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Weekly Menu Planner; Barley with Green Garlic — 9 Comments

  1. I LOVE barley cooked like risotto. But yours looks creamier and less, well, tan than mine always does. Guess I ought to add some green garlic!
    Thanks for your hugs on swirling notions, by the way. It’s been a tough week adjusting to life-without-Tally. Everyone’s support has helped a lot.

  2. Now there’s an underused grain…barley. This was the rage when risottos started appearing on menus…healthy for ya – not just for horses!

  3. Man! I saw barley today and I didn’t buy it! That makes me mad. I did buy quinoa and millet though.
    This looks great.

  4. SwiringNotions, tough adjustment… more hugs 😉
    Peter, I only ever ate it in soup until recently… It is quite popular here as a side dish. I’m learning!
    OMG, Susan! Does that ever sound wonderful!
    Emiline, I don’t believe I have ever had millet…or even know what it is (other than grain/food) Quinoa I love, millet I’ll investigate!

  5. Kevin, it was pretty good – similar to Isreali couscous, which I can’t get here.

  6. Barley-risotto has been on my to-do list for ages – now I guess I just have to wait for the green garlic to appear 🙂