Chicken with Spanish Rice; How to buy 2 potatoes — 23 Comments

  1. Thanks for joining! Now, I love any rice dish I can grab my hands on. The Spanish is right up my alley!

  2. In the neighborhood where I used to live in Boston, there was a greengrocer right next to a Syrian market, just one block from my house. I would walk down the street every day and shop for that night’s dinner. No big box stores. It was heaven.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I find this is true for so many aspects of European living — here small is considered virtuous and big is over-the-top, greedy and, dare I say it, a bit ‘American’ (though in Canada we are equally bad at buying everything in bulk).
    I’m liking this return to small, and I hope to keep at it when I go back to Canada. We’ll see how long it lasts…
    Have a good Wednesday,

  4. Ha, Katie, you think I don’t pay attention!
    I always enjoyed cooking for our boys and their friends. I found it very hard to cook for just the two of us but you’re right it’s even harder shopping.

  5. Katie, great observation!
    That’s why I always end up at supermarket; I don’t have patient to wait, nor an ability to chat with vendors…
    hey, I do pay attention 😀

  6. I love buying small. It encourages you to eat less. I feel guilty if too much plenty goes to rot.
    Another reader who pays attention. :0

  7. I love all these one pan dishes…very comforting for sure because of the lack of cleanup afterwards. I rarely shop at Costco these days because of having to buy in bulk…but even with buying small quantities I have so much waste it is a sin:D

  8. Boy, I’m with you on those market quantities. I buy for three people and would love to be more economical. You would think farmers would want to be accommodating, wouldn’t you? It’s nice to have a market option daily here, but I sincerely would love to be able to shop like the woman you mentioned. That would be heaven!

  9. I have enough of a hard time grocery shopping, but if I had to buy small amounts of precisely what I needed, it sounds like I’d be in for some trouble!

  10. Gay, I thought you might like the rice ;-))
    Colleen, it’s such a hard habit to break… but the tiny fridge’s are a great incentive!
    Lydia, I want that! I’ve never lived ‘in town’ – never withing walking distance of anything – well, other than the village store as a child..
    Heidi, I’ll be curious to see how long it lasts, too…
    Tanna, just checking… Yeah, with boys there is never hope of leftovers, only worry there’s not enough!
    Gattina, glad to see it – but you have such beautiful markets where you live!
    Susan, hehehe! I am learning to not waste… By the end of the week my fridge is usually absolutely bare bones.
    Val, lack of cleanu-up – always important!
    Kate, the quantity thing is a hard habit to break… and, I think some vendors just want to get rid of their stuff so they’re done with it!
    Mike, it does take practice and planning… Especially, if like me, you only get to town once a week!

  11. So funny and familiar! Although European I’d never dare ask for 8 strawberries, on the other hand we had great laughs at the multiple lbs ground beef or mega bags whatever in the US.
    Still I never forget the look on the face from somebody buying 1 tomato and my mom asking him if he was expecting company..

  12. I still remember the farmer at a market in Trouville yelling at me: “MADAME! Ne touchez pas les freaises!!!”
    Ever since i’ve known to let the vendor do the choosing.

  13. When we lived in Ohio, I was about a 30 minute drive to any store. Therefore I would load up on grocerys so I would not have to make many trips. Now I am a bicycle ride away from a store. So it took me awhile to get used to buying 2 potatoes instead of 10 lbs. Also I do not have the storage space here that I did in Ohio. So many adjustments have to be made in life!
    Your chicken dish sounds and looks very tempting! I would think adding the 2 bell peppers would give it a great flavor!

  14. baking soda, the thing that always amazed me was the Spanish women who would be 8 strawberries would then bu 15 different kinds of fish…
    Casey, I think it takes one good yelling for most of us to remember that… I’ve had mine!
    Neil, I’m much more patient in the memory that I was in the reality ‘-))
    Deb, I’ve never lived close to shops. In Andorra, a good snow could keep us on the mountain for days… It’s a hard habit to break!

  15. Lovely idea for a one pot meal! Worcestershire sauce is sure to be the “secret ingredient” in this dish 🙂 It is amazing how much flavor that little bottle can add to a recipe.

  16. LisaRene, I use a lot of Worcestershire… It’s too bad is’t rather expensive here (International food, and all; ie: not French)

  17. I remember when we visited my half-sister in France in 1989, my mom went to market with her and came back telling my dad in horror how they had only bought one or two of everything and how each purchase had involved a LONG conversation with the vendor. The entire way of shopping European stlye was totalyl foreign, so I can imagine that you took some time to adjust! With the current uproar here about the amount of food wasted, we could all do a lot worse than going back to buying two potatoes at a time.

  18. Jeanne, I try very hard not to waste. When I think of all the food I tossed out when I lived in the U.S…. Wow, have I changed!

  19. He, he, I didn’t know about your American’s way of shopping 😀 Do you then always take your car when you go to the market? or maybe a lorry?? 😉

  20. Nuria, we usually would come home with bags and bags, enough for at least a week – plus lots to throw out when it didn’t get eaten!