have discovered the little know secret to repairing most electronics – a good bang!
    Sandi, I have got to break that habit….

  7. Don’t you just hate that “superior guy” look you get at times like that??? Oh, well, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you were right! And delicious snow peas, too!

  8. You are the woman! I used to be better, but I am clueless when it comes to anything techy. Your Sautéed Snow Peas? I think, if I can get out of work on time tomorrow, I see dinner tomorrow since I have snow peas I need to use in the fridge. 🙂

  9. One of the only things I know how to do is change the cable, so that’s usually what I check first (oh, after checking that things are plugged into the right ports — I’ve screwed that up a few times). If that doesn’t work, I’m off to tech support!

  10. I picked up some of those mangetout this weekend, I’ll make them with shallots 🙂

  11. Computer problems. Ugh. Glad you got it fixed so painlessly, though!
    Hope ya had a good weekend – I was in your neck of the woods on the weekend (well, the country anyway).
    Heidi 🙂

  12. Zoomie, what really hurt was there was a ‘superior gal’, too. I used to be her…
    Chris, I used to be better, too. I’m hanging on by my toenails now – everything changes sooo fast!
    Lydia, I rather like plugging my mike into the speaker outlet….which really plays havoc with Skype!
    Poppy, they are soo good right now. And the markets have been wonderful…even tho they are all indoors up here..
    Val, vacuums??? not on your life. That’s mon mari’s job…
    Heidi, I saw….sigh… Paris in the spring!

  13. Susan, it is wisteria…from last year and it WAS heavenly…. But, we had a rare, late light frost this year, and all the flower buds froze about a week before they should have opened. I cried….