Asparagus Frittata; Some lesson are never learned — 30 Comments

  1. What a perfect anniversary destination!
    Congratulations on 30 years… and pass the frittata!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. Really lovely. I would never get anything done either if I had a garden like that (though I suspect that that’s not your particular problem). Congratulations on 30 years!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Take some pictures – I’ve seen Giverny in the height of summer but would love to know what it looks like in early spring! Et bon voyage!

  4. Katie dear…it would be a delight to have brunch (this frittata) in your garden terrace. I will of course, bring the plonk!

  5. I am green with envy about your lovely garden… Congrats to 30 years, I’ll make only 25 this year!

  6. I had some kind of asparagus frittata recently in a breakfast eatery. But they do it with tomatoes and mushrooms…oh well…maybe it’s just a veg omelette :O

  7. Katie, this is mind-reading! I just proposed asparagus as new theme for the Fresh Produce of the Month event that I’m hosting. And, I also just tagged you for a meme!
    Lovely garden, congratulations 🙂


  9. Congratulations! whow 30 years! go you! Have fun on the trip.
    Asparagus is everywhere, for good reason. Spring’s here so asparagus is popping up in all sorts of foods and dishes. I just did a post on my spring pasta dish. The frittata looks great!

  10. This is a lesson I have yet to learn too. Your frittata looks amazing!

  11. Michelle, Yeah, I was married when I was 3…
    Neen, thanks, it was looking lovely that day – blue sky, flowers… I was weeding.
    Zoomie, thanks, I’m hoping for wisteria! And lilacs… maybe iris…
    Peter, and I will, of course supply the corkscrew… and a glass.
    Lydia, I really should eat out there more often… We only seem to bother when we have guests.
    Susan, I have about 10 feet of chives so I can use with abandon!
    Ulrike, only 25? I remember when that seemed like forever!
    Tigerfish, I was trying to keep this one ‘pure’ for a change ;-))
    Marta, I can do asparagus…. and I’l be by to check out the meme ;-0
    LiberalFoodie, I love all the spring veg after the same old stuff all winter!
    Kristen, if you figure it out, let me know…. please….

  12. Happy Anniversary! Your garden is pretty. Maybe you can help me with terrace ideas!

  13. First, Happy Anniversary! 30 years is a definate celebration! And I am sooo jealous of where you are headed! OMG to be able to visit his garden! Please take lots of photos! Your garden is just as nice! Look at all the space and greenery! I love gardens so much and thank you for sharing yours! Let’s see more in the future since your weather is getting to be gardening weather!

  14. Oh Katie – How perfect! Both the frittata as well as the anniversary plans. Giverny…. Monet…. It makes me melt!

  15. Happy Anniversary! Do enjoy.
    And your frittata? I would like one made special for me in the AM! 🙂

  16. Hope you have a great trip or have had one. Giverny was beatiful when I visited there.
    And a Happy Anniversary too!!!

  17. O My Gosh! 30 years married to your marie? But, how old are you? I thought for the way you talked and behaved and posted that you were younger than me…. I’m 45… did you marry when you were 15???? He, he, and still that energy that pours through your posts!!! Congratulations 😀
    La tortilla looks like a heaven gift! I’ll shortly post about one with butifarra 😉
    There’s something for you here
    Have a great weekend and enjoy Monet’s gardens, I wish I could go there too!

  18. Do you think I can have this for breakfast…..I am sitting here reading different sites and your dish has made me so hungry….

  19. Thanks, everyone, for all the nice wishes!
    Yeah, 30 years… wow! I never thought I’d do anything that long ;-))
    Colleen, happy to give advice, always…
    Pat, this is our first visit
    Yes, I’ll take way too many photos… I’ll do an album
    Nuria, nope not 15… And, nope, not younger than you… I just never grew up. A butifarra frittata…yum… I’m going to go look – thanks for the link,
    Nina, perfect for breakfast!