Weekly Menu Planner; Grilled Lamb Chops — 9 Comments

  1. Ah Katie, the time is here…I will at long last have lamb tomorrow and your chops have wetted my appetite.

  2. Mike, it’s so nice to be grilling again!
    Peter, we are lucky to have very good lamb that is not expensive here… I’m working on the butcher to cut the chops a little thicker ;-))

  3. Still waiting for grilling season to hit here, but I could almost taste the lamb just reading this post.

  4. Pam, mon mari handles a mean pair of tongs….
    Heidi, all things in time… But I think the Norwegian grilling season might be a bit short – intense, but short.

  5. I was just out to buy fish for dinner and have seen your grilled lamb chops
    I have changed my mind. Lamb chops it is I can taste them already.
    Of course this will be a top of the stove dish for us.
    It is grey and we are awaiting a big storm.
    So all indoors for us.

  6. One look at those lamb chops and I KNEW that char could only have come from a BBQ!! There’s nothing I love more than thick lamb chops done on the grill so that they are still pink inside, but with the fat all crisped up. Heaven!

  7. Gilli, I wish I could get mon mari o eat more fish…never have a problem with the lamb chops, though!
    Jeanne, it’s a challenge to find them thick here… and without a lot of fat. But I keep looking, sometimes get lucky!