Bad, Bad, Babe! — 14 Comments

  1. My goodness, you’re not a bad babe, unless you mean “Bad” in that way that has transformed “sick” into a good term. :):)
    I’ve been thinking about your recent news and it’s very exciting. But, I’ve sort of grown attached to my mental image of your home.

  2. Katie, I think buying or selling a house anywhere, but ESPECIALLY in Europe, is enough for anyone to try and do. Bake bread too? Not possible!! At least you live somewhere where you can get decent bread – not the kind we get here, wrapped in plastic until it’s dead.
    Didn’t even know about Bread Baking Babes. I’ve been baking bread like crazy these days! A Poilane style Miche? I think that’s a big reason I bought Peter Reinhart’s book “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”, because of the photo on the cover. Any bread you can hug has my vote!

  3. Sher, I’ve grown rather attached to this place, too… Then I go outside and look at all the work that needs to be done… And I’m no longer sad.
    Glenna, all too often!
    Toni, I believe that is the book that inspired Sher… Try it… That reminds me, I wonder if we’ll have a bread truck in our new place…wherever that is…

  4. Ah seems to me you haven’t been alone being a Bitching Bread Baking Babe. And relax because for the moment you’re on hiatus. Haha yes relax as you mow and pack and . . . yeah relax Katie.

  5. yep, stand in the corner until we say you can go and cut the grass! I’m sure you will be back soon as an active Babe and I am ooking forward to it!!

  6. Even if you hadn’t just sold (is it actually sold?) your house, didn’t have to deal with TWO flat tires, didn’t have to waste time on the phone with “tech support” (ha. where DO they get off calling themselves that?) and didn’t have blisters from wearing unaccustomed footwear, it’s perfectly understandable. That Poilane-style miche recipe is IMPOSSIBLE to follow (I’m beginning to suspect that the other babes just went to Poilane’s and bought bread ;-))
    But at least you’re still a babe. You’re even officially on hiatus this month, according to the BBB links.
    -Elizabeth, BBwB, BBcB (Bread Baking wannaBe, Bread Baking cryBaby)
    P.S. I’m really looking forward to seeing Mary’s, Görel’s and Sara’s Poilane-style loaves (maybe they’re stuck in customs or got lost in the mail and that’s why they hasn’t posted about theirs yet. ;-))

  7. Sometimes bread baking evokes some whine and bitching. I’m just sayin’

  8. lol, the bread posts always sound high stress! Sounds like you have very good reason to be pre-occupied though at the moment…

  9. I don’t know this event. Will it be open for anyone? I’ve been baking bread lately. I’ve started my sourdough yeast again after last time it was gone off. And you’re hiatus? Hurry back, Katie! 🙂 Have a great trip (if you’re going away).

  10. Tanna, that would be mow, pack and worry!
    Ilva, in the meantime I’m getting lawn mowing blisters…
    Elizabeth, we only think we sold…. we still have to wait for the signatures, etc. before it’s definite… A lot can happen!
    Baking Soda, they really are rather, aren’t they ;-))
    Colleen, for me that would be wine….
    Thank you, Ulrike… I’ll be watching!
    Mike, amazing what lengths I’ll go to, isn’t it!
    Arfi, you can be a ‘buddy’ and bake it if you like… and area a glutton for punishment… Ooops, didn’t mean to say that…