Savory: with Green Beans and Potatoes and (not) a letter of apology — 18 Comments

  1. I never minded mowing the lawn that much, but no trees to go around in my lawn! Now I am happy to pay someone to do it.
    I planted some summer savory this year but had no idea what it’s used for so thanks for the ideas! I don’t think I’ve even tasted it yet.

  2. Don’t think I planted savory – dang.
    Those potatoes look super good.
    Never walked behind a power mower – what a sheltered life you’ve been leading. At least that’s corrected.

  3. Caring for all that property in addition to a garden IS a full time job! I can’t imagine taking on all that work, even temporarily. I hope your husband recuperates quickly and completely. Maybe bringing your home-cooking to the hospital will speed up his recovery 🙂

  4. Mmm, I LOVE green beans with savory! Of course, our summer savory is just starting to come up now. And we don’t have winter savory I think I tried growing it but it didn’t survive the winter. Go figure.
    What about getting a couple of goats to do the landscaping? Then you wouldn’t have to use the mower at all. (When they aren’t trimming your grass, you could keep them on the petanque court.)
    Hope your husband gets well soon!

  5. My first wife could never understand why I spent so much time in the garden. When we went our seperate ways she couldn’t understand why the plants died without water or where weeds came from when there were none before…

  6. Kalyn, I like summer savory a lot – but have no luck with it here… But, it is known as the ‘bean herb’ in France. Hope yours is prolific!
    Tanna….But I can do other stuff (she whines…)
    Kevin, and I particularly like when one herb chopping does two dishes ;-))
    Lydia, know one ever thinks of poor savory..
    LisaRene, if it would ever stop raining… I could mow and the grass could stop getting so thick!
    Goats, excellent idea, Elizabeth. I’ve been trying to teach the dogs but they’re worthless (for trimming grass, anyway)
    Heidi, good thing he never reads this…
    Neil, what a good husband to spoil your wife so…. I may have been slightly sheltered but never that spoiled… Besides, he likes doing it, and if I did it, that would ruin the mystique, now wouldn’t it?
    Val, go for it~ Healthy food (well, except for the butter)

  7. LOL I can sooo relate to the man-of-the-house-wielding-power-yardtools plight. They remark on the beauty of nature and keeping it simple and lush with flowers when seeing it somewhere else, but THEIR yard must be flat and clear of any sign of nature. Something about claiming their land… I’ve had to claim some yardwork tasks just to save plants from the mower or ax.
    Hope you give that letter to your husband!

  8. I planted winter savory last year and it is doing very well: I am delighted. And I am glad to receive suggestions for using it: thanks!

  9. edamame, I’ll visit ‘-))
    Cymry, boys and their toys!
    Simona, I don’t really like it in the winter but in spring, the new tender leaves are wonderful!
    Nuria, it is indeed! I may have planted a few more than I need…

  10. One word: Yum!
    BTW, having votre mari in the hospital will change the way you think of him in the future.
    Everything looks so good here.

  11. Mimi, very likely…. It will change the way he thinks of him, too ;-))
    Thanks, Deborah! Savory is very under-used, I think.